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  1. Thank you!! IM'ed you in-world for your reward
  2. Thank you! I'll send you your reward in-world
  3. Right, that's what I would've thought, but the items from both of these were not sold at the frou frou events
  4. Yeah I noticed that and unfortunately never heard anything from the photographer
  5. I've been trying to find out where either of these outfits are from (couldn't get in touch with the designer of these pics), so I now ask for your help. If anyone knows where either of these are from, please let me know, and I will gladly give a 100L reward Thank you!
  6. I'm looking for rabbit stuffed animals, preferably really big ones for decor. I couldn't find any good ones on marketplace so inward suggestions are appreciated
  7. Looking for the lingerie in this picture. 100L reward for whoever can tell me where its from (I tried asking the creator of the poster, no answer )
  8. Thank you! I’ll send your reward!
  9. I did. The creator gave me the name of another store that wasn’t the maker.
  10. 100L reward if anyone can tell me where this outfit is from Thanks!
  11. Dream234

    UPDATE: Found

    FOUND Looking for this top, if anyone can tell me the maker or where to find it. 150L reward for the person that helps me Thanks!
  12. Dream234


    Thanks! contact me in-world for your reward -Dream234 Resident
  13. Dream234


    100L available for anyone that can tell me where this top is from Thanks! 
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