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  1. well, it's very obvious : anyone of the group (or anyone at all) may pay the rent... That's all, folks !!!
  2. thanks to amethyst and dora, i did read the given link but it was not clear to me. i think i will ask to the region's owner, only to be sure not to lost my parcell ;-)
  3. Hello, this may be a silly question... Here are the facts : - I rent a parcell - I create a group - I gave the parcelle to the group How can the group pay the rent of the parcell ? Do I have to give $L to the group ? Thanks for your help ! Angel Take care of you
  4. Hi ! The script is very clever and usefull. And functionnaly ! Since I never wrote a script, I'd like to know : 1/ if it's possible to enlarge its working diomensions 2/ if we can use it to raise down a part of a parcel to a certain level that is different from the midle level. I guess we must replace the field "LAND_MEDIUM_BRUSH" with an elevation... Is it a web site where we can find the different terms or function ? Thanks !
  5. Tank you for your posts. I first wanted to know the location of my home regarding the other places I visited. Now, I know a lot of new place to discover ;-) Moreover, I see on the global map that there are a lot of virgin areas. Maybe we could use it on LL to lower the tier... ;-)
  6. But, it should be possible if we collect the datas of LL. It could be fun to spot our home regarding to the position of others. We should implement that.
  7. Does anyone knows if a global map of second life exists ? Only for curiosity.
  8. In fact I've exchanged them to be polite, but thank you for trying. Well, anyway, you lost because the answer was in the settings of "About terrain", "Options" : "Teleportation rules" = fixed arrival location. It may helps someone later on.
  9. Hi People, I think i've bought a skybox without teleporting system... Until now, to reach the skybox, I construct a bloc, sit on it and move it to the desire altitude. I can the use the skybox. I tried this manipulation but without success : when I'm inside the skybox, I created a reference spot to go back easier after. I went then onto the ground and choose to teleport to the reference spot. When I materialize, it's always beside the sky box and I fall ! Is it a trouble with SL, the position of the skybox (it is not outside the limites of the parcell) or anything else ? Does anyone can help
  10. Hi People ! This question may probably already be answered, but I haven't find it yet. I'm wondering what happens to the stuff we rezzed on a rent parcel if the landlord decide to quit SL. Do the house and all other furnitures come back into our inventory or is it lost, forever ? Thank you for your help, AH
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