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  1. I don't use the term friend lightly. I have made a lot of great and true friends in SL, and yes, in Fish Hunt. That's why I recommend it. The people are kind. And yes, I have friends in SL that I believe I could count on in RL. What people are missing about Fish Hunt is the community aspect. It is so much more than just fishing. Fishing is a relaxing pastime, but we do it with friends. We have fun. That's the whole point. If you want to get rich fast, SL isn't where you should be. No one has ever claimed you get rich quick by playing Fish Hunt. What has been said is that you will make friends and have a good time while you earn some lindens along the way. As for Wili, he has worked hard to ensure that all of his products are accessible to those of us with visual impairment. As a blind person, I can use everything he builds in world and that means something to me. That is an honorable quality.
  2. I am not sure. My contact was Oz. I can try.
  3. I never thought of that. Also didn’t know sims could be submitted to the guide. This is great info as I have some great place ideas that might not be in there yet. I bet we all do! Maybe we should have a thread about places to suggest.
  4. I have never submitted anything before, but as you said, they probably won’t get to it any time soon anyway. Was just something I have been thinking about.
  5. I am always looking for new places to visit in world and am excited when I find a newly opened spot. But there doesn't seem to be a page showing the latest openings. I am wondering how difficult it would be to have one of these on secondlife.com? It would be good promo for new business owners and might elp increase traffic. Any thoughts on this?
  6. I worry about SL too. It seems that it doesn't get nearly the amount of coverage on the web as Mindcraft or World of Warcraft. SL is better than both in my opinion. And as for breaking the whole world, SL could be taken down for a day to implement a new and better engine if that is what is needed. We definitely need to keep moving forward and we need to stay with the times. SL needs more heavy promotion to make it more relevant!
  7. The app was great when I tested it. Now it says the Beta is no longer available. I am assuming the test has ended. When working on the app, I hope accessibility is a priority. So far it is accessible, but that might become a bit more challenging once graphics are introduced down the line. If there is a screen reader accessible SL app the revenue potential for LL will be huge!
  8. When someone IMs me at a club I figure they are after something other than legit friendship. Lol. Like others have said, you could always befriend and then unfriend in a few days. Or just tell them you'd like to get to know them a bit first. The beauty of SL is that it's not like they know who you are aside from your av, and you might not see them again in world because of the amount of people floating around.
  9. Don't lose hope. There are so many people in SL. You'll find some eventually. There are tons of groups too; maybe try searching for interests. I think you can even search groups on the SL website.
  10. I was looking up Fish Hunt on Google when this thread popped up. So I clicked on to the forums and started reading it. As for Silver, I did not know it had not been approved. No one did. And, I don't work for Wili Clip. I just play FH because I am blind and it is accessible to me using a screen reader. I am just trying to be friendly.
  11. I play Fish Hunt, have for years. I make a lot of L$ doing this; I have about 6K lindens sitting in my account right now thanks to it. What a lot of people miss is the community aspect of it. As Dayz said in her post, you don't need expensive rods to play. You can just grab a beginner rod and start fishing to your heart's content. For me it's not just the fishing itself and the fun that brings, but the community surrounding it. I know this topic is old, but I wanted to resurrect it because Fish Hunt is more alive than ever. I would recommend doing it if you are looking for a good community to make friends and for some extra lindens to help your L$ needs in SL. I make plenty to get whatever I want and need in world. And I have made so many friends.
  12. Oh this is a fantastic ballroom! Oceana is good too. It used to be my favorite. Creations has one too. Can't remember the name of it. SL has a lot of ballrooms for fancy gown wearers like ourselves. Hope you are still enjoying SL!
  13. I'm not sure how to link to places, but Creations Park has a ton of places to explore. Here are some others, including clubs: Key West Country, Ohana Rock Club, I Love 80s, Oceana, Little Yosemite. . . There are so many places in world! The problem is most of them aren't going to have a rating of G. Most places in world don't.
  14. The conference is hosted by Virtual Ability. They are a great community. Highly recommend going, even if you are not an educator!
  15. You could always just start again when you finish.
  16. Watching Heartland, reading a book about the Gloriavale community in New Zealand and planning to go looking for a nice river in world later. Might do a bit of shopping and take a scenic train ride while I'm at it. I am wanting to find a new pair of velvet heels.
  17. I have been watching Heartland. It's fantastic. Can't wait until season 14 comes to Netflix!
  18. My av looks nothing like me in RL, but I think she is still a reflection of my interests and personality. For example: I love ballgowns and bright colors. So I buy a lot of that and change clothes often. I also love the ocean and so walk around in mer form when not dressing up. My AV is my in world persona but she is also like the ultimate barbie doll when it comes to style. I love the ability to change everything on the fly. Can't do that in RL.
  19. What about AA? Aly and Ali. Forgive the spelling. I just always call them AA. They have all kinds of hairstyles. I think I have some red bun styles from them somewhere. They make beautiful stuff and they have a MP store.
  20. Wow, haven't heard the word Myspace in a long time. Lol. Myspace got so creepy before everyone left.
  21. @Garnet, spam was not my intention at all. That is how I made so many friends. We are a large community. We hang out all the time. I saw a ton of people looking and thought I would post about it. I do not work for the community; was a legitimate offer of community.. I can take it down. Doesn't matter to me.
  22. I don't use a tip jar because I'm not a DJ, but it doesn't seem to matter which one you choose. I have seen all kinds at events I attend. Maybe choose one that is unique to you. For example, something you like. For me that would be one of the seashell tip jars.
  23. Lol. I am thinking pole volting is not what she is talking about. I do wonder if anyone has done that in SL though? Anything is possible in world; I saw a rideable snow owl last night. After ten years in SL that was a first for me.
  24. Welcome back! I would suggest looking up pregnancy centers in places search. There are some around and the doctors there should be able to point you in the right direction. Also, there are lots of family sims around. P.S. I love horses! Especially talking ones here in SL!
  25. Hi, fellow mer! I curled my fin excitedly when I saw this post. The suggestions others have put forward are great ones. Join the Safe Waters Foundation group most definitely. They are a great mer community. There are a ton of mer events in world. Creations Park has mer events all the time, and so do other places. Feel free to IM me if you like! It's always nice to meet a fellow mer. Happy fin flippin'!
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