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  1. If you want we cant be friends ^-^ you might have to send me a notecard though for these few days tho......
  2. You can add me ^-^ Im usually not on until weekends(ish) tho ;-;
  3. You add me if you want, mine is : Aesoppa But im usually on, on weekends so you might not find me out and about these few days
  4. So as of now lately I find my self trying to make friends on SL and all that jazz but considering im an anxious person in general so its kind of hard. But I still want to do it, and maybe through this forum and I can get some compatiable friends and help others get friends as well. Some facts about me: 18 I like kpop ( specifically vixx i love vixx) Music ( I can bop to any tune) Anime Fashion ( korean street fashion, american street fashion, aesthetic/ alternative fashion styles) Taking pictures and drawing Roleplaying Petplay- Nekos ( my characte
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