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  1. Wouldn't see why not. I think basically its a ''Fine do you what you want'', ''But if you get ripped off, its not on us'' type of agreement.
  2. If your doing it all on the same internet, then ofcourse it won't work. Use your phone's 3g/4g internet, that might just work.
  3. Same thing happened to me not too long ago. Turns out AVG deleted the SLMEDIAPLUGIN and I had to search through the threats to restore it. It could be your antivirus.
  4. Miserlie


    You could always just get a hair base thats all shaven like that and get a normal one side hair style.
  5. I guess its normal now. I see it once a day.
  6. I don't know what to tell you. Get into som hobbies. Find things you actually would want to spend time on.
  7. Invisiprims don't work with newer rviewers if thats your concern. Alpha layer will do fine though.
  8. I heard something about viewers not being able to handle a lot of meshes at one time. Try increasing your mesh cache.
  9. Ehh.. Not to seem rude, but it is their club if the tail was mesh and running a script it could cause land impact to rise. I just wish they would have gave you more time. But if you want to keep your tail on go to another club thats all down with it. :matte-motes-asleep-2:
  10. I find Trolling to be a bit of fun. When its meant for fun and not to hurt others only. Either way you get used to trolling or getting trolled if you have friends who do it non stop.
  11. Alot of dancers have became escorts over the years. Dancing just isn't as adventurous or pay as much as being a escort. You could create your own group , I think others including me search for new groups very often.
  12. This week i switched from V3 to Firestorm with no lag or crashes. V3 for me has brung lots of crashes and etc. V2 was probably the best viewer for me.
  13. In addition to sid, but for people on a budget or whatev's. These are great as well. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Scripted-Cigarette-v11/1984119 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Shadrik-Cigarette-Light/4330614 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Dolly-Ciggy/2991657 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/SDCigarette-sculpty-v3/625299 Basically there's ALOT, out there to choose from.
  14. I wouldn't expect much help. You are given a choice to shop inworld and on the marketplace for a reason.
  15. First all of this is invalid. Second how is getting your account deleted worse than someone getting your address ?
  16. Actually since a celeb is basically a well known person. I would say there is a couple running around here. First of all Jessica Chung would be a celeb to me, she's on all VW's all the ones i have ever been on. She even owns her own i heard, (Frenzoo). Shes personaly really big in the virtual community. Theres more, people who record their machinima on youtube are celeb's you can say. If i see them i might say hi or something and give them a compliment and go on about my day. But basically yes, you can say there are celeb's. Especially Torley Linden.
  17. So i tried firestorm and i love it, not hard to learn at all. no crashes, lag nothing. should have switched earlier. but one thing, what does the message "bridge created" actually mean, really curious about this.
  18. So singularity doesn't support media on prim ? And it supports multiple alpha/tattoo layers right ? I heard firestorm was just really on a high crash rate/ its really complicated to learn. But i'll try all of these tonight.
  19. Lol, no. Just random people. They just have to be in your face ! Especially the animal avatars (cows,spiders etc..)
  20. Which do you prefer ? Firestorm or SLViewer. Lately the SLViewer has been causing me some problems. And I want to know how both of these viewers work for everyone else.
  21. Is there a way to unupgrade ? He can also try different viewers.
  22. Not sure, i was offered a update of it, didn't want to. I heard Secondlife isn't even supported with windows 8. It is still fairly new, and alot of people aren't doing a huge upgrade to it, So game developers aren't trippin' on trying to make it work for windows 8.
  23. I used to do this all the time, never got caught till this day. I just really hate some people that come across the land though, they act like they have to be in your face every second that they're there.
  24. I say better avatar mesh, its the least they can do. No should have to buy a new mesh avatar and lag out their viewer because LL doesn't know what a proper female and male should look like.
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