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  1. Ahoa (hello) I just felt I needed to write this issue regarding others who try to control other peoples secondlife by saying which groups they can or can not be in. Mainly this is directed to the Gorean role play but I could not locate the right place to put it so am posting it here. Okay, I have been in SL for a while and in the beginning when I got into to Gor rp I have had people who try to tell me to not be in this or that group even if I like the group I chose to be in. For a while I thought it was maybe friends suggesting better alternatives until it became extreme. For example being told, "If you are in THAT group then I will ban you from THIS group," or, "In role play, You can not duel group with THAT village if you want to be in THIS village." I say, if you are so in to your role play then why are you perving my groups??? That is Metagaming right? lol. Okay but fact of the matter is that NO ONE controls anyone elses role play, nor group choices. It is within YOUR OWN power to do as you wish, even you do role play as a slave in SL Gor. DO NOT LET ANYONE DICTATE YOUR GROUPS. This goes out to the newbie roleplayers. SL is supposed to be about fun, exploration, excitement, and everything!! HAVE FUN AND BE FREE!!! Toksha by Wakinyan
  2. Okay, I understand what you are going through and have had the same problem, but figured a small way around it. I am on Windows 8 and used a System Restore/Recovery from a time before installing the newest update. You might be able to go back in your system, probably a month or weeks before you installed the new one that crashes. Also, a thing that helps is going to your preferences and unclicking 'automatic update' and just only update manually. I am waiting to update manually to wait and see if the even newer updates about a month from now will be workable and not crash, but if not I will have to use my System Restore again:matte-motes-angry:. So sorry you are going through this.
  3. Dear Everyone You are graciously invited to "14 Days of Valentine's" at the J.Avon Mansion. This is not just for Lovers, but also Single people. Come and relax as you wonder through the floors and immerse yourselves in the feel of Valentine's Day. Starting February 14th to February 27th. All Day. ((((SET DAY TO MIDNIGHT)))) *Eat pizza, Sweet cupcakes, and drink Hot Chocolate in the kitchen while (Adults) "entertaining" yourselves. (1st Floor) *Get freaky if you like in the bathroom.(Adults) (2nd Floor) *Watch an exciting movie. (For All) (3rd Floor) *Intensely Make Out (Adults) (3rd Floor) *Sit at the camp fire and and relax (Front Yard) *Explore the underwater world (Front Yard) *Lounge in the Snow (Front Yard) *Couples Dance on the Roof (5th Floor) *TIP JAR (Kitchen) If you feel like I deserve it. :matte-motes-oh-rly:Thanks Activities Range: G Rated to X Rated The ELEVATOR: Click the GREEN Round thing, GET ON, and click GREEN Things again for what ever floor you want to go to. NOTE: Go to your Sound/Media Preferences If you do not or want to watch the movie DIS/ENABLE MEDIA If you do not or want to listen to music DIS/ENABLE MUSIC If you do not or want sound ENABLE/DISABLE SOUND Location:Happy Valentine's Days ~Welcome to My Mansion, Grunther (145, 180, 21) - Moderat
  4. Thank you for your insight. What you said makes a lot of sense. :matte-motes-nerdy:
  5. HI Everyone Through my random searches on the web I thought wow those RL celebs sure do have to put up with a lot of good and bad stuff. Then I started to wonder, "Hmmm, are there SL Celebrities? Do they actually exist or is it only in the Real World?" If so I would like to be one. Hee Hee Hee. But how? Any ideas people out there in SL world? :matte-motes-nerdy:
  6. Hello Everyone One day I was sitting in my living room and it came to me to promote a cause in SL and that cause is Faux Fur Awareness. I get tired of hearing about this or that animal, primarily listed on the Endangered Species List, being continually murdered for their fur or skin. So I decided to create a Calendar addressing such issues Each Bikini Calendar features a realistic weight sized female (not bone thin) representing different parts of the world. It is a 13 month Bikini Calendar with change features (by touch). Each Bikini Model represents a different animal by wearing its faux fur or faux skin. The Faux Fur Bikini Calendars are on sale now for LOW L$ INWORLD in the kitchen at, http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Grunther/144/179/21 P.S. Please note that I have great respect for women so I would not exploit their body part images through out the calendar. Also, feel free to kick back and relax once you arrive. Thank you.
  7. This is a bit frustrating for me because I am not trying to get a job in that industry. I go to job agencies and that is mainly what I find. To me that is one of the downsides of SL. I love SL, but wish there was a huge variety of job types like in RL Anyone else feel the same? Different? .
  8. I have just discovered Gorean RP about a month ago and love it. Do you all love it? Ever heard of it?
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