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  1. Yes , but my theory is since i ran on the 32x version of XP it probably asked for less from my computer , so dint heat up my card . And i do know that windows 7 asks for more and the 64 even more cauz it manages the ram much better than 32x . And yes i installed an app that shows the temeperature on my desktop lol so when i get near 100 i close sl for a while or put the fan higher
  2. No problem ^.^ Oh and a solution to that heating problem ... what i did was open the side panel and i place a home fan facing the card and put it to max lol , droped down to 70 and when i open sl plays between 80 and 95 , still a bit to hot but for the moment it helps .
  3. Ended up finding the problem myself , my GPU heated up to much it was at 110C was lucky to find and fix the problem before i lost my nvidia card -.-
  4. Oh well i tried all of those today , drivers are up to date and i did a clean restart 2x lol Will wait for ym friend to come over , he said hed check it out
  5. You're right with everything open ... well look i still have memory available and sl is still running awfully slow : http://gyazo.com/8b27c6af80b43c7c732261b829a991bb Really weird tough , wish i understood more about computers Oh and nothing except my anti-virus and nvidia dashboard when i start up the computer , i installed windows 7 just yesterday so theres practicly nothing on my computer
  6. Well did the compability mode and did not work either , but thank you anyways
  7. Ah balls And i went to see a technician to get more ram but i run with ddr 2 , theres no 4 g plates any ideas what i could do with windows 7 ? Should i install the 32 bit version of windows 7 and run on 3g ? Or will it do the same ?
  8. Hey guys , recently changed my XP to windows 7 64 bit And second life is really acting weird , i use to run on windows xp 32 bit until someone told me to run on 64 to uncover my 4rth ram gig hehe Anyways on 32 bit second life ran very well ( yes lots of crashes but almost no lag ) Now on the windows 7 / 64 bit , when i start it everything is fine for about 2 minutes then once everything is loaded it starts acting up ( really slow camera movement ) Any ideas why that would be ? Computer info : ( It's a PC - Desktop ) Processor : AMD Athlon (tm) II x4 630 processor 2.81 GHz Ram : 4.00 GB Card : Nvidia GT 9500
  9. I adore creating female skins , but when it comes to male ones i do NOT have the touch , so i will be needing a male skin designer . _________________________________________________________________________________________ Simple rules before applying 1. NO copyboted / stolen templates 2. If you are using templates , it must be at least 70-80% edited and modified 3. Devoted people only 4. Looking for quality work 5. At least 1 release per 2 months is requiered 6. Demos are requiered 0L 7. I release group gifts regularly / i do expect the same from the other designer ( not requiered but apreciated ) _________________________________________________________________________________________ I have an established clientele of males and females How i work : I sell the base skin ( 3 brow type / 6 tones ) 900L per tone , then the client as the option to purchase the makeups ( as tattoo layers ) 100L , i offer tango and slink skin appliers 100L each tone Male skins should follow pretty much the same concept ( beards tattoo layers instead of makeups ) _________________________________________________________________________________________ Interrested ? Send a notecard inworld to Alexandra Barcelos with : Avatar name : Avatar key : Example of skin ( either in picture or send a skin to my inventory ) : Brand name ( if you own a store already ) : Are you a trustworthy person ? :
  10. I was wondering is gambling still legal in second life ? If so are we allowed to open a casino ?
  11. Thank you guys , i will give the asign different materials a try and come back with results
  12. Yes i know but the reason i want to do so is because my rings on the collar wont go as small as i need them to be so for it to work i need them to be joined
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