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  1. "What the ... is Going On With the Internet Today? Outages Throughout the Country..." https://www.mediaite.com/online/what-the-hell-is-going-on-with-the-internet-today-outages-throughout-the-country/
  2. I was just able to log-in :-) Could not for the past 45 minutes or so.
  3. http://downdetector.com/status/facebook Looks like the issue has been resolved, whatever-wherever it was:-)
  4. Fine for me too but that doesn't mean that many others are not experiencing issues. It's not a total shut-down, it's a signifigant increase in the number of reported problems indicating that it's likely a net issue and not a FB issue.
  5. Here's just one: "FACEBOOK is down right now with hundreds of users of the social networking site reporting it as not working today..." http://www.express.co.uk/life-style/science-technology/876257/Facebook-DOWN-not-working-status
  6. There does appear to be some issue with the net that started during the 1 o'clock hour EST Click on some major services here and you will see it: http://downdetector.com/
  7. This sounds like a graphics card issue to me. I occasionally overclock my card. When I overclock it too much, especially if I up the voltage on the card, I get the samething the OP is talking about. Sanme effect, same error message. Yestersay it happened several times but my card was overclocked by a very small percentage so I guess it could be an issue with sl or the viewer. WHat kind of GPU do you have?
  8. Hi :-) How do yo u get the chat window to close after you hit enter? I can't find that option,
  9. The Greendot cards are issued by the Synovus Bank. Synovus Bank is chartered in the state of Georgia, USA and and operates under multiple trade names across the Southeast. The Green Dot Corporation is a service provider for Synovus Bank that markets the Greendot Cards. The Greendot card is sold through stores of major national USA retailers such as Wallmart, CVS, and Radio Shack and online on its own website. https://www.mygreendot.com/greendot/
  10. One point I forgot to mention in my earlier post is to NEVER try to turn as you are crossing the sim line. Even if you are crossing the line at a bad no-where-near a perpendicular angle, its better to take your chances as you are than to try to correct your heading as you begin the sim crossing. Trying to change heading while entering the sim crossing zone almost always results in disaster.
  11. The Greendot Mastercard works. The Greendot requires full registration including full name,social security number,date of birth,address,and telephone number, all of which it verifies, so maybe that is why
  12. I fly often from Hollywood AIrport to SLIA in Antilaghi and Acknefar AIrport. I avoid obstacles in the sky by flying over the water the entire trip. Another benefit of an over-sea route is that crossing water sim-lines is a lot easier than crossing land lines cuz of all the scripts likely to be running on the ground below. A couple of suggestions: When you fly remove everything from your AV that is not absolutely necessary. For me I fly only in pants and a shirt, neither of which has any resize or color change scripts. I change my hi-prim hair to a low prim unscripted hair. I even remove my eyelashes which can be surprisingly high-prim. No shoes,No jewelry or any kind of attachment. And while aviator-type sunglasses may look very cool some of the scripted ones can be deadly at the sim line. Don't just turn off your AO -- remove it. Use the Avatar Rendering Cost Display in the Rendering Menu to see what you are wearing that is high prim. I never fly with an ARC above 80. Cross sims at as perfect a 90 degree angle perpendicular to the sim line.as you can and avoid the sim corners like the plague. I use a device that shows my heading to help line-up but the minimap is also ok for this. And by all means slow down at the crossings unless you are in a vehicle that you know is an excellent sim crosser. (There are some boats now that cross sim lines very smoothly at 85m/sec. Pilots generally have not been so lucky with a similar development in aircraft.) If you really want to fly this route over land I recommend a device that is sold at various SL airports and on the Marketplace that shows you all the ban lines, full parcels, and rezzing areas for an entire sim in real time. Also it is a good idea to set your draw distance to 256m so you can see what's coming up ahead of you. 256 is a good balance between distance and smooth jitter-free movement that may happen if you increase your draw over that - depends on your PC and vid card what you can do here for a draw distance over 256m - 256m is sufficient. Also it is a fact of SL life that some builders are better than others in scripting their planes and boats for low lag and better sim crossings. If you hang around one of the major airports and ask around you will learn which planes are the best sim crossers All of the above will not guarantee a successful flight but they will greatly improve your chances for safely arriving at your destination. Above all -- don't get discouraged. SL has its good days as well as its bad ones and just because you could not cross a sim line today does not necessarily mean that you will not be able to cross it tomorrow. Flying in SL can be great fun as well as a rewarding experience. There are many SL pilots in the SL sky everyday crossing sim lines :-) Hope this helps.
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