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    I don'y t have an answer to your question but just yesterday I purchased 5000 lindens and paid via paypal and also received a notice on my mobile that a deduction for equivalent US dollars was made. However there is no sign of the 5000 lindens in my account. So like you I don't know who to ask about my lidens. This has happened twice in the past so it seems to be a recurring issue.
  2. Please tell us where we can download the editor. Thank you
  3. Ever since I joined SL my main fascination has been with flying aircraft. This fascination has since turned to disillusionment for a variety of reasons. Aside from spending Linden Dollars on becoming a premium member, my main expense has been on purchasing a variety of aircraft. Then why am I complaining? The simple answer to that is flying an aircraft in Second Life is a challenge not because learning to flying an aircraft in SL is difficult. It is a challenge because those who run SL do not seem to care about those who love flying aircraft in SL. Does it make sense to any normal SL resident as to why structures are allowed to be built up in the air? Does it make sense to allow ban lines to extend high into the clouds? Why does the mini map which shows the sims, not indicate which are full? That and airports built in the most awkward locations which send you taking off to a dead border, or a mountain, or some neighbouring tall structure. Most of the aircraft have basic scripts and often behave erratically. Often they do not respond to the controls and seems to take on a life of their own, just the same as your avatar does and does not respond. All this happens because SL administration does not take the SL aviators seriously. There are no standards for pilots, or for airports, or for airspace. The reasoning that if you can walk, run and fly like a bird then why bother with aircraft. The same can be said for cars and boats. May I request SL administrators to decide if at all they want to encourage aviators and aviation in SL? If the answer is yes, then please do something about this issue urgently. Currently that is the only reason I am in SL.
  4. When flying an aircraft in SL, using a HUD that warns you of ban lines is not enough. What you need is a device that also warns you of full parcels. Where can I get this device?
  5. Does anyone know if there is a device I can use when flying an aircraft in SL, that will inform me about full parcels, ban lines dead sims, etc., anything that would enable me to dodge these areas and go across the grid. Maybe its a kind of HUD which I wear. Thanx Tandigon
  6. Why has it become such a harassing experience to get online in Second Life? Every now and then one keeps getting logged off for little or no reason. My experience was better with 4.4.0 Even when one is teleporting getting thrown out is not uncommon. My favourite pass time online is flying the fantastically designed aircraft, but the experience is all spoilt by the many ban lines, full parcels, airborne castles, airports, and what not that it seems not worth it. What does Second Life want to do?
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