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  1. I have been making clothing for years now and recently wanted to make some women mesh apparel, I have requested the Maitreya Dev kit from its creator for several months now and still waiting, received nothing. Why isn't LL requiring mesh body creators to make these kits easily available to creators and prevent monopoly over popular bodies? Also why is there no strict standards for human mesh avatars to stick to the original SL mesh Body's bone positions etc? it's really a mess out there and makes it time consuming for us to fit meshes to every armatures out there. It also makes it ha
  2. I'm waiting to see if anyone else has the same problem, to see if it's on my end, or other minor problems. I didn't have enough time to investigate it thouroughly, but I'm planning on it, when I do I will definitely file a JIRA issue Can anyone else do a test?: upload a simple mesh with multiple faces/materials (not linked meshes), texture or color the faces, then re-texture/color face 0 to see if it overwites other faces.
  3. No they don't have spaces. Must be the new update. AFTER reading this post, Reverting to the previous viewer version solved the problem.
  4. I wasted 3 days trying to figure out what was wrong with my rigged mesh because it never acted so strange before. I went back and forth chaging UV maps, unlinking stuff and what not in hopes to make it work to no avail... The "root" face texture overtakes all other faces. so for example when I apply different textures to face 1, 2 and 3 then apply a texture to face 0 it get applied to all other faces as well overriding the others. I reverted back to previous firestorm version till this is resolved. Why don't they notify creators about this with the release.
  5. It would be a great idea if LL implement a wishlist tab in the Profile card where people can add items that they wish they could have from the Marketplace, Clicking an item's icon will direct to a page that adds the product to cart as a gift to that person, and as soon as it's purchased it gets removed from the wishlist. Not only that this will boost SL economy, but it will also make it easier for people to gift the right items in special occasion rather than guess what a person wants. How do I submit this idea to LL for consideration?
  6. Hi Kwakkelde Kwak I'm interested in your skeleton for 3DS MAX with collision bones Could you please upload it somewhere as .max file and provide me with a link to download it? Thanks in adavance.
  7. We need a full perm mesh only category and sub categories in MP... and if they can also organize full perm sculpted prims into more fitting categories that would also help, I don't want to go thru all kinds of sculpted scraps or furtniture when all I'm looking for is a sculpted collar, waste of time and efforts for me. This can easily be solved but it's being totally ignored.
  8. wish lists are a very important revenu booster.. I think a wishlist feature can boost sales by at least 50%, there are birthdays, anniversaries, dates, special occasions every single day but it would help if people know what the other person wants instead of guessing or not bother at all
  9. Some suggetions I think that can boost transactions on SL: - Having a web based Inbox system where messages are saved instead of notecards that get lost or ignored. - The ability for users to add multiple items to a wishlist that others can see and have the option to add a gift (from the person's wishlist) when sending a web based message
  10. Ok so I found this land that says: Residential. 4096 sqm, 1227 prims @ L$2360/week or L$9929/month  Does this mean I have to Pay the land owner L$9929/month + Pay USD 25.00/ month for Land and Use fees to SL? Or does L$9929/month covers everything? Thanks
  11. I have sent IM's and Notecards, no response, so Negative review is very well deserved, and I still didn't get my items as of today.
  12. with the following characteristics: Supports at least 736 prims  4096 sq. meters or at least 37x42m  I already have a house, I just need to rent a skybox platform to put it on I need guidance to reputable rental agencies that offer what I need. Also, is it possible to buy a skybox on SL? without paying rent? if so please provide some links, I appreciate your help.
  13. Right, but he could at least respond. If you are a dead beat mechant why even be allowed to sell.
  14. I know items come boxed, and they are not in my inventory. Also, ofc I have the right to leave Negative review because customer service sucks, if you list and sell stuff on SL then you need to be there to answer customer inquiries, if you are on vacation or busy in rl life then it's better just temporary close your store. Right now he has my money and I don't have the products. I don't care if he is busy, he needs to deal with his sales, not just collect payment and ignore customers. And why isn't SL automatically block payment for undelivered items? I mean they have a way to verify if items
  15. I bought an item that says delivered in my order History but it is NOT in my inventory, it has been 4 days now still nothing, contacted merchant to re-deliver and he is NOT respoding.. am I being scammed here? what should I do. The item I bought is clothing: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/JOE-Complete-Avatar-50OFF/1701818
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