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  1. Pretty sure I've seen 'reflection' effect in GIMP software
  2. Beautiful voice. Is there a way you can sell or allow streams of your music I wonder for parcels? I'd have it in my Linden home....!
  3. Freebie Galaxy: 15 floors of freebies. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ibiza/40/40/3016 Also you can plenty of very nice freebies on the market place Search for what you want then go to the left menu and click 0-10 and just look through and you'll see the ones that are 0 Lindens...some will be DEMOS so you maybe won't want those cos obvioulsy the full versions will cost A little tip... sometimes you end up searching a store still when ya new... and then ya realise you have to have the tab on 'ITEMS and not search STORE. So I always open the new links for items in new tabs...
  4. I used a simple bit of free software called Cam Studio .... but glad for the suggestions here!
  5. Maybe find a custom designer that will take a photo of you and stick it on a skin eheh
  6. Yea I've seen and read there are neck issues..... and that there will be a free update on their site i think? Mine somehow isn't that bad... I do see a slight up edge if my avi bends forward... I use Studio Light WL maybe ignorance is bliss LOL! I don't usually wear up do's so that's another advantage for me I guess... but now I've looked closer I can see how that would be a problem.... I swapped from the Vika Mesh Body which aint a bad Mesh body quite athletic but matching up the neck shade is a nightmare.....for me anyway Seriously hoping that some creators jump on the Belleza clothes design pack though ...like soon....
  7. You could always ask this seller.... https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/DIRTY-PRINCESSWinter-Bombshell-Princess-MESH-Outfit-wBoots/4182969?ple=h
  8. I got it and I'm very happy with it.... little screenshot... I checked and my head size on my shape I'm wearing with it is 48 not zero.
  9. Haha well I thought your reply was the **bleep**z nitz
  10. I reckon that's why people use the dots .: like that in their name, like wow skins does.... I think it somehow climbs them higher, like it does in 'inventory'
  11. I think the whole 'inventory' system is full of bugs..... and needs an overall. Sick of things disappearing. I also think it's very complicated for newbies .... veterans have all the info in their minds over time so forget the simple things they learnt over time and aware of the changes especially if they are creators. I also think the original poster is a troll having a laugh...
  12. I've never gotten into SL relationships.... but I'd say he's bored with the relationship..... dump his arse, don't speak to him and see if he comes back begging.... if he don't you got your answer but this whole thing reminds me of a song Diary by bread :but reversed to female.....
  13. I seen too many room mates end up on Judge Judge show :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  14. LOL Guess I'm the only one that found it funny! :matte-motes-big-grin:
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