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  1. Hey, yes my older profile feed snapshots are all gone... I would like them back.. many memories in those... *sigh*
  2. I want same thing but no time to learn scripting... looked around everywhere... anybody know where I can obtaim a simple script to do this exact thing also... to act as though an avatar touched the object I did buy a transmitter receiver script I could put the lines of code... only managed to add channel... but up to now...although searching around...no idea what to use to message the object. Thanks if can help....
  3. Yea.. they don't load , even after a few hours.. so always I have to clear inventory cache or go without .... which is a pain if you are working on stuff and don't want to log off and lose all 'recent' or clear your inventory, but just saying happens to me all the time.. no rhyme or reason even in 2021 with someone saying it has been resolved.
  4. Yet people can wear a whole folder from a link in a tab
  5. Happens to me in 2021 Happens to me in 2021...
  6. Lot of fun to do! But dam couldn't bend the elbow and I don't have photoshop to draw on a bend ahah.. will do more for sure. http://www.getty.edu/art/collection/objects/49326/attributed-to-louis-jean-delton-woman-on-horseback-french-about-1880/
  7. Be looking hard there for photo's will submit something tomorrow
  8. Pretty sure I've seen 'reflection' effect in GIMP software
  9. Beautiful voice. Is there a way you can sell or allow streams of your music I wonder for parcels? I'd have it in my Linden home....!
  10. Freebie Galaxy: 15 floors of freebies. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ibiza/40/40/3016 Also you can plenty of very nice freebies on the market place Search for what you want then go to the left menu and click 0-10 and just look through and you'll see the ones that are 0 Lindens...some will be DEMOS so you maybe won't want those cos obvioulsy the full versions will cost A little tip... sometimes you end up searching a store still when ya new... and then ya realise you have to have the tab on 'ITEMS and not search STORE. So I always open the new links for items in new tabs...
  11. I used a simple bit of free software called Cam Studio .... but glad for the suggestions here!
  12. Maybe find a custom designer that will take a photo of you and stick it on a skin eheh
  13. Yea I've seen and read there are neck issues..... and that there will be a free update on their site i think? Mine somehow isn't that bad... I do see a slight up edge if my avi bends forward... I use Studio Light WL maybe ignorance is bliss LOL! I don't usually wear up do's so that's another advantage for me I guess... but now I've looked closer I can see how that would be a problem.... I swapped from the Vika Mesh Body which aint a bad Mesh body quite athletic but matching up the neck shade is a nightmare.....for me anyway Seriously hoping that some creators jump on the Belleza clo
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