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  1. I can not move forward and i cant walk backward, i know everything works.. well because i am typing to you. i know im not lagging because i have a 700 upload and 500 download with a constant ping of around 90, any ideas on how to fix this and yes i am on firestorm
  2. ok so I am wondering if there is a way to add a note card to my profile as a clickable link, the notecards has a UUID and since you can make inventory items as a autogive when someone clicks on it, there should be a way to do the same with something as simple as a note card. any ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated
  3. Come on down to http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gothland/202/58/23 for an open discussion about BDSM, relationship healing and how to repair your broken self with your amazing and understanding instructor Bre, and me as the host
  4. I create human renders in blender, blender is a AD open source program, and clothes and hair isn't good enough for me, id rather make something that is of more use for The players, a base mesh is The start of any AD being (RUTH) in second life The base mesh is called Ruth The small female when your items fail to load.... The base mesh that I have created would replace The annoying Ruth. I am free to share anything with anyone. If you would like to see please contact me in private
  5. I am trying to upload a male base mesh from blender 2.63 into second life, but I can not figure out how to make my whole avatar into a Scene file I have to option too, but I just don't know how.. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and if this creation works, I will make a female version to upload and give all of my rights to Linden Labs, just an idea I have been thinking of for sometime. The skin, and The eye are completed
  6. when i turn everything except the need rendering items, suck as simple, sky,ground,water,surfacepatch, and character. My client FRAME RATE is still 10 or 15, i even top animating characters just i can walk forward without guessing where i am relative to the object that i trying to walk/run too. I am asking... How do i speed my CLIENT FRAME RATE up? on a side note and to be sure that i dont get answers that i have already done. i have cleared all caches, too my bandwidth down too 100. since i play GOR i need a faster CFR so that way i aim and fire at the object or subject without interference. my draw is 25 right now cause i thought it might be the problem as well, but it all checks out..i got a new graphics card today, so i know that my cards and drivers are all on point
  7. my profile is unavailable and i have been playing inworld for a few days now. what can i do to get access back to my profile? i cant look at my own profile but everyone else can. i want to change it to match my new attitude.
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