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  1. An oldie, but very good tip. I have never understood why people wear facelights like lighthouses...
  2. Well, I had almost given up. I did a last search on the Marketplace and found that feet of Skifija...there are feet in the package optimized for laq and redgrave skins. And they look perfect...well almost perfect because the toes are a bit long...lol Wearing them now and they look good in any kind of light :womanvery-happy:
  3. I bought some nice mesh feet. They look so much better then the default Linden feet....but to get the skintone of my feet matching to my skin is a real pain...I spend hours on it. With the feet came a color adjustment hud but I can't get it right...and when its finally reasonable the light changes in SL and it looks awfull again. :womanmad: I was wondering why are there no skinbuilders who make their own feet that match to their skins ? Even knowing the exact RBG of your skin would de a great help !
  4. Ah, I found it...yes your right, I need to edit the positions nc after adjustment. Thanks for the help :womanvery-happy:
  5. As long as I am in SL I have a problem with adjust animations in a sexbed. The adjustments are not saved, whatever I do. Next time I use the bed the adjustments I made are all gone and I can start all over again...:((( yes, I click on the save button and I get the message 'position saved' Any idea what I do wrong ??
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