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  1. Gosh, I haven't logged in for I don't know how long. It took seeing a second person (in like a week!!!) go on the offensive with one of the two most helpful and knowledgeable people I've kept up with in SL scripting forums. The other person, well she left, now only to be found on slu. What is wrong with people these days! Rolig was NOT rude. Who ever said that, I second it. If you have insecurities about your scripting skills, this is the place, the place, to set them aside. People like Rolig are exceptionally generous and spend uncounted hours helping others, like you, with particulars of ls
  2. I *think* I remember doing this before, but can't remember how. I want to select a non-rectangular section of land (selecting a strip of one length, then selecting an adjacent strip of a different length, etc.) ... I thought it was something like select the first strip, then hold SHIFT and select the next strip, but that doesn't work :( Ideas?
  3. Just curious about the reason behind needing to do that. It never occured to me.
  4. Currently, I think I mostly wear a pretty Asian skin, but the shape is something I mucked with. I have a mix of skins from very dark to very light. I can't remember them all, but aside from the Asian skin, one is African-American, one is Indian, and another one (I think) is Hispanic. I also have a pretty fox avatar and also a Petite. My first consciously chosen skin, after signing up and getting a pre-made avatar, was part of an outfit called Fog, for a human shape. Super pale with smudges around the eyes. I think I tend to spend time most in the super pale skins cause I like the almost dead l
  5. I don't know if you are right or wrong, but I do know that a while back (couple or few months?) when I saw all the craziness starting on the marketplace, I decided to delist everything I had because I was afraid I wouldn't have the time to deal with all the customer issues that other people were talking about. I didn't do it out of frustration or anger, or anything, and I didn't talk about it or post in the forum. I just figured that when things calmed down and looked stable, I'd put my stuff back up. LOL, I never got around to doing that quite yet though. Even under stable conditions, being a
  6. That's what i did, just made a bogus FB account so I could try it out. I went through several browsers before figuring out that Chrome worked. I was really surprised at how fast it started up (once had the right browser), to move around, and the graphics. The tutorials are good. Even my friend who has never tried building in SL (only plays tourist and dress-up in SL) was willing to go through the building tutorial because it told her she would get a house, lol. She said "its so easy!" and I thought, it's easy in sl too! She's a big FB user. I think she spent longer in CP than she has ever spe
  7. i think you kinda gotta give some details ... like what viewer and version you are trying to log in with, what your computer specs are, an stuff like that. otherwise, its hard for people to give advice.
  8. heck, i took my store down bout a month ago, after dd ... things much more peaceful now ... sighs poor ohn
  9. ohn


    i am silly. i don't even know void personally. but wow, i've read a lot of stuff she's written (to my benefit) .... be nice if sl were a place she still wanted to visit and share her knowlege in
  10. anyone care to suggest something? i'm realllllly desperate.
  11. ohn


    i do until i am cranky. it just so happens i am very cranky right now.
  12. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TYVM! thank you soo much!
  13. hi! i am trying out blender, and enjoying it thoroughly. however, i every now and then i seem to be pressing a key (perhaps key sequence?) that removes the model from view, or perhaps deletes it entirely, but i am not sure. i *believe* i am pressing something like the 4 key (not f4). pressing CTRL+Z does not bring the model back into view. it's happened several times, and happens so quick i cannot be sure exactly the sequence of keys i pressed. i am hoping a blender expert might know right off the top of her/his head what i might be doing. i would be huuuuuugely greatful as i have lost quite a
  14. hi Casandra which tool are you using? there's one called sculpty generator (i think), one called sculpt crafter, and another one called prim generator, and lol there are prolly others. with sculpt crafter, if you are using that one, you can define the number of sides (such as 8 or 16) that the prim has by entering the information into the prim name or the description (can't remember which). More sides means smoother. I forget exactly how you enter that info but there's an inworld group that you can join for that one and get help. that one also has a pretty good web page manual and you sh
  15. hi Polenth, if you use firestorm/phoenix, you can share windlight settings with other users of those viewers by adding text in your parcel About Land description. In mine, i have: /*Sky: "ShepherdsDelight" Water: "Pond"*/ in my preferences i have it set to automatically change environment to use region/parcel settings for windlight
  16. hi Rival! I *think* I remember reading or hearing that someone that owns a whole mainland sim can request to be given some limited additional permissions .... can't remember exactly what what said (i didn't own a sim at the time) but maybe it was something along the lines of maybe like estate manager type permissions? LOL, i am afraid that i am being vague because what i remember is also vague.
  17. hi everybody! :) i'm a new owner of most of a mainland region. there are Linden owned parcels for the public road that goes through it, but that's it. i remember reading somewhere that there are one or two things that LL will let a mainland region owner do with their property beyond the norm, if the owner knows enough to ask :) i know its sorta random to ask, but can you tell me what some of those things are that i might ask LL to allow me to do on my new mainland region?
  18. I just upgraded to the latest viewer, and the Edit Terrain checkbox seems to be missing in the Options tab of the About Land dialog. I'd just been inworld with an older version 3.2.something and the option was still there. Two questions: 1. LOL, where did the option go? I think it is probably staring me in the face. 2. What if you want to allow only group members to edit terrain, not 'Everyone'. Is that possible? Edit: Sorry, I should have explained. I know how to edit the terrain. I want to be able to set the permission to enable others to edit the terrain. (also see question 2 above) The s
  19. hi!! if you have a full sim (or close as possible to full sim, minus linden roads) in mainland, at about 1L per sq. meter, plz IM me :) Not really interested in water ways, water access, etc. roads are nice though.
  20. hope it is just me, but i just tried clicking on a couple top level categories from main MP page, and it said 'No matching items found."
  21. up until a week or so ago, i hadn't bought anything with mesh cause i hear that lots of people can't see it yet. BUT, lol, then i saw super cute pics that people had posted somewhere of petite avis. i went from mesh avoider to adopter in bout 20 minutes after seeing them, went and bought one of the avis.forgive the hair, lol, i am sentimentally attached to it (was freebie) and is not part of the mesh stuff. oohh, and i forgot i had the glow on. was playing with the settings on her, you can change her skin to glow, to look more shiny like metal, and change the skin color too. this is the second
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