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  1. I have found that to be true, most women want to play as much as men
  2. Yes, I guess I have to just find a favorite hangout. I feel so lost in SL these days. Thanks for the response
  3. Hi, I have been in SL since 08. I had a blast, had a sim, got married, was Queen, slave you name it I did it. Then my long time partner pulled a fast one on me causing me to leave for a while, that was in early 2011. I have been trying to come back for a while now but I am so discouraged. Are there no people who just like to chat, dance, shop and explore together? Why must everyone want to jump to the sex bed in the first day you meet? Am I the only one that feels this way. I am not apposed to sex in the least, it can beautiful cyber lovin with the right person but for me SL is not about the sex. I love to socialize, learn to build things, dance and explore. I love to RP too but that's for another post, besides I haven't RP for a long time. I am having a hell of a time, makes me want to delete the damn program from my puter.
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