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  1. ohh just champion, I read it as this.... "We make money off your transations, when you arnt making those linden transactions through us, we loose money and even though we understand that most of you use external agencies due to our delays, we find it easier to block those services than to improve ours" . Of cvourse thats just opinion, however people use services that work for them, certainly having to plan weeks in advance to take out your money means its held by LL longer, ergo more interest for LL. Many of you would remember when the way out was through the marketplace, they c
  2. Hiya everyone, Ive been out of the country etc for a while with work and now back full time making stuff again, I sort of caught that there has been some moves on the materials system within SL , can anyone shed any light on that for me, as from what ive read it seams server side is ready ... viewer side not. Opinions welcomed Ta Bray
  3. well tried to look at it again today ... was in for 30 minutes , and that was after the 48th attmept of being told " server not responding" then i tried earlier .. and apparently i have no facebook account connected with CP" now im back to server not responding .. so at this rate .. SL is most definately more attractive. but i know LL doesnt pay the slightest bit of attention to this request Lindens, we have seen that it is possible to introduce a materials system, even if it is on a circa 2003 Sl esque clone called cloud party , Please can we have materials ..........
  4. it seams nvidia cards may be having a few issues too ...... as twice now ive had PSOD with a gtx card and 301 drivers
  5. Well ive just had a looky at that new fangled Cloud Party doohicky, and yes im impressed, a full material system so normal mapes etc .. better physics engine yadda yadda ... the UI is total crud IMHO though, I am an old hand with SL so im staying put , but with this new competition made apprently by old lindens .... will this push to improve the MESH system in Second LIfe , I know from whatI understand LL wants to make sure that old content doesnt get broken .. but their we have the problem .... we have content from 2003 yes NINE YEARS later .... that we still have to accomid
  6. ok... Theres been a lot of various conversations running around the SL Universe over the last few days over things like copywrite etc. So I thought i would get dirty and put my feet into the pond and add to the various posts on here. Most of this information is based on what is stated at BitLaw ( limited permission was sought and given by Daniel A Tysver however nothing verbatum has been stated and would suggest reading his website given for the full explanation) and Wikipedia (Use of which has been granted under the open use stature of Wikipedia) Ok , Firstly.... the basics "Copyright ar
  7. Hi There Triblurr I bleieve the ones you want can be found on Ashas you tube page , allthough she does specify blender , the extracting of the AV Obj meshes are the same, and can be imported into maya without too much hasstle most likely. Good luck Bray
  8. And thank you Mas, as I said , im going to give it a try and see if it helps me spped up my work flow any, as I do sometimes suffer with making things extra hard for myself i.e use a screw when a nail will do kind of mentality. I am sure many people tend to sing the praises of what they have learnt over what is a change of practice, I am sure many of us here are constantly bombarded with how blender " isnt professional" normally by 3dsmax pros, or zbrush users, yet it is always down to the artist to creat the work , rather than the tool they use to do it .. which kinda just
  9. and in reply to your point there Ash , this was my original point , as I always try to get the topology relitivly right from the start, I dont want to get too used to having to clean up as part of my work process as im still " young" in my experience, those extra tools in the bmesh system are indeed invaluable , as ive stated in an earlier post .... I wanted to understand the bennefits of roughing out with ngons only to have to clean up .. over trying to get it close to right in the first place. is that too much for a fella to ask ?
  10. any more people want to flame me for having an opinion based on my experience, and at no point did i claim to be an expert , but if we REALLLY want to start sending links , i can supply many about the " evils of ngons". Jonathan Williamson of blender cookie I believe that is in that video. I said ealier in fact less than 2 posts ago , that i was biased based on my experience, yet I will take a different approach and try it rather than just being a luddite and putting it down BEFORE i really give it a chance ... but please feel free to deminish my opinion because i happen to have list
  11. you are right in multiple way s ... especially that ive kind of inherited the " all quads" intent while modelling, and try rely hard to avoid ngons and triangles while creating my topology, im happy to give it a bash before i get too set in my ways.. i know the new tools are a godsend .. as i always find the knife a pain and not being able to remove multiple rows at a time to manually decimate my mesh is something i cant see why it wouldnt have, so like i said , more than prepared to be wrong and learn from it. I will install 2.63 and go with the flow or with the ngon ... then add
  12. talk about creating a fire to show how hot it is .... *lol* , I create clothes .... if i had something like that in an outfit .. it would animate no better than a suit of armour. so ultimately ... pentagon, 1 quad and 1 tri. dependending on where i want the edge flow to be. yanno .... just like what collada and then the sl importer would do for you , without your controll , I have seen a few posts in the forum about the fact that if you use Bmesh , its best practice to triangulate your mesh before you export so you can edit your edge flows etc ... so I am confused how using an ngon
  13. I personally like to have controll over what goes where with edge flow Gaia , I make clothes , rather than objects , so with lots of qaudralation and trangulation of importers and exporters , i like to model things where i can do it from start , if i have 5 vertices , i want to fix the topology , not just thow an ngon at it and hope for the best. ( edit : and i know you can change it .... ive watched the vids, I just prefer to model myself ) Personal objectives only , its like the Qauds v's Tris argument , everyone has there prefences, me i still dont like using triangles s
  14. I am of a mixed opinion , I havnt moved to 2.63 yet , because it seams extreamly mango centric at the moment, so desipite the MASSIVE requests for cycles to bake to a texture for the gaming industry , most of the progressive movements have been to make BMesh ( which is bad modelling practice really) and the rest is for all the animation and cinemagraphic processes for mango. The reason I am mixed , is blender is FREE ... and that in my book is a lot of what you take into consideration when you remember that 3ds max is VERY expensive unless you are a blatent software theif and doesnt ha
  15. definately , go into weight paint . and check the strenth of the painting on that leg in comparison to the skeleton , as its not quite right, however.... the SL av has crap crotch vertex groups anyway Bray
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