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  1. I think you misunderstand me Daniel, Im not suggesting that we upload a prim replacement.. i was refering to the general file size in comparison. 4k for 10L is cost prohibative.
  2. its been quoted that it will be a 4k file size will be rated at 10L and one prim. Just to point out, if you go into blender etc .. create a cube with 6 faces (as cubes are) it has a minimum size on disk of 4k. so if you do NOTHING with that cube at all it will cost you 10 Lindens, however if you create a sculpty with 1536 faces at 3rd Leval of Multirez and 12k it will cost you 10 lindens so I feel that the pricing structure is a little off on that thought. Also as a MESH has less load on the SL infrastructure why would it be loaded with prim weight and additional cost. This may be due t
  3. ok ..... so its a week till beta release of Mesh Beta...... and so far we have nothing over technical requirements, bone allocation, weighting, prim counts, linden cost ... wether there is any point normal normal mappings or maximum poly counts. Are we going to have 500,000 poly meshes floating around doing nasty things to the grid. I would like some more information as despite being a builder who does sculpties I feel like anything i am doing in Blender at the moment is JUNK untill i can actually know things as i cant test anything or find the information elsewhere.
  4. the purpose of the wording is to establish that by uploading content, you are giving LL the right to distribute it to other users of an unnamed nature. This is in order to provide the service or else when you walk into a sim you would have to agree to access and accept liability of access and that of the original copywrite holder. You as a content creator would also have to give named access in order to comply with copywrite. At no point does SL claim ownership and in fact in several points 7.5 You may delete copies of your Content from the Service, and the licenses you have granted f
  5. im not trying to antagonise, yet we have to look at it from the point of view of those people who create now.... does the fact that they can use PS or Gimp make them super elite over lets say some poor soul who only has paint or templates to work with. We are all one step above and one step under everyone else. Neither are we better or worse we just use the tools that are thrown at us. Bray
  6. this is not about IMVU... the doom bringers have been saying everything you are saying since ive been here which is 2006. if its not flexy ... its sculpty or Viewer 2 or or or ..... I pay for my SL on more than one Avatar, ive owned mainland sims and i have an island for my store (own being a loose word) so I keep LL coffers topped up with my contribution. It may have escaped you but there has been a world wide recession for the last 2 years and being somebody who has been out of work during that period .. and yes . a professional in the IT industry I am supprised that LL are able to
  7. I love this blog, especially posts on mesh. I've heard comments that SL will close as mom and pop businesses will close if mesh comes as they wont be able to compete etc, that people wont be able to pay tier etc. My thing ins SL was GOR, in particular combat based where sims would regally have 40 avatars in and prims would be kept low and avatars would be lightened to make them faster on the FPS. yet I like many enjoy being able to make what comes into my mind and as such because im a sculpty person. wether it be IMVU , Blue Mars or even WOW, there is gonna be no difference wether you
  8. i just want to have access so i can at least work with it, thats not forthcommign yet so allready at a disadvantage. but i had a long conversation last night with a friend whos terrified over mesh so i do understand how it can put many on a defensive
  9. im rather curious, I have read back through most of the posts here and I am both excited and scared of meshes. The main reasons are that i used to be a prim thrower, I still remember when i made my first T-Shirt and panicked. I have friends who build with just prims, those that build with prims and sculpties and there will be those that build with prims, sculpties and meshes, what does this mean for me ... Well i used to be part of the " i cant do that " collective, scared of sculpties till i went through the process of buying packs, then altering a sculpty to meet a requirement to
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