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  1. 5-6-2021 Thursday May 6th 10:00 am to 11:00 am SLT 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm SLT Crash Asylum Roller Derby Skate Rink Come check out the newest Roller Derby skate rink in SL The Crash Asylum Roller Derby Rink! This is a completely new Roller Derby project in SL We have no connection with any of the older SL: Roller Derby projects. The Crash Asylum is more then just a name most things in the rink can be knocked over. To get Roller Derby back up in running in SL we are holding a few Roller Derby meet up events, to help grow the Roller Derby community again. Come see the rink and get some derby practice in, meet other people interested in getting Roller Derby back in SL. The event is open to any one interested in Roller Derby, Skaters, Refs , Fans, DJs, Announcers. If your interested in Roller Derby in SL and can't make the event let us know, or if you have any other questions IM phaedra Exonar
  2. not seeing a private forum section any were
  3. I found your marketplace store there's a few thing you could do to improve it. For one there's no description of the items, just some text say this is a demo, and others visit our web site but there's no link right there. For rezzed items we want to know the land impact, for mesh clothes is it fitted mesh, rigged mesh, dose it come in more then one size if rigged? Your robot pet, what dose it do? You need to sell your item in the description. Many of your key words seem useless, or are not describing the item. for example: meta name="keywords" content="Demo demonstration free cyberpunk accessories for trying out try out sci fi clothes attachments mesh high quality role play roleplaying rp cosplay" dose not describe a bow, not only is it not helping people find your item, your item could be unlisted if some one reports it as key word spam. Describe the item not your store. I all so checked out your inworld store, you could rez your robot pet so people can check it out. All so noticed your classified add it's easy to see by the price who your trying to compete with as you listing is just 3 linden less then there's. To get you second place, you could save 4460 L$ a week by spending 3 L$ more then the 3rd place listing. That saving could be spent trying marketplace enhancements. Inworld sales give you L$, marketplace sales give you L$ and boost your marketplace search placement. Unless your selling things that people need to see rezzed before buying, to get started you don't even need an inword store. Inworld you could all so try a small satellite shop at some place like INSILICO to help get noticed (just say in your profile you have an other shop in the wastelands). General rule I have for a inworld shop is that my marketplace sales have to cover all the cost of the inworld store. But if you have the L$ to burn, then having both can help getting you noticed when your starting out. I think it's just once a year, and I don't remember when, but here's a sci fi convention in SL that would be a good place to get your store noticed. Keep an eye out for that. Whatever you do don't expect to make a lot over night, it takes time to grow a brand, happy customers are the best marketing tool you have in SL, so every sale helps out over time. Good customer service is a very important. I don' t think cyberpunk is really a community as much as a collection of small RP sims. Down the road you might want to all so think about how to grow the market, not just your store. To give you an idea of the size there's over 3,000,000 items on the marketplace but only 5480 listed as cyberpunk. I have all ways been surprised how few cyberpunks there are in SL you would think this would be a perfect place for it. Sounds like William Gibson did not get a good impression of SL, from interviews with him about SL, sounds like he never found any of the cool cyberpunk sims, and din't have a computer that could handle SL. Hope that helps.
  4. Pamela Galli wrote: I think it makes a difference if you are logged in or not. I just tried searching my store names again logged in and with adult only set in the maturity filters, and just get the top 3 non adult items, even tho my top items are adult. As far as I can tell adult items never show up when searching by merchants/store names tab, I checked an all adult store and it shows no items. I've all ways had a mix of maturity levels in my items so never noticed this before. There's still a link with the stores name but it dose make it look like it's an empty store, if your expecting images. I think it would be nice if the search results for this type of search just took you to the merchants stores homepage, I don't see the point of adding a page with just 3 items, when your searching for the store in the first place.
  5. I all so have a mix of maturity listing at my store, from my test it look like searching by avatar or store name return the top 3 non adult items, even when searching for my name with the maturity filter set to adult only. I don't think it should be too much of a problem, people should likely know how to find the rest of your store by clicking on one of the items shown, a better way of telling people how to find your store would be to have a link in your profile and then just point people to your profile, this is all so good if some else tells some one about your item, or they see it inworld and click on it to see who made it, then check your profile to see where your store is. If you sold adult only items then this would be a bigger problem as your store would look empty when search for by name, as far as I can tell the only way to fix that would be to make something non adult that would show up.
  6. Second Life closed down weeks ago. What you see inworld now is just the after party.
  7. if you want to learn how things work in SL, and from your many questions it would be good for you to do so, here's a few places to start. http://secondlife.com/destination/ivory-tower-library-of-primatives http://secondlife.com/destination/college-of-scripting
  8. Coby Foden wrote: phaedra Exonar wrote: Madelaine McMasters wrote: Ooooh, I'd forgotten about mirror water! And that method is double fun. Who doesn't like walking on walls? I've often thought about building sideways in a sim because the buildable foot print would be 256x4096m. Cool. Now we would need only a way to rotate the gravity and this would be perfect. :matte-motes-big-grin: :matte-motes-wink: I'm thinking some kind of vehicle with the sit target rotated, and an attraction to the x or y axis, or to the outer edges of the sim, would be the place to start experimenting. The sky and moon might look off, which might be fun too. I'm surprised some one hasn't tried this yet it's like getting the foot print area of 16 sims for the price of one
  9. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Ooooh, I'd forgotten about mirror water! And that method is double fun. Who doesn't like walking on walls? I've often thought about building sideways in a sim because the buildable foot print would be 256x4096m.
  10. Splatulated wrote: Syo Emerald wrote: No. thats depressing why can this game make everything except a mirror D: ?? wait is there any other way to put water on a wall ?? yes, rotate the building 90 degrees so the wall is on the floor. the give away is that when he edits the box the Z axis is 90 degrees from the floor, and the Z coordinates are just above the level of water, all so note the avatar never moves, because its sitting on the floor to make it look as if it's standing on the ground.
  11. try reapplying for adult status, if that dosen't work put in a support ticket. only other thing I can think of is to try clearing your cash to see if that reset your status.
  12. Pussycat Catnap wrote: Kenbro Utu wrote: Pussycat Catnap wrote: That may give you a profile with links you can see, but the rest of SL will just see a mess: https://my.secondlife.com/Luna.Barak It does produce clickable links in the in-world profile in Firestorm. But only there I presume - meaning... the rest of SL will see a mess. This looks like another one of those attempts to create a different 'shared user experience' on the part of a TPV. The idea is nice, on the surface (but it could let someone make one URL appear to be another - will it at least show the real URL on a mouse-over?)... but this looks like something that should go through official vetting to prevent it from being used for phising attacks. I tested with an alt with both firestorm and the SL viewer and got a working hot link with no mess.
  13. I tried this in firestorm and it did not work: [http://www.firestormviewer.org Firestorm] what section of the profile are you doing this in?
  14. LaskyaClaren wrote: phaedra Exonar wrote: I love what you can do with mesh, but I think it's had a big impact on the diversity of items available in SL, there's fewer people that can build with mesh. There's such a flood of mesh items on the marketplace it's hard for shops selling non mesh to be seen in the marketplace listings, many of my favorite shops have closed down, the problem being no one making mesh has filled in a lot of these small subculture markets that are shrinking. Who really wan't to take the time to build mesh for a small market, and even if they do the number of items produced in a the same about of time will be less. If SL2.0 dosen't make making mesh easier inworld then SL might be the place of choice for the hobbyist builder again as more mesh builders go the SL2.0 I agree with the first bolded statement completely. The second one is an interesting thought. Will SL 1.0 become the poor sibling of SL 2.0, as the best creators leave it for greener fields in the new VW? SL had a good economy before mesh, minecraft has sold over 15,964,783 copy's, 19,187 in the last 24 hours. There's a huge market for people who what to build with simple tools. Simple dosen't have to mean low quality results, look at what's been done with paint brushes, and you can still buy new paint brushes today. No way to tell which way it might go, but LL having 2 worlds we might see a shift of the types of creators between the 2 worlds. I'd personally would rather master a simple tool then try to learn a complex one that's going to be out dated every couple of years and have to start over again with ever being a master of it. I like art that pushes the limits if it's medium, with digital art those limits are rarely reached before the limits are expanded. I find pushing the limits is where the most interesting things happen.
  15. Theresa Tennyson wrote: LaskyaClaren wrote: DeMarco Galthie wrote: Sorry to say but today I see stores dictating standards for glasses, hands, legs, breasts, etc.. There's some danger that this thread will become yet another redundant discussion of the pros-and-cons of LL's announcement about the forthcoming new VW that they are developing. However, this statement struck me as particularly interesting. When the internet got its start in the 90s, one of the things that made it so successful, I'd argue, is that the basic code to build a web page so simple and easy to create that anyone -- even the proverbial teen working on her basement computer -- could build one. Before mesh was introduced into Second Life, much the same could be said fo this virtual world: the basic tools for building and creation were, for the most part, in-world, and were (mostly) pretty intuitive and easy to learn. One might need to use Photoshop or GIMP, and to create avatar animations, one needed external software, but generally speaking pretty much anyone could learn the rudiments of building with a few hours of work. Sculpties were about as complicated as it got, and there were even in-world tools available for creating those. Mesh, however, changed all that. There's a lot of crappy mesh out there of course, but mesh has, overall, undoubtedly improved the appearance of Second Life. It has done so, however, at the cost of making state-of-the-in-world-art of creation inaccessible to most casual users. I think SL has become a little impoverished, and a great deal more commercial, because of this. I'll readily concede that builds by enthusiastic amateurs (such as myself) are not up to the standards of those created by more tech-savvy and engaged professional or quasi-professional creators, but it's still true, I think, that SL's capacity to make creation available to anyone was a really vital part of the early success of Second Life. A new virtual world that does not also extend that capacity to all of its users will be a less creative, less interesting world. SL 2.0 needs to include easy-to-use in-world building tools for all of its users, or it will be a much diminished place, in my view. I've built web pages in the 1990's with HTML editors - it was a royal pain. My current web site looks much better and I built it using a WYSIWYG website builder I got for a few dollars at Wal-Mart despite my not knowing a cascading style sheet from a piece of pie. And in my opinion the building commands in SL are only "easy and intuitive" if you've never used anything else; particularly anything that made sense. I've been able to wrap my head around Autocad 12, whose interface has the user-friendliness of a pit bull with a toothache, and yet when I got into SL I told a friend, "Okay, we can travel from one end of this world to the other in a blink of an eye, but its taking me five minutes to put a slice of watermelon into a bowl." I do think there should be easy building tools in the new world, but when I hear people lamenting about how it was better in the old days with everyone having equal tools it smacks of Harrison Bergeron to me. If any thing we need more diverse tool because most mesh tools are hard to learn, mostly because they tend to be designed to do everything in one package, I don't need to make a whole movie with blender. A lot of people learn to build for the first time in SL for fun, did you learn Autocad 12 for fun on your own? What I miss really is building inworld, how fun is an all mesh speed building contest? "on your mark, get set, go AFK, and be back in half an hour with your finished item" good luck getting any thing even slightly complex uvmapped and textured in that amount of time.
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