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  1. Griefers in charge? Nothing seems to be done about them. Was just pushed out of my home into space by one. Had to get the owner of the land to ban him. I think Linden should go back to paid accounts. It is the free account that makes griefers possible. I am making money on SL building ans selling and could pay for two accounts am paying for one. My husband and I have an account. He programs and I do the textures. We take it into pay pal, not a lot but a little extra to keep the checking accounts from going negative. Hate to see second life go away. If this keeps up the griefers w
  2. I use singularity. Every time RLV asks if I want a folder. I remember it used to not ask and I would change. It that a function of the relay of the viewer or did it change. I do remember I used Phoenix but do not any more since I do not like firestorm.
  3. Thats interesting. So you charge 9 and you get it all and charge 10 and get 9, but Linden gets $1. I like supporting Linden so I will leave my 10 at that price.
  4. Thanks, I went thru all of my inventory. Have not had anything pulled in a few weeks. So either no one complained or I fixed it.
  5. I had a lot of textures disappear but off objects or sculpted maps, not texture pictures that I am aware of. I did not find out until people complained about it when the bought it. At least one I could not find in my inventory to fix the object. I know it was there I saw the objects in peoples sims so I know i could not have mistakenly use a temporary texture.
  6. I simply sent the boxes. I was under the impression that Magic boxes would not be supported anymore, I had about 2 weeks left so I did them all two boxes over 100 items. I did not have time to raze them all in world open boxes and send the folders. I just spent the last two weeks taking them out of boxes checking the permissions and updating them. Not to mention all the fixing I have had to do since going to direct delivery. Lost textures, lost scripted texture maps, lost images, even lost descriptions, some are not listed. And most had the permissions checked wrong. I have since the
  7. It gets the list but the first location stays on the screen even whey you change the search. You cannot get it to select another location. I use Singularity but have seen this in other viewers. Just wonder what is going on?
  8. Thanks everyone. That does work. And there is a delay. I am trying to get all my stuff out of the boxes so customers do not need to rez a box to use it. But I am finding missing textures including scrupted maps that I know were there. It is a lot of work to open and try everything. Thanks again.
  9. Phone calls are not an option for me. I work during the day and have to deal with kids when I get home. They just pulled another item saying not as advertised. The properties were as advertised and so was the description. Copy only. So I am at a loss. Once you read the message you get when you log on, it cannot be looked at again. Wish it has someone to IM to get the spacifics. Just wonder is someone is complaining because I sell my stuff for lower than them, and Linden just pulls it without checking. I unlisted all my items then relisted the ones I worked on in the last two weeks.
  10. it did not when I did either,or it did and it was blank.
  11. Updating inventory direct delivery? The problem is I will make changes to it, without changing the name and send it, then it shows up as unassociated inventory. I need it to replace the original. The only way I can fix it is to make a new listing, then delete the old one. Of course the have the same name so I can confuse myself. I have been unlisting the original first then creating the new listing from the updated inventory. Is this how it is supported to be? I thought it replaced it if was the same name! It is lots more trouble this direct delivery!
  12. Said something vaguely about spamming and key words. These are mostly my card soldiers, playing card textures and card avatars all related to Alice in wonderland. I had, wonderland key words, Mad hatter, march hare, cards, ace, spades, Alice etc. I do not see the key worlds as unrelated to Alice in wonderland. Not sure what to do now. They pulled them twice and not all of them. I took all the key words off. When I transferred to Direct delivery everything got messed up. The descriptions, textures disappeared and sculpted map textures disappeared. Got lots of complaints after that. Sti
  13. I was never about to get around in V3 so I had the same problems with firestorm. I build so I am in automatic, and having to figure out how to do everthing again distractes me from building. I used phoenix and liked it but since they have put their effort in firestorm phoenix crashes a lot so I do not use it any more.
  14. I found it out but do not know why or how it happened. I somehow got shorcuts of the contents of a lot of folders into the "current outfit" folder. So evertime I came on I put all the stuff on. I just took everthing off and deleted the shortcuts in the Current outfit folder. Seemed to work. Not sure how it happend.
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