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  1. Gosh, I haven't logged in for I don't know how long. It took seeing a second person (in like a week!!!) go on the offensive with one of the two most helpful and knowledgeable people I've kept up with in SL scripting forums. The other person, well she left, now only to be found on slu. What is wrong with people these days! Rolig was NOT rude. Who ever said that, I second it. If you have insecurities about your scripting skills, this is the place, the place, to set them aside. People like Rolig are exceptionally generous and spend uncounted hours helping others, like you, with particulars of lsl. If you perceived rudeness, you were most definitely, emphatically, projecting your own tendencies.
  2. I *think* I remember doing this before, but can't remember how. I want to select a non-rectangular section of land (selecting a strip of one length, then selecting an adjacent strip of a different length, etc.) ... I thought it was something like select the first strip, then hold SHIFT and select the next strip, but that doesn't work :( Ideas?
  3. Just curious about the reason behind needing to do that. It never occured to me.
  4. Currently, I think I mostly wear a pretty Asian skin, but the shape is something I mucked with. I have a mix of skins from very dark to very light. I can't remember them all, but aside from the Asian skin, one is African-American, one is Indian, and another one (I think) is Hispanic. I also have a pretty fox avatar and also a Petite. My first consciously chosen skin, after signing up and getting a pre-made avatar, was part of an outfit called Fog, for a human shape. Super pale with smudges around the eyes. I think I tend to spend time most in the super pale skins cause I like the almost dead look. I can't even begin to guess why, LOL, cause I'm not into any of the vampy stuff. If I want to look pretty in a picture, I wear one of the darker skins, because I think they look beautiful. I've also gone around in a wierd skin I made which was basically a stone texture, LOL. I was feeling very stone cold emotionally at the time. In rl I am a caucasian female, of an average white color. When I look at rl women, for me usually it is a woman of another race with darker skin, big eyes, pretty bone structure, pretty mouth that I find most strikingly beautiful. LOL, nearly always, it is someone who looks very different from me.
  5. I don't know if you are right or wrong, but I do know that a while back (couple or few months?) when I saw all the craziness starting on the marketplace, I decided to delist everything I had because I was afraid I wouldn't have the time to deal with all the customer issues that other people were talking about. I didn't do it out of frustration or anger, or anything, and I didn't talk about it or post in the forum. I just figured that when things calmed down and looked stable, I'd put my stuff back up. LOL, I never got around to doing that quite yet though. Even under stable conditions, being a real merchant takes real effort.
  6. That's what i did, just made a bogus FB account so I could try it out. I went through several browsers before figuring out that Chrome worked. I was really surprised at how fast it started up (once had the right browser), to move around, and the graphics. The tutorials are good. Even my friend who has never tried building in SL (only plays tourist and dress-up in SL) was willing to go through the building tutorial because it told her she would get a house, lol. She said "its so easy!" and I thought, it's easy in sl too! She's a big FB user. I think she spent longer in CP than she has ever spent in SL, and there's nothing in CP yet! Maybe cause she was thinking she could get all her FB friends to play and visit with her there. Funny, all these new virtual world things coming out. Just about a week ago I signed up for Kitely cause they look like they are getting more up to snuff feature wise, but it's more like SL, using the regular viewers (just a lot cheaper and lots more prims, hehe). I wonder how much CP will charge for islands. There are so many places now where merchants can sell their stuff!! especially if they do mesh. SL, Kitely, and CP all support mesh uploads and it looks like the new ones are getting good IP protections in place for merchants too. Edit: duh. corrected "CB" to be "CP"
  7. i think you kinda gotta give some details ... like what viewer and version you are trying to log in with, what your computer specs are, an stuff like that. otherwise, its hard for people to give advice.
  8. heck, i took my store down bout a month ago, after dd ... things much more peaceful now ... sighs poor ohn
  9. ohn


    i am silly. i don't even know void personally. but wow, i've read a lot of stuff she's written (to my benefit) .... be nice if sl were a place she still wanted to visit and share her knowlege in
  10. anyone care to suggest something? i'm realllllly desperate.
  11. ohn


    i do until i am cranky. it just so happens i am very cranky right now.
  12. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TYVM! thank you soo much!
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