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  1. I'm curious to know as mesh continues to improve and develop, how is it impacting your style? I know I was completely unwilling to make shape changes at first, then made a leg tweak just for boots, later a chest tweak just for dresses. I'm ok with adjustments that are minor and preserve my overall avatar look. What are your experiences while trying and wearing mesh?
  2. I think I like to hear myself talk too much not to write stuff. I impulse shop too. If I have to work to hard to fid it, I won't bother.
  3. I miss the SL Fashion Police. they were funnier than snot I loved them. What gossip blogs do you read?
  4. There is such diversity in the fashion blogging world, I'd be really interested to know what you as a reader are interested in. Do you love artful photography and don't mind having to dig a bit for the style notes? Would you prefer clean, catalog like presentation of products that are being featured? Do you like text, musings - or just images? What is it YOU are looking for?
  5. I think as a new resident I was really brand loyal because I didn't know where to go, so the places I liked - I went back to a lot. These days, I keep a few in my pocket as reliable but it's fun to find new places.
  6. There are actually a lot of scars and other options out there these days. cheLLe has some scars and I'm sure lots of other creators do too. I'd say scan marketplace I am sure there are lots of fun things to be found.
  7. I always wonder this, as people rebrand on and off and disappear and reappear - how much do consumers really CARE about branding? Are you brand loyal or are you looking for quality/style/specific items vs. a BRAND?
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