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  1. I do a little RPing when I have a chance to log in without my RL spouse around, He kinda just pervs my avatar's build. A lot of the time I wear silks and togas (pixie/nymph type of character, she looks best in them and it feels right.) I also lurk around popular hubs and people watch, maybe snap a few pics for reference if I want to change my look up when I find someone's aesthetic to be something I want to try. I chat with people too, go to clubs and listen to music if they are playing something I like. It's the simple things for me that tend to be the most entertaining.... And depending on my mood with certain IMs I get, I troll the people... I've been getting good at doing it without them realizing it.
  2. I kinda want to know how common it is, someone iming you because you are in a certain group.(in general, i don't mean you specifically) I tend to just hide the VIP groups that I'm in. After the ungodly amount of time I've been here on and off of new accounts, I don't care if someone looks at my groups and judges me on them. That just shows they aren't worth getting to know.
  3. That kinda makes me tempted to convince someone to use it... Not as a D/s thing, more out of amusement.
  4. Depends on what you want. The Goblin Kingdom is a sort of bdsm-fantasy based rp sim that does have actual long-term players and a full blown story and plot to it as well.
  5. I've got a few things from Open Collar, head over to their social sim called Arcadia to check what they have, I love their ball gag it's my fave toy!
  6. *waves* Welcome to SL, you're never too late to join the party here! I'm Eseme. Also an RPer, maybe we'll runninto each other at some point. Feel free to message me in world, I'm generally only on at night though.
  7. I've yet to meet anyone from SL, I'd be open to it though, when I'm not RPing in some sim I'm pretty open about my RL. I've met people through dating sites, a CL ad that I had up (years ago when it was allowed.) And then from IMVU.. The one I regret the most is the IMVU, I ended up with becoming more gaurded about myself and who I allow in my life ( and bed ) and with added trauma to my already existing PTSD. My current and four year existing relationship partner I met through a dating site.. It's probably the healthiest relationship I've been in so far.
  8. I think there is a sim called Lesbian Tea House, it's an adult rated sim with a lot of people. Idk how chatty people are there.
  9. *scritchscritch* If you haven't been having any luck, I've noticed a lot of the popular gay fur-clubs and pubs tend to have a lot of people who are into bdsm there. Just takes some profile reading and mingling with the crowds. Good luck in your search though.
  10. While saying what you are looking for is all well and good. What about you, as a person I mean. You'll up your chances of finding friends (or anyone for that matter) if you say who you are, mention a hobby or three, what you enjoy doing in SL the most.
  11. While it might not get checked often, posting in the Adult board may have a better result in what you're looking for be it an item or an owner for yourself. Course, your owner (if serious and long term) will more than likely outfit you to suit their wants. Go to D/s orientated in-world shops and maybe even talk to other sissies in one of the many groups, they may be more helpful as well.
  12. Behind the avatar, eh?.... Alright... I had something massively long written... but, I'll sum it up. Use to be Lavaliere Resident, Name became sour after leaving the MLP;FIM fandom due to it's toxicity and an exboyfriend. Didn't really become active again till talk of name changes came up and jumped on it once I came up with a name that rolls smoothly off the tongue with a sense of whimsical melancholy. I'm autistic with a dash of dyslexia in both spelling/grammar and verbal, it's frustrating to say the least, I'm also an insomniac which has always been a thing since I was a child due to the whole brain wiring not like everyone elses thing. I'm a writer, nothing really published yet but I'm working on a compilation of erotic shorts, first one is based off a personal experience but with how I have it written it won't be viewed that way.. it's been good therapy for me. I actually use to be here on SL a long time ago, but that was when I was a minor and the grids were split, us home-schooled kids who were given a computer a computer to keep them from being annoying to their family.... But, with time also went the account. it was back when you can have a free account, but if you deactivated it - it would cost 10USD$ to reactivate it. Never really had a privileged life, anything I got was always second hand, once one of my sister's had kids I got shoved aside and ignored till an event that left them in foster care to be adopted and me with PTSD... but that's a story for therapy that I'm still working through.
  13. I had the shape, but not the OG skin I had gotten for it. I wasn't really going for an Asian type of look back then but I was at the time playing an elf. The skin I used was one I had laying around in my inventory, it was close enough to the tone I had back then. The face has gotten smaller and a little more mischievous looking over the years as I've decided to go with being a pixie character for RP sims that allowed it, I'm more commonly seen as a white bat when I'm not being human-esq. and yes.. the hair is recent, I had long since deleted the old hair I had but, this was a suitable look-alike to the flexi that I wore. I don't have any pictures from those days, lost them as I've swapped computers over the years. My earliest known pics are on a PC my first ex has, so here's a mock up of what I had! Oh, the one on the right was unedited. reasons being laziness.
  14. 7 deadly Skins is a good place to check out, I think Insol has a few too.
  15. Oh jesus... First thing I got in SL was a free box of furry items and avatars along with a bunch of freebie dresses and outfits that were sculpted and had flexi prims, i got those from Free Dove. The first thing I ever BOUGHT was a Dnz (I think that's the shops initials) rabbit avatar and some hair from Magika that was modifiable... I was part of the envious vip group then and had some decent clothes. (I still have and sometimes use the first AO i bought from Oracle. It was called.. Little vixen or something at the time.)
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