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  1. Yeah.. Harley turned me down too when I asked. Something about she's her own deer or something.
  2. So.. I'm not allowed to know what people think of an idea? But I thought that's WHY one would post to a fourm... To get ideas. Thank you for informing what the forums are for! Because clearly I was wrong in my line of thinking.
  3. removed because apperantly you're not allowed to ask about other peoples thoughts on things. sorry.
  4. Oh god.. yeah, those days. (I always just did something else till the next day or something.)
  5. Clear out your browsers cache completely, it will force anything that's logged in to be logged out. As one person mentioned, check your bank or paypal to see if the payment was even taken out of your account. Restart the browser after clearing the cache and log back in. If none of that works. then make a case with LL or call them, I think this would count as a billing issue.
  6. Haven't been paying too much attention to the news, but now you have me curious as to if they've been actively mentioned on Vice or anything like that.. I know, not really news but they are rather popular. Edit: Links from vice dating last year that mention SL. Virtual reality is going to change live events culture forever Landlords want to make virtual reality just as hellish as real life Second life avatar enhancements
  7. Not hiding anything. I'm on at dumb hours of the night and my computer is in the same room as my sleeping partner. I use to voice on SL but that was when my medications allowed me to get up at 5am and actually stay awake to have some me time.
  8. Like the title says; I want to make my shape taller but without being all awkward looking about it. I've spent years crafting shorter avatars and I've finally grown tired of looking at them, so I want to be taller but I'm afraid of getting the proportions wrong. any advice?
  9. Looking at the replies, you have your answer. Talk to the wifey, be honest about it and hope she doesn't want your head for daring to dance with someone.. I've encountered a few people who are that possessive of their spouses, which is why I don't dance with people unless it's like in a group.
  10. What do I do in SL? I honestly don't even know anymore, I've been trying to find things to do but the most I do now a days is just hang out in sims and people watch. I interact sometimes if I'm in a good mood, but for a majority of it I just watch and cringe at peoples profiles. (I'm sure people cringe at mine when they see it and I accept that.) I do wait for Gacha Arcade to start up, usually I'll be there playing one till I get a rare I want or a super rare I can sell later to fund my gacha habit. I like gachapons. (Fun fact, Gachapon is called that because of the sounds the
  11. Okay, so this is from my understanding with BOM: BOM is a feature for a lot of mesh bodies, parts and what not to allow us to use our system layers (tattoos, some skins will work, make up layers) which is awesome, means you can just slap on a tattoo layer once you activate it. activating it is done through the hud of whatever it is you are using, it's usually in the skin tab. Now as for omega stuffs You still have appliers! you just need to look up Omega in the MP (easiest) or hunt down the store that enables that feature for your body, some will just install a new script whi
  12. So.. What I'm hearing is I need to make my alt into a disheveled looking servant girl.. (Thanks for the idea actually. I've been wanting a reason to start rping again)
  13. I've had many close call encounters with it to the point I don't fear it but do fully embrace it. My most recent one was in 2016 on my way home fron therapy at the end of the year, the roads were slippery but usually that isn't a problem, we rolled (my mom and I) the jeep, slamed against a rock wall and and went into a ditch. That incident threw my dog out of the car, he was roaming the woods for nearly a month before wandering up to someone wanting to go home, I couldn't retrain him so I retired him and rehomed him. I should of died in that accident. The passanger side took a lot
  14. Yes! Ha sorry I didn't mention that when I had my first post up. But, yes.
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