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  1. On the topic of "new owners", none of us know what's going to happen. And I've been seeing a lot of people putting the cart before the horse and it's just absolute insanity to stress over it, the most we can do is trust in what we hear from the Lindens until proven otherwise. Now to your topic, Bullying is a thing that happens and will contuine to be a thing unless more people stand up for themselves and fight back in any way they know how. You had the right to block, as for reporting you aren't making it clear if it's to whoever you rented from or to Lindens themselves, so I can't say much on that. I know for rentals you report to the land owner of the abuse with documentation if you are able to contain it, other wise it's a he said/she said.
  2. Thanks! Will do that when I log in tomorrow.
  3. It's called Harness Waist Belt Gothic Bodysuit by the creator =Zenith=, I didn't see it in their shop at all and I would love to get it for my alt. I don't remember how I got it, I want to find it or a close second. anyone got any leads?
  4. A lot of those are stupidly wholesome. Yes, i read them. All of them.
  5. Doubtful. Wonderful thing about display names is you can do that with them, as long as the DN was kept while your UN was changed you wouldn't see a difference.
  6. Possibly, but that's a feature that can be edited withinn the program to make it not possible. Either way, I'm too lazy to copy it all and google it to see if it's anywhere else / find the og writer and ask them about it and see what they say.
  7. The format vaugely looks like it's from a kink site I frequent.
  8. That's faaaar too easy. Think bigger! Bigger than things! Break entire sims!
  9. I've noticed you don't engage at all in what you post, is there a reason to that, Are you some sort of cleverly scripted bot? So far your posts strike me more along the lines of "one twue way" types. As someone who actually does practice the primal dynamic, there is rarely any fear involved. It's about instinct and relying on that lizard brain of ours to play with our partner. (This is from my experince, I am by no means an expert as I do practice a few different dynamics) Sometimes we organize "hunts" in our group, we like to use nerf guns or a tag gun system to even the playing field, whoever gets shot at the most is the half of the group who becomes "prey". It's all in good fun, in my group of folks we have sparring contests to see who gets to be the dominant partner for that day, we engage in camping outtings to get more in touch with ourselves and we also just hang out like normal people and play a game of d&d and become murser hobos. Every group is different, every dynamic functions differently, that is all broken down by how things have been negotiated with the partner or party. If there is an element of fear involved, then it's not consensual (which among all the groups I've observed and been a part of myself is a universal agreement.), Primal dynamics are always practiced by those who listen to our lizard brains more than we do with the rational human side of our consciousness.
  10. Right, the group I assist in is a learning group, if you ever want to be a part of it, I can dm you the link to the main and back up. :3
  11. I can't find anything that you've said to have any point I could disagree on, In fact you took the words from my head. Mind if I use this post as reference in a FB Group I admin for?
  12. Ahh. That's good. Hope he's doing alright to this day!
  13. Really?! That damned employee, how could he do such a thing to an innocent bystander! Absolutely tragic. Joking aside, That's actually really cool though and a hell of a way to promote a community too.
  14. Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! ( Only disappointments I suffered were two places I looked forward to still being closed down, I hope they reopen soon before the next wave hits.) All of your responses have been both enlightening to me and also funny (Looking at you, @Lindal Kidd , Wouldn't be a thread without you.) If anyone would care to keep posting, please! I'd love to hear more stories on how y'all came here! It's been a very stressful month for me and this thread has been fun for me.
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