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  1. Thank you Anika for telling me about it! I got a lovely new hoodie <3 And I checked out The Sugar Garden, but the heads were a bit out of my limit. Maybe next time! ^.^ <3
  2. ... I don't know her, And I said I wanted a head LIKE hers. I'm sure she made it herself as I cannot find even something remotely close to it. But that's just me personally. Other people could be good at hunting and maybe found something like it. Also, Just because I know that's her signature head, does not mean I know her personally.
  3. Yikes! So sorry, should be better now And thank you, but I don't believe it's Bento as she's had that head for a while. But thank you ♥ ♥ ♥
  4. Mesh Head: What I want to know is where I could get a mesh head like hers (The girl facing foward). Even if it's a Catwa applier, I would really like something like that, if someone could tell me where to get it ^-^ Outfit: Now, I have only seen this kind style of shirts at AMITOMO. But I was wondering if there were more designers that made them like this? (Where the sleeves are in the pockets of the hoodie). I'm sorry if there was not enough detail in explaining what I'm looking for. I would be happy to explain further if needed <3 Thank you.
  5. Not just any poseball but one that strips the avatar on sit totally worth L$1,000,000
  6. PunkM8

    Hieeee <3

    You don't need what in your life? Okay, Alwin. Did I come to you personally and say "Be my friend". No, I did not. If you do not like who I am as a person, then you do not have to reply at all. Did you absolutely need to get your opinion out? And as I said with the other person, normal talk. Learn how to hold a **bleep**ing conversation. I am not going to rephrase it again for you. If you meet up with someone do you talk to them like you are uninterested? Because then they will just get up and leave. I made this post because I know that not everybody likes me and the way I talk. Which usually does not work out in meeting new people IN WORLD. And instead of bitching about how most people I try to meet are lame, I instead made a post to go out to the people that would not mind the way I spoke to people, and are on my level. I use those old style keyboard expressions that not everybody likes, so that is why I mentioned it here.
  7. PunkM8

    Hieeee <3

    Awh And I do look at replies now, thanks to the worry of someone trying to start drama with me. I'll send you a Notecard! I look forward to talking more with you <3
  8. PunkM8

    Hieeee <3

    Here, let me rephrase that for you . Talk like a normal person. Not just "Okay." "Lol" "Yeah". Maybe put some effort in starting conversations, yeah? Also, the rudeness was kind of uncalled for, nor was it necessary.
  9. PunkM8

    Hieeee <3

    Hey! :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: I've recently been uber bored with Second Life, as all I've been doing was improve my avatar and go to various places, only to be ignored. So I'm trying a forum post. Err.. About me.. I like Rupaul's Drag Race, Gacha (but don't know where to find any good ones), Art, Coffee, and literally all types of music besides rap unless it's lyrics are somewhat decent. I often overly use expressions such as: xD, Cx, x3, o_o, o-o, :3, ^-^, ^3^, ETC. You will more then likely see one of thee in a sentence when talking to me. Sorry, it's a terrible habit that I cannot shake off xD. Damn it. Honestly, if you can talk like a normal person, and have somewhat decent social skills, then we can already be good friends c:. IM me inworld - punkm8, as I most likely won't read the replies on here. <3. Oh! Btw, I am a male irl. That honestly should not bother anyone as I only share as much real life detail, as the other person does :)
  10. Hieeee ^-^ You seem like a really fun person. What time zone are you in, and when do you get on?
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