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  1. The 13th Annual Sci-Fi Convention ends today (May 24th) but you still have time to pop over there and enjoy it! https://scificonventionsl.wordpress.com/ Comprised of 8 different themed areas and scores of creative exhibits and shops, I cannot stress enough that you ought to pop over there when you can and soak up the experience. Specifically, I'd use the links found in the wordpress site (above) and start at BROKEN PROMISE and check out the PandaPanda store with kinetic sculptures and interesting Radios; and the Gundam Park with the POSE booth! Pose Booth at Gundam (see example
  2. It is indeed a HUD attached to my Avatar that allows for capturing X,Y (maybe Z) data for straightline, non-obstacle waypoint movement once all the waypoints are collected.
  3. This is a question about Avatar walking waypoint scripting. I recently saw on Marketplace a script called "Action Script" which claimed to let you set your X,Y,Z location of your Avatar as you moved it, waypoints if you will, and also set waiting times (in seconds) at each waypoint. Ideally it would let you then set your avatar on "Autopilot" so you could Away From Keyboard, yet leave your Avatar to semi-believably wander a region. It didn't work at all well or reliably. I have a message out to the creator but in the meantime... It did get me to thinking, what script would one
  4. Ah! Then that's exactly what I needed. Mmmm great! I was thinking I needed to write something up scriptwise. Much appreciated. -Submissa
  5. Sometimes I am using my Mobile Phone Text Viewer (Mobile Grid) to keep in touch with my friends in SL. But I cannot move my avatar around, so it is basically a statue. I'd like to give a little more "life" to my avatar in these situations I do have a dance animation that, if Added before logging off, will activate simply, by using a keyword entered into the Nearby Chat field on my text viewer, activating the dance. Would there be some script someone has that I can set with keywords that will activate one or more Animations that have been added to my Avatar? Example: Walk1
  6. Oh! That sounds exactly what I'm seeking. OMG! Hugs! You all have been super helpful!
  7. I created a prim (a disk) and placed it on my land near my house. Now if I try to click on to select/edit the disk only the house is selected. Is there a way to deselect the house and toggle to select the disk? I even zoom right in and still the house is selected. Sure, I can move the house UP temporarily out of the way to select the disk prim but I don't want to do that every time. Help!
  8. I request an object to be made, you can cobble the shapes together if that is easier, but in the end, it is 1 linked object, resizeable. A female elf, ears pointing to the sides rather than close to skull, riding a full maned lion. On a round fluted pedestal. I will pay a very nice price. This would have a stone texture. I also would like a name engraving. Thank you, Submissa69
  9. That...is... GENIUS! Perfect, so I can have my full 351 Prims!!! You are both WIZARDS help'n a noobie like me out. Mwuah! Missa Sprout
  10. OMG, hugs you so tight! THANK YOU! I just won a land auction on an empty 1024 parcel on the Linden Continent of (All Adult) Zindra! So I think thats lots of Prims!!! (351) Figure I can get some mooring elements off marketplace and make a nice lil area to park a copy of my Airship. Then when I wanna fly it, I could either use THAT one, or another copy. Thank you soooo much for all of the perfect advice! This community is sweet as sugar! Kisses, Submissa69
  11. Oh, thank you ever so much for you thorough reply! I appreciate your smart advice! -hugs, Missa Sprout
  12. Hi, I bought the Linden Labs subscription. That's 1024 sq. meters. I received a Linden home on a 512 plot of land. This means I still have 512 of Land? I would like to buy an Airship which, fits on a 16x32 or 512 square meter plot) and is 104 fully linked prims. Does this mean I have, somewhere a blank 512 square meter plot on the mainland for my use? if so, where would I obtain it? much thanks, hugs and kisses, Missa Sprout
  13. A Magnificent Builder of Mesh has been obtained. Thank you all for replying to this query. I really appreciate you all. You are Artists and Magicians. Submissa69
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