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  1. Oh! That sounds exactly what I'm seeking. OMG! Hugs! You all have been super helpful!
  2. Thank you. I use Firestorm if that makes a difference.
  3. I created a prim (a disk) and placed it on my land near my house. Now if I try to click on to select/edit the disk only the house is selected. Is there a way to deselect the house and toggle to select the disk? I even zoom right in and still the house is selected. Sure, I can move the house UP temporarily out of the way to select the disk prim but I don't want to do that every time. Help!
  4. I request an object to be made, you can cobble the shapes together if that is easier, but in the end, it is 1 linked object, resizeable. A female elf, ears pointing to the sides rather than close to skull, riding a full maned lion. On a round fluted pedestal. I will pay a very nice price. This would have a stone texture. I also would like a name engraving. Thank you, Submissa69
  5. That...is... GENIUS! Perfect, so I can have my full 351 Prims!!! You are both WIZARDS help'n a noobie like me out. Mwuah! Missa Sprout
  6. OMG, hugs you so tight! THANK YOU! I just won a land auction on an empty 1024 parcel on the Linden Continent of (All Adult) Zindra! So I think thats lots of Prims!!! (351) Figure I can get some mooring elements off marketplace and make a nice lil area to park a copy of my Airship. Then when I wanna fly it, I could either use THAT one, or another copy. Thank you soooo much for all of the perfect advice! This community is sweet as sugar! Kisses, Submissa69
  7. Oh, thank you ever so much for you thorough reply! I appreciate your smart advice! -hugs, Missa Sprout
  8. Hi, I bought the Linden Labs subscription. That's 1024 sq. meters. I received a Linden home on a 512 plot of land. This means I still have 512 of Land? I would like to buy an Airship which, fits on a 16x32 or 512 square meter plot) and is 104 fully linked prims. Does this mean I have, somewhere a blank 512 square meter plot on the mainland for my use? if so, where would I obtain it? much thanks, hugs and kisses, Missa Sprout
  9. A Magnificent Builder of Mesh has been obtained. Thank you all for replying to this query. I really appreciate you all. You are Artists and Magicians. Submissa69
  10. Please do not undervalue your skills and experience. I want you to give me your more than fair price! I have need of an artist and builder of mesh objects. I desire a stemmed red rose, and also a small rectangular wicker basket with a looped handle. I would need full rights as the objects would be used in a scripted project. If you can provide this, I shall pay a very nice price as you deserve for your artistry. Much thanks, Submissa69
  11. This job has been taken. Thank you all for your generous offers. I do have need of a builder of mesh objects. I need a stemmed red rose, and a small rectangular wicker basket with a looped handle. If you can provide this, I shall pay a very nice price as you deserve for your artistry. Much thanks, Submissa69
  12. Good morning Puneetg30 I shall IM shortly. Thank you for responding so quickly to my query. Submissa69
  13. First of all I want you to know you will be paid for your work, talent and skill. I realize scripters can be quite undervalued and abused, and that is wrong. I would like a "chore" basket scripted that has the appearance of roses in it. The basket, when touched would present a menu of 3 options: 10 Roses; 20 Roses; Reset. Choosing either of the first two buttons would cause a visual (it need not be 10 or 20, it is an effect) of a bunch of roses falling down upon the ground, in a random seeming spread from the basket out to 5 meters. Those would disappear. Then an actual 10 or 20 stemmed rose objects (as per the menu button pressed, they need not be overly complex) would be placed upon the ground around the basket out to 5 meters radius. A timer would begin to count upwards (appearing visually above the basket). An Avatar (the rose collector) would be able to collect 1 rose at a time (selected by mouse), that rose then removed from the ground and appearing held in mouth, to bring to the basket (rose disappears). Once the 10 or 20 roses were brought to the basket, the timer would stop, but persist above the basket. Pressing the RESET button in the menu would make that displayed time disappear, clean up any roses not picked up, and allow for the "chore" to be played again if the basket were touched. Thank you for reviewing this request. Please contact me if interested. Thank you, Submissa69
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