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Found 11 results

  1. integer systemchan = -111; integer syslis; string baseurl = "http://www.^^^^^^^^^^^^^/petname/"; string filename = "Breedable_Pet_Breed_Genes.php"; string password = "^^^^^^^^"; string method = "breedpetdetailsSEX"; string mpetid = "GODMOTHER"; string fpetid = "GODFATHER"; string mmpetid = mpetid; string mfpetid = fpetid; string fmpetid = mpetid; string ffpetid = fpetid; string sex = "Male"; key fetchid; fireURL() { string url = baseurl+filename+"?action="+method+"&password="+password+"&mpid="+mpetid+"&fpid="+fpetid+"&mmpid="+mmpetid+"&mfpid="+mfpetid+"&fmpid="+fmpetid+"&ffpid="+ffpetid+"&sex="+sex+"&userid="+(string)llGetOwner(); fetchid = llHTTPRequest(url,[],""); } string newpetid; integer createcountdown = 0; createpet() { llRezObject("CBXGhostMonkNest",llGetPos()+<0,0,0.250>,ZERO_VECTOR,llGetRot(),123); } integer locked = 0; default { object_rez(key id) { llSleep(2.0); llRegionSayTo(id,systemchan,"CREATEPET^"+newpetid+"^"+mpetid+"^"+fpetid); llGiveInventory(id,"CBXGhostMonkNest"); llGiveInventory(id,"CBXGhostMonk"); llSleep(2.0); llDie(); } state_entry() { sex = llGetObjectDesc(); llSetText("Touch me to birth this "+sex+" offspring",<1,1,1>,1); } timer() { if(createcountdown > 0) { createcountdown--; if(createcountdown == 0) { createpet(); } } llSetText("Waking up the baby in "+(string)createcountdown+" sec(s)",<1,1,1>,1); } http_response(key r,integer s,list d,string body) { if(r == fetchid) { newpetid = body; createcountdown = llFloor(llFrand(120.0)); llSetTimerEvent(1.0); } } touch_start(integer x) { if(llDetectedKey(0)!=llGetOwner())return; if(locked == 0) { locked = 1; fireURL(); } } } please someone can help me with this problem? this is a generator script for breedable. this breedable communicates with the php server everything work fine,my problem is (URL passed to llHTTPRequest contains a control character) then cannot communicate php with secondlife. i m not a scripter but i buy this full system on marketplace and the seller don't want help me..please anyone Ver: 10.1.2 age: 0 hunger: 0 passion: 0 sex: Male coat: Normal eye: Normal size: Normal PETID: <br />?<b>Parse error</b>: Invalid numeric literal
  2. So i was looking for a script that made a script blink like a car blinker. integer faceNo = -1; // face number or -1 for ALL SIDES float timerDelay = 0.85; // the time for glow/notglow float glowAmount = 0.2; // 0.2 means 20% /// integer isOn; default { state_entry() { llSetTimerEvent( timerDelay ); } timer() { isOn = !isOn; if( isOn ) llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast( LINK_THIS,[PRIM_GLOW,faceNo,glowAmount] ); else llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast( LINK_THIS,[PRIM_GLOW,faceNo,0.0] ); } } You are welcome
  3. This is a simple sliding door that is easy to configure. Remember, this isnt a sliding door you can link! // Movement Constants vector OFFSET = <-2.0, 0.0, 0.0>; // Directional offset for moving the door in x,y,z coordinates float OPENTIME = 3.5; // Time taken to open door float CLOSETIME = 3.5; // Time taken to close door // ******************************************************************** // Variables // ******************************************************************** vector vPosition; rotation rRot; float omega=0.0; vector vTargetPos; integer bOpen = FALSE; integer bMoving = FALSE; // ******************************************************************** // Functions // ******************************************************************** MoveDoor() { if(!bOpen) { // Initial conditions bOpen = TRUE; rRot = llGetRot(); vPosition = llGetPos(); // Target Position omega=OPENTIME/llVecDist(<0,0,0>,OFFSET); vTargetPos = vPosition+OFFSET*rRot; // Set the timer to cleanup position llSetTimerEvent(OPENTIME); }else { bOpen = FALSE; // Target Position omega=CLOSETIME/llVecDist(<0,0,0>,OFFSET); vTargetPos = vPosition; // Set the timer to cleanup position llSetTimerEvent(CLOSETIME); } // Set Door Physical and move it bMoving = TRUE; llSetStatus(STATUS_PHANTOM, TRUE); llSetStatus(STATUS_PHYSICS, TRUE); llMoveToTarget(vTargetPos,omega); } default { state_entry() { // Initial conditions rRot = llGetRot(); vPosition = llGetPos(); } touch_start(integer num_detected) { MoveDoor(); } timer() { // Clean up Position bMoving = FALSE; llSetTimerEvent(0.0); llSetStatus(STATUS_PHYSICS, FALSE); llSetStatus(STATUS_PHANTOM, FALSE); llSetPrimitiveParams([ PRIM_POSITION, vTargetPos, PRIM_ROTATION, rRot ]); } }
  4. Hello, new to scipting here. I have this hud that rezzes a spell on the ground with a simple animation. In example: 1. Avatar attaches hud 2. Clicks hud 3. Places(rezzes) a spell on the floor with squating down animation. IT WORKS PERFECTLY FOR ME and other can see me do it.. the issue is when I send to others to test out. This happens.. Script error - Script trying to trigger animations but PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION permission not set. This is the code rotation relativeRot = <0.0, -0.0, -0.5 , -0.5>; float floor_distance; //global used for determining individual avatar height default { state_entry() { llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(), PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION | PERMISSION_TAKE_CONTROLS); } touch_start(integer n) { //calculate for individual avatar size vector size = llGetAgentSize(llGetOwner()); floor_distance = size.z / 2; string Object= llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_OBJECT,0); rotation myRot = llGetRot(); //position is where it rezzes (left,right,height) vector position = llGetPos() + (<2, 0.0, -floor_distance> * myRot); //rotation is how the prims rotation is set relative to avi & rezzer ? rotation rezRot = relativeRot * myRot; llStartAnimation ( "spell" ); llRezObject(Object, position, ZERO_VECTOR, rezRot, 0); llSleep(3.0); llStopAnimation ( "spell" ); } } Any suggestion? I have permissions set, animations work for me just fine, but not for others. I did try to add a llResetScript(); but I'm clearly missing something because that didn't work. Maybe I put in the wrong section
  5. Evening everyone, I've recently ran into a problem creating the following script. The else/if logic is mostly unresponsive, other than the main and cancel segments. No llRegionSayTo calls (or even llSay) are being executed. See below; //=================================// //============Variables============// //=================================// integer gListener; //Don't change integer dialogChannel; //Don't change integer dialogHandle; //Don't change integer rstChannel = 99; //llRegionSayTo channel for communication to the slave scripts. integer mem = 16384; /*Reccommended value 16384; Lower values may not work, causing the script to take 64k (65536) instead of your limited amount, or to shout "Stack Heap Collision".*/ string abrv = "\nWhat part would you like to hide?"; string abrvA = "\nWhat arm would you like to hide?"; string abrvA1 = "\nWhat would you like to do with 'RightArm'?"; string abrvA2 = "\nWhat would you like to do with 'LeftArm'?"; string abrvC = "\nWhat would you like to do on 'Chest'?"; string abrvW = "\nWhat would you like to do on 'Waist'?"; //string abrvL = "\nWhat leg would you like to hide?"; list menuSelect = ["Chest", "Arms", "Waist", "Cancel"]; list menuSelectA = ["Show RArm", "Hide RArm", "Show LArm", "Hide LArm", "Main"]; list menuSelectC = ["ShowC", "HideC", "Main"]; list menuSelectW = ["ShowW", "HideW", "Main"]; //list menuSelectL = ["Right", "Left", "Main"]; key id; /* =================================== ===========STATE CONFIG============ =================================== */ memory() { llSetMemoryLimit(mem); llOwnerSay("DEBUG; MEMORY: "+(string)llGetUsedMemory()+" used of "+(string)llGetMemoryLimit()); } open_menu(key inputKey, string inputString, list inputList){ dialogChannel = (integer)llFrand(DEBUG_CHANNEL)*-1; dialogHandle = llListen(dialogChannel, "", inputKey, ""); llDialog(inputKey, inputString, inputList, dialogChannel); llSetTimerEvent(45.0);} //Time in Seconds before listen timeout. close_menu(){ llSetTimerEvent(0); //0 is used here in place of 0.0 to save memory. llListenRemove(dialogHandle);} /* =================================== ===============CODE================ =================================== */ default{ on_rez(integer start_param){ llResetScript();} state_entry(){ memory(); llOwnerSay("DEBUG: Memory allocated; Script booted."); llOwnerSay("I'm in JoMo Griffin mode...");} touch_end(integer total_number){ key id = llDetectedKey(0); //Find who touched me. //key id = llGetOwner(); llListen(dialogChannel, "", llGetOwner(), ""); close_menu(); //Destroys my active ears. open_menu(id, abrv, menuSelect);} listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message){ //if(channel != dialogChannel) //return; //close_menu(); if(message == "Chest") { open_menu(id, abrvC, menuSelectC); return; { if(message == "ShowC") { llRegionSayTo(llGetOwner(), 99, "topon"); } else if (message == "HideC") { llRegionSayTo(llGetOwner(), 99, "topoff"); llOwnerSay("touched.."); //debug, where the problem was noticed. } return;} } else if (message == "Arms") { open_menu(id, abrvA, menuSelectA); { if (message == "Show RArm") { llRegionSayTo(llGetOwner(), 99, "armRoff"); } else if (message == "Hide RArm") { llRegionSayTo(llGetOwner(), 99, "armRoff"); } else if (message == "Show LArm") { llRegionSayTo(llGetOwner(), 99, "armLoff"); } else if (message == "Hide LArm") { llRegionSayTo(llGetOwner(), 99, "armLoff"); }return; } } else if (message == "Waist") { open_menu(id, abrvW, menuSelectW); { if(message == "ShowW") { llRegionSayTo(llGetOwner(), 99, "waiston"); } else if(message == "HideW") { llRegionSayTo(llGetOwner(), 99, "waistoff"); } return;} } else if(message == "Main"){ open_menu(id, abrv, menuSelect); return;} } timer() { close_menu(); } } To answer any common questions, yes, I am on land that has scripts enabled, and it does compile. I've also read around on some similar problems on here. If anyone can help out, that'll mean a lot! Also, this is interfacing Alpha slave scripts, which I've already checked, and tested in local using /(channel)(message) format, like everything else, as well as using with other scripts like togglers that also use llRegionSayTo. they indeed work.
  6. Bois... i think i finaly got in over my head big time. I'm working on a script that will work like a interactive cleverbot (because that seams like a good idear after 2020 >.<) I'm trying to make a script that can read the <p>Content</p> tags on my website- Tho i don't seam to be able to limit it. Here is the code and sorry for bad english in advance. key http_request_id; default { state_entry() { http_request_id = llHTTPRequest("https://purge-0.000webhostapp.com/SL.html", [], ""); } http_response(key request_id, integer status, list metadata, string body) { if (request_id != http_request_id) return; // exit if unknown vector COLOR_GREEN = <0.0, 1.0, 0.0>; float OPAQUE = 1.0; llSetText(body, COLOR_GREEN, OPAQUE); } } Thanks in advance for the help! this forum is the best! Link to the web ofc: https://purge-0.000webhostapp.com/SL.html ~Perg0
  7. Hi There! I'm a anthro mesh creator and my name is Dikota. I'll looking for help to make a HUD for my heads I've been making recently in order to make the mouth to change, eye lids to move, and a few other things as well. I've been told a few times to rig these things to bento but at this time with covid 19 going on I do not have time to do that or learn it. I can rig but very little right now. IRL has been really busy and taken me away from my studies. So for now I'm looking for a older way to make the head change and unable to find any HUD kits on marketplace that could help. If there is anyone out there will to help I would be very thankful. If you require payment I would be happy to dig further into that if need be. Example of an avatar that has these kind of huds here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/DERP-Bovine-British-White/1262099
  8. can anyone help me with a HTTP request to take information from a website to display the grid status into a prim?
  9. Hello 🙂 Anyone has an idea how to set a prim group? I was thinking about something ressembling as (but this parameter does not exist😞 llSetPrimitiveParams([ PRIM_GROUP, uuid]); Thanks. Dimi.
  10. Hello everyone, I'm trying to script an object that will say something with the Name of whom attach that object....Example: default { attach(key id) { if (id) { llSay(0, "I have been attached!" + llGetDisplayName(llDetectedKey(0))); } else { llSay(0, "I have been detached!" + llGetDisplayName(llDetectedKey(0))); } } } But that won't work on attach.... is there a way that I can make it work? Thanks for the help!
  11. I have the Open Group Join from secondlife.com/wiki and I need some help please. Below is the script. This is a foreign language I just can not figure out... I know that my Group UUID goes in somewhere. Can someone please be so kind to show me where and if I need to edit anymore information within this script? Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you... Skye findgroupkey() { list TempList = llGetObjectDetails(llGetKey(), [OBJECT_GROUP]); key groupkey = llList2Key(TempList, 0); if (groupkey == NULL_KEY) { llWhisper(0, "Set the Group for this object in EDIT under the GENERAL tab and be sure your Group is Open Enrollment."); } else { llWhisper(0, "Click the link from Chat History (Ctrl+H) and then click on JOIN button! secondlife:///app/group/" + (string) groupkey + "/about"); } } default { state_entry() { llSetText("Touch to Join\nour Group", <1, 1, 1>, 1.0); // white and opaque floating text, optional findgroupkey(); } touch_start(integer total_number) { findgroupkey(); } }
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