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  1. HarrisonMcKenzie

    Why do people support sellers that do no mod?

    Like I said, if you feel this way, then buy full perm mesh from full perm sellers so you can make your own designs. If you want to make your own designs because you don't like mine, then do it. But that doesn't change my decision to protect my work and declare my copyright on it. I do not allow derivative works. Full stop. You not liking that doesn't change that choice.
  2. HarrisonMcKenzie

    Why do people support sellers that do no mod?

    No, protecting my work is not overkill. You demanding that everyone in SL change how they do business because you want to be pretty is overkill. Here's the thing. If you want to buy a full perm kit that you can texture yourself to show of your artwork, for right ahead and do that. That's exactly what I do (though more modeling work goes into it), yet I still by designs from other sellers quite often. But understand this, and understand it well. I'm not in the business of reselling full perm mesh. Even if that's ok in the ToS of the mesh I buy and use, that's not what I want to sell. I am selling you my design, not reselling full perm mesh so you can make your designs. There are plenty of options for you if that's what you want. I fail to see why protecting my intellectual property makes me the bad guy.
  3. HarrisonMcKenzie

    Why do people support sellers that do no mod?

    One of the bodies I make clothes for has a similar autoalpha system, and I include the script already. If the script changes, I offer free upgrades. The end user doesn't need to add it because I've done that work for them. As for how my clothing looks reflecting on my skills as an artist, the answer to that should be self-evident. If someone sees a piece of my clothing and it looks like complete garbage, they are going to assume that's my doing. That hurts my sales. Your desire to ruin my work doesn't outweigh my desire to protect my brand.
  4. HarrisonMcKenzie

    Child avatars - help me plz

    It all depends on your age. Are you a baby, a little kid, a preteen, or a teen? Each one of those comes with a different body, clothing, and choices.
  5. HarrisonMcKenzie

    Why do people support sellers that do no mod?

    I sell clothes without mod because there is very little reason to sell them with mod. I spend a lot of time making the textures for my clothes, and I'm exercising my right to not allow derivative works. I don't want people shifting around the colour because that's going to make the final product look like garbage and would reflect poorly on me and my ability to make clothes. I don't do it to keep my work from being stolen and I don't do it to force that extra sale (I don't really do palette swaps as unique items).
  6. HarrisonMcKenzie

    Is there any merit to calling Second Life a "game"?

    To me, "virtual world" just sounds pretentious. It's like everyone in my university Japanese classes who watched j-dramas instead of anime because they were trying to be so elite and artistic. SL is a game. It's built like a game and plays like a game. Just because it doesn't have levels or a questing system doesn't mean it isn't a game.
  7. HarrisonMcKenzie

    The Latest on Last Names

    Lol. No. I don't need to be cool that badly. I might consider it for $5, but not for $35.
  8. HarrisonMcKenzie

    Seeking: Medieval Fantasy Roleplay for Children

    I've actually found a surprising amount of fantasy sims that do allow child avatars, once you get past all the Gor and crap. I wonder if this is because, like with tabletop gaming, there are more fantasy sims. However, I haven't really tried any because I don't have a character. Here, what brodiak said is very true; there just aren't a lot of costumes or props available for child avatars. I've been trying to get a small roleplay project off the ground that will hopefully make it easier for kids to roleplay. The idea is that I'll be selling outfits and costumes that include a number of freebies and a small writeup for some group or idea you can roleplay against. These are things like a community sports team for modern roleplay, a knight-like order for post-apoc, or the like. You can pass around these freebies to "deputize" others and bring them in (or they can buy the full outfit). I'm hoping that that will help fill that vacuum of costumes while also giving some loose roleplay prompts to start with. Unfortunately, this is the worst project ever, because I not only have to get the outfits and costumes made, but I also have to make the freebie items myself (TOS stuff), so I'm not making any meaningful progress. Anyways, I'd love to hear more about Blackthorn as well. Finding any opportunities to do genre (non-modern, suburban family) roleplay is tough since everyone just rules against kids, so any sims that allow them are a great help.
  9. HarrisonMcKenzie

    Palm View Academy

    That's ok. The school closed before it opened. As for the "no anime" thing, I think it's because a lot of modern sims are trying to be visually realistic. "Anime" tends to be really creepy looking (see the Battle ANgel movie trailer) and takes people out of the moment. However, I have seen dragons attend classes at PSE, so maybe you can look there.
  10. HarrisonMcKenzie

    What are some of your pet peeves?

    Games don't have to have win scenerios, NPCs, or quests. Thinking they have to shows a limited understanding of what a game is.
  11. HarrisonMcKenzie

    What are some of your pet peeves?

    I'm no particular order, -Non standard characters in names. Readability aside, these characters mean something in their respective languages, and it can be confusing when you know said language. -Grotesque appearances. In particular, I cannot stand looking at avatars with gigantic butts, thighs thicker than my shoulder width, or baby t-rex arms. Most of these people seem to want a fairly realistic appearance, yet clearly haven't seen what a human being looks like. -Adult only non-adult content. It drives me crazy how hard of is to find roleplaying opportunities as a preteen child avatar. Nearly every similar I find is adult only but doesn't advertise it as such, and entire genres of play are always off the table (like cyberpunk for some reason, or anything with fighting). -People who insist that SL is a social media and not a game. Sorry, but this just stinks of pretentiousness. It's a video game. Get over it. But why is rhat a bad thing? -Baby talk. This is incredibly annoying and many, many levels, and no one seems to get why people hate baby avatars. I think the biggest problem child and teen avatars face is how much people hate being around baby avatars. They're hard to understand, upsetting for those with reading problems, they tend to abuse gestures, and many baby avatars act like trolls, using the excuse "I'm a baby. That's what my character would do" to try and justify it.
  12. HarrisonMcKenzie

    Mesh Bodies

    I play a child avatar. The normal system body only scales down so far, to the point where it's almost impossible to make a 10 year old that looks human. Mesh bodies allow foe these different body types (children, aliens, animals, etc) because they let you go beyond the shape of an adult human. Beyond that, mesh avatars tend to look fare better than system avatars. One of the biggest offenders is feet. System avatars look like they have door stops for feet, while mesh avatars can have things like toes. Mesh avatars can also give a lot of control over appearance. My body, for example, actually gets wet when I'm in water, making my shiny shine a bit until the effect fades and I dry. This can help with immersion and photography, as the avatar can look better than a system avatar can.
  13. HarrisonMcKenzie

    North Providence, New York || URBAN ROLEPLAY

    So this section of the forum should be deleted then? Because every other post is people advertising their roleplay location.
  14. HarrisonMcKenzie

    Hidden private parts in G rated land

    Simple. As others noted, hidden things don't always stay hidden. Your clothes could derender, not render in the first place, your "parts" could clip through your clothes, your hidden "parts" could become unhidden by accident, you can inspect the attachments of other avatars... any number of reasons. There's also the fact that land owners and admins can do anything they want for any reason, regardless if it's in the ToS or not. They control the land and they can make the rules. At the end of the day, you're on G rated land. Here is no reason to have your "parts" attached. I disagree with our cultural obsession that anatomy automatically equals sex, but that's the culture we live in. Chances are, your "parts" were made for the sex side of SL, so seeing them alerts people that you might be flaunting sexual content in a G rated area, which is against the ToS.
  15. HarrisonMcKenzie

    Where are all the black people...

    First Nations avatars? What're those? 😛 Yeah, there is certainly an abundance of white folks in SL. I wouldn't mind seeing more avatars of colour, provided it isn't done for the purpose of stereotyping or other offenses.