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  1. $230 USD ($310 Canadian) is still too expensive for land, $20 discount or not. In the ageless words of SimCity, "reduce taxes to encourage growth." If LL found a way to slash land to $50 a month or cheaper, how many people would buy land on principle?
  2. Thanks. I definitely can't take part (timezone), but that's good to hear.
  3. Cheaper land. If land were cheaper, people would be more inclinded to start new projects. As SimCity used to say, lower taxes to encourage growth. Also, I'd like better diagnostic tools and metadata. I'd like to be able to see where a given bone is and how it's affecting a mesh item, or what something's physics shape actually is. The current options (what I can find anyways) is an unusable blob (for avatar debugging) or completely unhelpful (looking at physics or bounding boxes).
  4. I've been there before. It's a neat idea and I commend anyone who puts that kind of work into letting other people be happy. That being said though, it was tough. It's mostly the toddler crowd, and the camp I was at had basically no actual roleplaying other than window dressing. It's also hard to get into the camps and hard to participate if you aren't in the Americas. If it works for some, great. It just really didn't for me (timing and not enough meaningful roleplay).
  5. Well, being a family means being a family. The adoptions I had (as a child avatar) meant something because people took time to be a family. You can approach it as a sometimes thing or as a bucket list (Great! I have a kid. Off to the club). There's really no magical formula for how it works; you just have to make it work.
  6. Thanks. I do like normal modern roleplay, but I am also interested in genre roleplay (fantasy, horror, sci-fi, etc).
  7. I actually prefer when gachas are listed on MP. I don't want to have to walk through a gacha mall that can take 1000 years to load, only to not find what I'm looking for or kind lots of inappropriate stuff. I agree with another post though that there could be a "limited quantity" filter. Personally, sorting through demos is a far bigger offender than sorting through gachas. At least with a gacha, I can just scroll past the easily identified legend/rarity thumbnails of that's not what I'm looking for.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions (and thank you @Dakota Linden for helping bring the thread back on topic). I'll have a look at Emory and see if it works for me.
  9. Ok. Why is that a problem. I'm a roleplayer. My profile talks about roleplaying.
  10. Which a great majority of roleplay sims do. The vast majority outright ban kids or make it impossible to roleplay there as one. Yes, there are some medieval fantasy sims, but that's it; some.
  11. There are very few roleplay opportunities for child avatars. I want get to the point and find out where kids can roleplay in genre RP sims. Yes, there are any number of "community" sims. That's cool, but most of these seem to offer nothing in the way of roleplaying. And yes, there's family roleplay, but kids shouldn't be limited to just having parents and staying home all the time. I want to fight dragons, hack super computers, explore alien worlds, pretend to be a cowboy, try and survive in a zombie apocalypse, and more. I want to roleplay, and I fail to see any excuse for why kids are barred from so many sims. So. Where can kids play? What non-ToS restrictions exist (we already know kids can't be around sex)? And most importantly, are there any special things for kids to do, or are they just left to pester adults? There are a lot of kids around that aren't babies/toddlers and want to roleplay, but it's incredibly frustrating to keep getting stonewalled or finding sims that allow kids but don't allow them to do anything, be there without parents, or remain as a kid. If I wanted to play am adult, I would.
  12. The items have to be purpose built to be layered. For example, I have a long sleeve, vest, and scarf combo thy can be unlinked to make any combination of them. The problem is that so many creators just buy premade templates (myself included), so they really can't make things layer. I do purchase DAE files and have looked at layering, but only on a very limited level. To get any mbet of layers, you start bulking up very quickly, and you need to spend a lot of time on rigging to make sure the layers don't peek through.
  13. I've never played a woman in SL, but I do on occasion play female characters in video games and tabletop roleplaying games. When I build a character, I usually ha e some image in my mind, and sometimes the sex of that character plays an important part in defining who they are. I just haven't to date made a female alt here because I having had a character that needs to be female. But it's not out of the realm of possibility.
  14. This is probably the most inaccurate description of roleplaying o have ever seen. When you roleplay, you are taking on the role of a character and play out/acting the way they would. That's it. For some people, simply logging into SL is roleplaying for them because their avatar is a different person. For some, roleplaying is an activity for writing stories while having something to look at. For some, roleplaying is no different than improvised theatre. You don't need poetic writing skills because you are talking like a person, not writing a story. For most people who have sex, I doubt they are roleplaying at all. They are probably just hopping onto a sex pose and watching their avatars pretend to rub against each other. However, I'm sure there are people that roleplay sex and some might do it quite well. But roleplaying is far more than long form writing and sex poses.
  15. Say another troll who just got reported. Keep your personal attacks and non-substantive posts out of this. If you aren't going to add anything to this thread, then don't.
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