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  1. I like Navigators, That sounds like a cool name. I don't have any suggestions, but any name should be really empowering. There's an abuse survival group where I live called Little Warriors, and I think that's a great name to showcase what I mean. You're not victims. You're not broken. You're not even survivors, since that still implies that you were the victim of something. With a name like Little Warriors, no, you're a fighter, and that's just the attitude that people affected by abuse probably need.
  2. That's really funny, but very true. I met a guy playing an older teen last the other day. He looked a bit old, and I didn't see it... until I saw that he had braces on. Immediately took 10 years off and made him seem more immature for some reason. Granted, adults can have braces too (I had a professor who had them), but combined with an already young looking face, braces really drive that home.
  3. Speaking as a kid avatar, you really have to do things as a family. I've found that you don't want to treat it as some friends you hang out with, as that won't feel the same. You really want to do things like family dinners, holiday photos, vacations/day trips, and that sort of thing. Now, you don't need kids to do this, but I think it helps drive home the idea that it's a family. I'd love to do stuff like cooking together, making presents for mothers and fathers day, having birthday parties, family movie nights, and that sort of thing. My character is too old for it, but tuck ins seem to
  4. Not at all. My avatar, as well as the ones I use on OpenSIm, are all quite different from me, both in appearance and character. For me, SL is a game, and I use it to play other characters.
  5. I'm not sure where teens specifically hang out, but I know of a bunch of kid oriented clubs that have some teens there. I imagine there are teen clubs and hangouts though. Beyond that, it's all about what you're doing. I'd like to get a swim team roleplay going and hang out with people at the pool. If you're in a good high school, maybe you hang out in the hallways or cafeteria there. And if you live in a community sim (or even if you don't), maybe your teen gang roams the streets trying to stay out of (or in) trouble. Nothing specific, but maybe that gives you some ideas.
  6. Here's an example for why you might want a mesh avatar. I play a child. Due to system limitations, it is actually impossible to scale an avatar shape down to child size and still maintain human proportions. Now, if you're full clothed head to foot with good mesh clothing, this isn't really a big deal because your avatar shape is hidden. What if you want to go swimming though? Or be barefoot? Scaled down to child size, the avatar looks like a bag of potatoes with door stoppers at the ends of their feet. It's rough. Something to consider is what exactly a mesh avatar is. The thing we t
  7. Except that franchising as a concept doesn't work in SL because you don't have factors like scarcity, location dependence, or branding. People franchise because the brand they are franchising comes with free advertising. That's why I mentioned full perm sellers; that's the closest you're going to get to franchising im SL because you are licensing someone else's product for you profits. Outside of the mesh you have access to, branding means nothing in SL.
  8. For me it's quite simple. I play a child avatar. I'm not a child in real life. I don't like using voice because it breaks the immersion when I'm roleplaying, because I'm not actually a child. But playing a child avatar also paints a target on my back, because we know there are toxic elements in the community. Keeping my private life private keeps people from doxing me and calling me a pedophile and ruining my life and career because they get off on bullying people. Lastly, there's the facts that I just don't want to share personal info online. If I wanted to, I would. If you're cool with
  9. Here's the question I have. What do you franchise? Restaurants franchises work in First Life because we need to eat real food in First Life, and branding helps us make those choices. That wouldn't work in Second Life because we don't need food. Proximity, choice, and supply aren't concerns. So what else is there to sell? Clothes, furniture, and gachas. But here's the thing. If a creator is selling something, it's because they want to make money. Having some one else sell something doesn't really benefit you if you aren't making that money. But then we already have something like franchisi
  10. I'd just tell them to stop being 10 feet tall super models, since human beings don't look like that. This is the thing with being a teen and even a preteen. For some reason, everyone forgets what it was like and how much they wanted to shed being a child and look/act grown up. Teens wear adult-esque fashion. They look older (closer to a very young adult) while still young, rather than looking babyish. That people say you should look like a little kid just means they don't know what people actually look like. As long as you're not rocking a full beard and look like you're 18 feet wide
  11. You'll also want to visit some inworld adoption places. You'll have a lot more traffic there.
  12. As far as I am aware, anything like this has to be inventory based. I use Xeolife, and have not seen anything that doesn't require you to attach or click it. As for scripting an item to be a delivery object, Help Wanted is the beat place for this, as it has nothing to do with Xeolife itself. Hope that helps.
  13. I'm looking to learn scripting, but I have no idea where to even start. I'm familiar with the basics of programming, but I don't know how to move past that. I know about the wiki already, but that doesn't really help as it is a reference document rather than being instructional. What I'm hoping for is project-based instruction, where I go through specific projects in order to learn LSL. There was some game or something someone made last year, but it looks like it's been taken down. Anything at all? Books written in the last 15 years? YouTube videos? Inworld instruction? Thanks.
  14. I really want to complain about all the stupid people who are traveling and complaining about things like flight cancelations and mandated testing and quarantines, as well as all the stupid businesses who are opening during lockdowns and then complain when they are fined, charged, or served. It's just tiring at this point. It's not May or June anymore. Locally, we've been in lockdown for 3 months now, so it's not like this is a surprise to anyone. It's just people being lazy divas.
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