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  1. Yes. Is it original characters it ones from the show. I've got a child avatar dying to roleplay because almost no one let's kids in unless it's a family community.
  2. This would be really tricky to sent up because you're getting into player agency. I've been to two camps in world and both rubbed me the wrong way. I understand that the while point t is to be at and active at camp, but when you start making rules about how other avatars can log in and out and the kinds of things they can or can't do when logged in, that's really going to upset a lot of players. While I might enjoy an arranged, limited babysitter or after school camp/program roleplay, a standing arrangement relating to your online status isn't going to fly with most kids.
  3. The factors I am aware of include: - the system measuring height to your eyes, rather than the top of your head. - a possible inaccuracy in measurement in general. - the default camera position being too high and angled downwards. - a general lack of user awareness on height, body proportions, and design. To those saying that mesh is the problem, you are 100% wrong on that. I've seen far more prim builds with 30 foot ceilings and massive doors made for the tallest giants, and far more mesh focusing on proper proportions (design and body). The biggest offender I find is the camera. It's hard to gauge height when the camera is looking down on you, and it's hard to get proper proportions. User error aside, this is why so many people are 18 feet tall and have stumpy t-rex arms that don't reach their waist; it's a perspective issue. And with the camera sitting so high up, you kind of need buildings to have higher than normal ceilings just so you can see the room you're in.
  4. I have been openly crapped on and attacked on the forums every time I have spoke up on this. I've been openly harrassed and called a tyrant. So forgive me if I'm a little bitter from prior mistreatments. It's seems like a lot of people in SL have an axe to grind over one thong or another, and I'm a little tired of hearing about it.
  5. The problem I found is that most community sims aren't communities. Having a bunch of houses or stores isn't enough when everyone just stays in their houses and tps in and out (much like the problems with modern suburbs). There has to be something going on and people in the streets.
  6. It would be nice if LL let users make sub-accounts instead of treating every avatar as a separate account. But that's unlikely to happen at this point. They risk breaking the inventory system, risk voiding ToS' from creators, and would anger people who have bought multiple things across accounts.
  7. I play a preteen, and one of the reasons I chose that age was because I could be a bit more independent. As a teen avatar, you could (in character) get by largerly without a family if you wanted, since you have your own hobbies and friends. If you didn't want a family, you could be formally homeless, just have it never come (what a lot of kids I know do), or you can have your family be non-avatars you you talk about but are never seen. If you did want a family and go through a roleplay adoption deal, it might give you more of a chance to roleplay some of those things you missed out on. Having a family can be really great, but you really have to find the right one. I suspect teens have a harder time finding one because they aren't the baby everyone wants, but also because there are so fewer teens. On the flip side, that should mean that any family that does approach you could be very sincere about it. You can also take another option and have a friend or someone else make an alt or just a different outfit and play a part-time parent/family member when you want to do family roleplay, but not need a standing family, so to speak. I'm trying to set this up with a friend, where we are a pair of brothers with a single parent who mostly look after each other. We'll do that roleplay when we have time, but have our main characters we can do other things with. Welcome to being a kid (of some sort anyways). I'm glad giving it a try brought you some happiness, and I hope you can continue to explore that.
  8. I like XeoLife. I've met the creator and he's really nice. Because the scripts are available for creators and because there is no monthly sub for creators (what turned me off of Life2), I have had all kinds of ideas for items. I've made roleplay items that lower your stats (like a scraped knee) and I'd like to make some pet accessories like a food dish or maybe a toilet addon (for water). I've also contemplated things like cooking classes, where you set the stats for the food based on what ingredients you used and how you think it turned out, and have even had an idea of making a line of "favorite shirts" or something that very slowly boost your cheer stat, possible at the cost of hygiene. So there is a lot you can do with it if you really want to, don't have to if you don't want to, and can use it for a lot of family roleplay (like making a prim object you wear for Cheer when you're out with family, or a "sick" object like my scrape idea to roleplay a day at home sick).
  9. I've chimed in on this more than a few time, and each time someone gets upset with my answer. I sell clothes as no-mod. Full stop. You can't resize rigged mesh, and I don't want the end user changing the texture or colour of the item; if they want to make their own clothes, the can buy the full perm kit or make the item themselves. I have that right, as a creator, to protect my intellectual property from being used in derivative works. I may also be required to sell an item as no-mod due to licencing reasons. Now, am I a tyrant about it? No. If you need something renamed, with or without a script, or what not, then just ask. I'm happy to work with my customers and have taken requests and advice before. If you want a shirt I have but in red, I might just make it in red for you for free. My point is that creators set their permissions the way they do for a reason. Whether or not you like that reason is irrelevant, and harassing creators to break their licensing agreements isn't going to make the world better.
  10. I think you hit all the nails on the head. Of course we can do these things as adults, but it's just that much easier and more fitting if you're a kid. You get to stay away from (some) of the drama and just go and have fun. But yeah, there are people who ruin it for us kids, as well as people who would burn us at the stake before even talking to us. What I hope in threads like this is to so that there are good and bad avatars of all shapes and sizes, as well as to challenge people to replace "child" with any other word. Do women get treated the same as kids? Do ethnic avatars get treated differently? Furries? Realistic animals? Robots? There is no difference, so there should be no difference in how any avatar is treated, unless they personally give reason to be treated differently.
  11. It's unfortunate that some probably pervert ruined it for you. But you could say the same thing about any groups of avatars. I have an adult alt and hate playing him because it seems like all there is to do is go to clubs and try to pick up women for fake adult time. I know that not every adult avatar does that, just as I know not everyone is into what you are referring to. It just frustrates me how quickly people make a special case out of child avatars and vilify them when I'm in a roleplay finding group (the admins know I play a child) and nearly every post is about kidnapping, non-consensual activities, slavery, and and other stuff. Why are kids the freaks where there are people into Gor, slavery, hanging defeated avatars on the wall like a deer head, or whatever else? You shouldn't have to stop playing the character you want just because someone broke the rules. And P.S. Everyone hates babytalk. I have a very young niece and nephew and have never heard them babytalk past diaper age. I teach kindergarten kids who don't babytalk. Everyone also hates spammy gestures that flood chat or are an audio clip of a kid screaming at the top of their lungs repeatedly. I think we can all get behind disliking annoying, abusive play, but we should also be able to separate that from stereotypes or scapegoating something we don't understand.
  12. The title basically says it. I'm working on a manual board game (where users have to use their brains instead of relying on automation). What I'm in need of is to "draw" a card from a deck. This can either be to rez the card on or near the deck, or just deliver it to the person who drew. Once drawn, that card is out of the deck and cannot be drawn again until the deck is reset (the card put back into the contents, the deck is rerezzed, etc). The cards will be prims, so I'm not just looking for a random number generator that gives me something like "2 Club" in chat. Could anyone point me in a direction? I can't imagine this being a terribly difficult thing to do, but I'm not very familiar enough with LSL and haven't been able to find someone to help in-world. Thanks in advance.
  13. No. It's as simple as that. I don't know how your shape is going to look on my avatar, and chances are it's either out of proportion anyways or I will want to further tweak it myself. Whereas every other part of an avatar requires artistic skill to make, you can usually replicate a shape will little work. Long gone are the days when your shape was the second most important element of tour avatar. Now it's mesh bodies and heads, not an XML file of slider numbers.
  14. I think shadows are the most common. Aside from looking better, they help you align your furniture properly. Another possible reason is to add another sit target without just adding a bunch of dummy prims. AVsitter (and I think everything else) requires one prim per avatar. For something like a couch or bench, this is one way to accomplish that without the final product looking dumb.
  15. This looks like a fun way to learn scripting. I look forward to seeing what I can learn. I got to level 3 but didn't get the group invite. Does that come manually, or was it supposed to be automated? Also, I couldn't find a way to get into the land group, so I'm been using a worn prim so far.
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