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  1. I have so many huds im swamped!!! I want to save my look just in case i mess up, which hud do i put it into, the skin hud???? I actually feel like I am drowning because of all the excess huds , if u could also advise me on which are the only onees to keep.
  2. I loveeeeeeee to terraform and my partner lets me have at it......this land im on now i didnt terraform i just laid a platform with grass texture because the default one kept blurring on us . But ive terraformed some big pieces of land and love every minute of it!! (something i dont do is capital letters and punctuation!)
  3. I ended up changing to the new LOGO head and so this look is no longer on me ...........this is the new look.....
  4. That worked, thank you Maitimo. ;)
  5. Be thanksful youre not wandering around looking like a Ruth!
  6. Hahaha try 104, 000 items in inventory.......ackkkk!
  7. I put myself to the BoM test and it all worked great except the eyes......they are far too large for the sockets so i made them less bugged in appearance but they still show thru a bit at certain angles. Can I remove those and put in a diff pair ? This BoM stuff still has me befuddled!! I'm using Catwa Sophia head .
  8. THEN & NOW (below , but i slapped on the wrong shape a few min. ago , my chin looks like a pointer) hahaha
  9. Does this root prim and attachments bring the build to whatever prim the root is ??? I am trying to figure that one out....i need to make things that are 1 or 2 prim and just havent found any reads about it so far.
  10. Yesterday Oct. 5th it was horrible , I never crash and i did several times yesterday........it started with my avatar blinking off and on and then the crashes began! I'm hoping that today is going to be better.
  11. No doubt about it private sims are far better, mainland is just toooooooo crowded!!!
  12. Oh yea one more thing............'once the skeleton is posted' ? I dont get it.
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