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  1. Does this root prim and attachments bring the build to whatever prim the root is ??? I am trying to figure that one out....i need to make things that are 1 or 2 prim and just havent found any reads about it so far.
  2. Yesterday Oct. 5th it was horrible , I never crash and i did several times yesterday........it started with my avatar blinking off and on and then the crashes began! I'm hoping that today is going to be better.
  3. No doubt about it private sims are far better, mainland is just toooooooo crowded!!!
  4. Oh yea one more thing............'once the skeleton is posted' ? I dont get it.
  5. Ok , so i dont get all this bones stuff , I have the new viewer but, do i have the bones already in my mesh avatar or do i have to buy them or what??? This is confusing to me and ive read alot on it. Help ! my fingers are stiff!
  6. Sooo I am in the Bento Viewer at this moment ........do i have the bones already with this mesh avatar that Bento just had me put on. Also it was stated that your original avatar would be accessible in Bento ....where would i do this? in edit?? This project has me totally confused!! hahaha
  7. Has anyone ever tried to use Lolas with Maitreya body??? Interesting to find out if anyone has.
  8. Do what I do and just tell them slyly that you met so and so and that you know who they are and are turning them over to LL!
  9. Hi Lilly, Another thing to is don't just send out a friend request (which I'm pretty sure you know). Talk to the person first , even if it is just a 'hi'. And from there on in , just be YOURSELF! You will do fine! Have fun in your SL !
  10. I've been accruing weapons for the past 7 yrs ...........Bring it on!!! Warrior Elf ready to defend! :catlol:
  11. So I decide to take a look at Bright Canopy since my laptop has been sluggish lately with my slow connection.........I hop right over to their website and low and behold it stops me right there!!! WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING ANY MORE NEW CUSTOMERS!!! Well, I'm not accepting any Bright Canopies then!! :matte-motes-evil-invert: :womanwink:
  12. How large is your inventory? Mine is 79k and so my log in is slow....now im cleaning it out for faster login. It does help
  13. And they have given me not one single link that tells me anything except 'it should be posted elsewhere this is not a bug'!! Which is odd because support says its a bug!!! go figure, they clash amongst themselves.,,,arse doesnt know what the head is doin!!
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