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  1. A wheel is a technology, but I was referring to technology in the realm of communication. I may need your help after all. I have been out of this community for over 5 years now. I was trying to approach it business and to the point. I still need to interview just one person and not an entire community. If you are up for it?
  2. I work for a film company, and our focused is not solely on SL. I just want to include it in a segment for others to get an understanding of the virtual. At the end of the film, our point is to get people to use technology responsibly. Like a well-balanced diet. I played SL while in university over five years ago when it did not lag as much as now. I stayed on it way too long and eventually gave up my account. I am by no means a newbie. I currently play WOW and spend a lot of time in virtual worlds. I mean no disrespect. I just want to cover all basis of our documentary; the good, the bad and
  3. We are working on a documentary, and would like to interview players of the game Second Life. Trailer: https://vimeo.com/151136265 We look forward to hearing back from you and aspire towards a future collaboration. Sincerely, Terry Miller
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