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  1. anvyre


    Thanks for the replies. The Toronto sofa was pretty distant to what I was looking for. The Lisp sofa was very close, it's just so darn low to the ground! Well, the search continues...
  2. anvyre


    Hi, Looking for a lead to something similar to the sofa below: tailored/neat/not wrinkled/not messy, soft-ish and comfortable, cozy. A transitional profile that doesn't look like a bunch of box prims linked together. I'd prefer it to be tintable so that I can match colors to my decor, and have plenty of quality animations and activities in it for singles, friends, and PG couples. I'm not looking for custom work, just a lead to an existing product that I can go check out. Thanks
  3. Dang! So while many of us are at work and can't really grab a house.
  4. I guess I missed the last batch of houses that got released. Any rumors as to when the next batch will come out?
  5. Hey all, So... I found a look I want to use as a baseline and tweak from to customize, and I love the eyes used. Spent the better part of a day trying to find them in-world and on MP, then stalked @Brendon Papp to see if they inadvertently listed the creator somewhere. Discovered on Flickr they are the creator and the eyes are not for sale. I literally bought this mesh head just so I could dress up in this skin that they made. Now I'm trying on a billion eyes and none of them fit the shape they provided for their Hadar skin quite right. The irises are way too big, or they show too mu
  6. Hey Nalates, Thanks for the response. I thought the nose was actually the fixed point since I couldn't lengthen it and push the lower part of the face down. I'll have a go with the tips you provided, thanks!
  7. Hey all, Been playing with this for a couple of days but can't figure out the right combo of sliders to lengthen the face so that the eyes will move upward. Please see image below. Any tips?
  8. Hi, Not sure if this is the right place to ask this. Is there a browser-based site where I can log in to participate in group chats and DM with friends? It's fine if it's purely text-based. I use Chrome. The closest I've come is Radegast which, thankfully, has been revived by a great group of people. Unfortunately, it isn't always feasible or appropriate to download Radegast on whatever device I'm using at the moment. I did try to see if Radegast had a browser component but if it does, I couldn't find it and I can't figure out how to contact the new developers.
  9. Hi, looking for a lead on the designer of this texture. It's part of a build and I wanted to put up some matching walls in my skybox to cover other textures the builder used. I thought it might be DATS, but the one I saw doesn't match the molding. I'm happy to buy it, hoping it isn't custom. Thanks for the help!
  10. anvyre

    Auto-Pay Rent?

    LOL. I have a nice little skybox that I've been renting off and on for years from the same property management company who has treated me well. You're probably right, I shouldn't want to give access to my Lindens. Darn it! I didn't know that about the 1024 or less. I'll have to look into that. Thanks for the response!
  11. anvyre

    Auto-Pay Rent?

    This is a shot in the dark, but is there a service out there that'll allow me to schedule my rent payments on my skybox? I sometimes leave SL for months at a time but would rather everything be as I left it when I next log in rather than being evicted and my stuff returned to inventory.
  12. Thank you so much for the lead!
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