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  1. Not sure If I can close topics but a creator for everything has been found, Thanks everyone.
  2. I guess I should say the colors and markings on this fur are simple, Theirs only 4 colors in total. I can give reference images to anyone interested.
  3. To sum it up I need a furry skin made for the maitreya body and Paws canine head,this part of the custom will also need an over lay to make it glow in select spots. Im also seeking a basic scar/ tattoo for the maitreya body and catya head from catwa this will just be a normal kind of scar for a human avatar. If you are interested let me know we can talk about it and I can show the references and go into more detail about what I need done,pricing eca. Please note I'm looking for quality work, and will ask for examples of your work,Thanks.
  4. Would any one be able to offer up info about how to make cell shading on items in blender and get it into second life? I'm still new to blender taking little steps but this is something id really like to learn, I'm looking for info on how to make something similar to this https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/RRD-BRDMRT-spooky-raptor-Cel-shading-V03/12914786 I have watched many videos about how to make cell shading in blender itself what Im more looking for is how to make a cell shaded item and move it from Blender to second life or what steps I would need to take, Thank you.
  5. I actually found that list digging around the other day it was an awesome little link lol. as far as the eyes go, thank you for that info Ill be looking into it .
  6. So I started second life way back on an old account and never got into it, due to a few friends pushing me I'm going to give it another go new account and all, and this round has been much more successful. However, I will be going shopping soon on here and I’ve been reading the forum’s and oh my Darkness is there a lot to this dressing game coming from imvu - holds up riot shield- I love the depth of this game but worried I might not be able to get my look so to speak. What id like to know is pretty basic stuff example: about the best feet and hands to use, body shapes vs mesh over all, I’m lo
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