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  1. When merchants get together and give their items up to 'hunters' who find hidden gifts in their shop. It brings traffic to shops, raises awareness for them, and gives residents great free products.
  2. Same with arwen. Oftentimes page loads time out... Even when logged in.
  3. I've ran things in the past and I just have a few questions for fellow business-minded sl residents. I know there are many different business types and these questions might not even have to do with yours but if you see one that may, I'd love to see your responses. 1. When developing products you...: a. Do everything yourself (build, script, texture, animate, etc) b. Keep everything between yourself and with a business partner that has different skills. c. Come up with the idea and build it but buy the textures, scripts, animations, templates, sculpts or other important aspects. d. Just come up with ideas and outsource the bulk of it. 2. When launching a product you...: a. Send out notices and just wait for it. b. Advertise in world via clubs/hunts/ad boards. c. Advertise on SLM. 3. For product images you..: a. Take all the pictures and make the images. b. Pay someone to do it for you. c. Have a business partner that does it. 4. You work...: a. Alone b. With a partner or 2. c. With a group of people 3 or more. Hope to see some responses :) Even if you don't answer the questions... just share a little. The questions are just a few things I'm wondering about off the top of my head,
  4. Interesting... was just curious... I personally don't see the purpose of personal land (for houses and such). Perhaps it is because I'm not really into rp or anything like that. And I don't collect items... just clothing - eek.
  5. Just out of curiosity, I'm wondering who actually owns or rents land. If possible itd be great if you could specify what its for (shop, personal, building/experiments, etc). I currently don't have any land but I have in the past for shops and such, but never for personal use.
  6. Fashion blogs = the way to go. But the thing that shocks me is how little there is on the MP. Nearly everything i've bought hasnt been available on the marketplace. What's up with that?!
  7. Whats the point in mesh? That dress doesn't look like anything special, I believe it could be made the old fashioned way... edit: honestly, it looks ugly. it's like a nasty old velvet dress... but anyways that's just my opinion
  8. Stuff more realistic. You see a lot of hard core rocker, muscular, macho man stuff but theres a lack in realistic clothes that the younger generation wears (me) What we have enough of: https://d44ytnim3cfy5.cloudfront.net/assets/3835653/view_large/in%20ur%20face%20verkauf.jpg?1309647794 https://d1ij7zv8zivhs3.cloudfront.net/assets/3252294/view_large/Snapshot_004.jpg?1300910473 https://d44ytnim3cfy5.cloudfront.net/assets/2677005/view_large/Snapshot_001.jpg?1292428303 The people you see wearing this stuff irl are the people you keep away from. What we need (or at least I do): http://media.kohls.com.edgesuite.net/is/image/kohls/699847?wid=400&hei=400&op_sharpen=1 http://resources.shopstyle.com/sim/d2/54/d254bbb84d01a720cff34925a7009e16/volcom-swell-teen-guys-shirts-morrison-vneck-tee.jpg http://s7.thisnext.com/media/largest_dimension/92776180.jpg Sure, there may be a little bit of this stuff but idt theres enough comparatively.
  9. I wish there was like a website where you choose your style... punk, scene, sophisticated, preppy, gothic, etc and then it just shows you a bunch of stores with a few example items. I look through blogs when I'm looking for clothes because its a nightmare searching for stores by hand. Not fun at all, because 90% of them aren't styles you want, or they're just poor quality.
  10. You're right... I can't log in either.
  11. How could you already be noticing it this early in the day :matte-motes-shocked:
  12. Is there any way for an object to give it self to the owner? Like for it to derez and go into the owners inventory? Or is the best way to do this by attaching and then detaching (that would do it, right?)?
  13. Yeah, you're not going to find stock sheets that just happen to fit your furniture. You're gonna have to go custom.
  14. I can't really say I am interested in this job as I have no experience however I'd love to have a look and give you feedback. Just message me anytime im in world and I can check it out
  15. I am an experienced builder and a learning scripter. I could be available for custom builds if you need (not buildings, but furniture and such). Contact me in world and or post below if you're interested. I have to know what youre interested in and the pay before I start, though. Also are you looking for 'staff' or someone for something specific? Pay cut of pay per item made (and full rights sent to you to sell). Curious how you want to do business, but very interested!
  16. Just curious... what is considered a decent paying job in sl?
  17. Timers displays and counters are some pretty basic things. What does this job entitle?
  18. Around 2-3 hours a day when I work and10 when i don't. :matte-motes-smitten: But I spend a lot of the in world time browsing marketplace, checking facebook, texting friends, and listening to / looking for music. I'm not just like a robot or something. Probs why the numbers are so high.
  19. If it's too large to link... were you thinking of putting a listen script in each window? Because couldn't you simply split up the built and have them both listen for the same thing and then send the message out to the child prims (windows). Example: Left side of house, all windows attached, and a pannel to adjust settings. Right side of the house also has all the windows attached, but separate. When a user clicks the pannel on the left side of the house, it sends a linked message to it child prims (now that side's windows are changed) and it then sends out one message so that it can communicate with the other side of the house. One window on the other side then has a script running to search for these messages, and it then sends it out to all linked prims. As opposed to: Panel sending out a message to xx number of windows, all running a script waiting for a message. Wouldn't this make less work for the sim?
  20. Couldn't you also move the components off the screen? This way you don't have to fool with resizing and such, you just move everything in one direction off the screen and then right back when needed.
  21. Well, if your answer is 'not that precise... but within like, a second' then you can just get the time, convert to hours, and just put in some ifs or whiles.
  22. Ah, very interesting. So basically a start parameter can be used for many things, and can can be useful to store some data or what not about the object being rezzed.
  23. Thank you very much, this is all I needed .
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