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  1. First of all , I wish you all the better and happier New 2016 Next, short question. How to disable notification when you hit "]" ? Its annoying 
  2. Is there any way that script can get group name from uuid? world.secondlife.com/group/ method is not working any more- returning 404. Thank you in advance
  3. I stuck with this error after llHTTPRequest event. After that, all script are dead and I need to rez new object so that script start to work again- until same error appear. Any similar experiances? error is bellow and comes with 406 status Not Acceptable! <body> <h1>Not Acceptable!</h1> An appropriate representation of the requested resource could not be found on this server. This error was generated by Mod_Security. </body>
  4. when we are on this theme, what is best way to use llReleaseURL ? Befor of creating new one? How I understund, each reset of script creat new one. And whats happen if too much llRequestURL are maded? Are they reset with region restart?
  5. Thank you Estelle, but this is simple collecting data from database. I try to find working sample wher you from web page manage inworld object. For now, I'm still in dark with so manny "solution". If someone have time to teach me this part inworld, I am open to arange this class.
  6. So far I have use llOpenRemoteDataChannel to get channel and to communicate from web page to object inworld to eg reset object or send some data to object. Now I read http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LSL_http_server and wonder how that works? How to send from web page ( php ) data to inworld object? Thank you on any help
  7. Hi there I was selling linden so far trough VirWox. Now they can't do that and I dont know where, and how to sell linden $. Is that posible any more? I look @ LindeX sell option . If I sell Linden there, where this money goes? Now I feel again like newbie. Lost. Lol Please, I need simple answer. SL was 30% of my'n monthly income so I need to understund how that will work. Thank you
  8. Hi there. I just finish some work with race start and end point and now on end i have see that colision is not give me players UUID if they is on eg. bike or in car. Whole work was on using players UUID to set start, end, check points... What can i do to get uuid of player on attached vehicle, and to have colision as function. or is better way to do that? I dont like sensor too much lol
  9. SOLVED it was one little space between 2 php line ...?> <?php...
  10. I need little help. I am pulling out data from server db to use it in script. Let sy that data in database is number "1" for active . Now, always when i use this data on begining are empty spaces (eg. " 1" ) and when I test with say event is in new line This is case only with first input. How to escape this empty space on begining. I have read something with slurl, but here is diferent type of data.
  11. Umm, as soon i posted i got idea. Just have add following isNum=(integer)mes if( (isNum/isNum)==1){ isInteger=TRUE; }
  12. Is that posible? I need to check if text entered in TextBox is integer... Thank you
  13. this word tau is confusing me. Thank you Rolin... When we are on this topic. Is posible that on this travel from point a to point b i escape rotation. I am making something like short travel pad and now on sit I have a big mess with rotation.
  14. Can someone quick explain me how to make it faster or slower vector pos = llGetPos(); llMoveToTarget(pos,0.4); so speed is 0.4. Is 0.1 slower or faster and what is minimum( slowe ) and maximum (fast) value llMoveToTarget(pos,0.4);
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