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  1. Thank you for info. Ill wait till my viewer offers me a update.
  2. How do you bann/blacklist some one, so they cant join your group? Iam having bots using my group to advertise. They join, spam the chat and leave the group again. I know i can just set a join fee, but that is not a option really. i want my customers to join when they want and for free. They also need the tag to rez on my SIm and i cant be around 24/7 to invite people. Looked all over for some kind of blacklist for groups. though by now the group whould have so commen thing like that. But cant see anything that does it. If any knows a way, plz let me know. this is really silly if there is no wa
  3. JIRA link for this change request: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-6298
  4. Normally you just make a SLurl to your shop and done with. Making a SLurl to where the product actually is in your shop is maybe going over the top. When they first are in your shop, it shouldnt be hard for them to find the product they looking for. There is no system that can cover that need and you will always need to do that manual, becouse no system knows where you set your new product till you did it your self. I actaully in my 8 years here never seen any making a LM to the product it self. Its of course very nice, but your in for ALOT of work having that setup. Each time you move arou
  5. with my idea, you can still set your stuff manual if you need too. Over all it most be better to have a default slurl set for you, then nothing when you want to set up a new product. You will need to change it anyway, the way your doing it as i see. For MP and 8 years, well not under lindens, but it was privat owned before linden toke it over. But not the issue here. 8-7-6 years.. there about. I see this as a very commen need to setting up products and why iam suprised this is not yet a option. Not sure why you link to a BUG tracker that has really nothing to do with this post, as its not
  6. Ty for the respons. I been reading them and as i see it, Lindens DONT get involded at any point. so this is just waste of time as i see it. The posts are even 2 years old. Linden got to rich and dont care about us anymore :smileyvery-happy: oh well, just have to stop using the SLurl. its way to much work changing and make a standard commen in product to get to in world shop, use the PICK in my profil to get there. /Simbaz
  7. Hello, Dont know where else to make this post other then here. (feel free to move it to its right location) Its a idea to make the Land mark link (SLurl) you set on your product when you set it up on the market place. Over time some business gets more and more products on the MP. Its also commen that business moves from time to time for some reason or a other. Now here is the big problem doing so, moving to a other place. You will need to change all your SLurl LM links in your products and there is , as i see it, only one way and that is on each single product you have on the MP. Okay, but if
  8. Iam renting out a full sim size area with 7500 prims for ONLY 10.000sl a week. Means the SIM is not split up. We are sharing the SIM. Its alot cheaper then a homestead, due to the amount of prims we get. A homestead cost around 8000sl a week, with 3750 prims. With this setup you get 7500 prims for only 10.000sl a week. Your doubling up your prims for only 2k more. The SIM is class 5 set to "general" and you can use it close to anything you like. Business or privat IM me inworld if you like to know more or rent ofc. :-) best regards Simone Barsov
  9. SIMBA Real Estate provides great big cheap privat parcel for rent. 4 new FULL SIM AREA is open for rent. (UPDATE: There are now 3 left.) You get a FULL SIM size sky area: Size: 65.536sgm Prims: 500 prims (more prims can be rented) Weekly rent: 1250sl$ Can be used for home, shop, workspace, storage, well you deside what you want to use if for within the rules. You have peace here, as you have no neightbors next to you. For LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fort%20Ruina/129/133/402 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fort%20Ruina/128/133/702 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/For
  10. Well that depends on what needs to be done. But basic its alot to do with thise functions. If you need more info, please contact in world SIMBAZ
  11. Iam looking for a good scriptor that understands timers, displays, counters etc.. The project is well paid. So you need to have good skills in scripting and understand the SL world, so you actually can advise me at the same time. Some kind of proof of your skills will speed the process up alot. Salary on this project is estamated to be about 30-35.000sl$ Please contact me Simone Barsov, if you have the qualifications. Best regards SIMBA DESIGN, Simone Barsov
  12. SIMBA DESIGN provides great big privat workspace. No more open sandboxes, no more removing your creations every time, no more space limited. Pease and quite place to work. Best part, its still there the next time and you get a full SIM area (65.536m2) and 150meters high to play on, so your only limit is what SL provides for us all, and ofcourse prims. Each rentail comes with min. 500 prims, but more prims can be added if needed. Can be used for multiply options: For creators that needs a workspace clean up your inventory storage place your SLX magic box Even alow to be used as your home. (free
  13. I need 2 full homestead connected to each other with all rights. Commercial use. Contact SIMBA DESIGN, Simone Barsov.
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