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  1. Hello, A brand new Wrestling Federation is coming to SL, and we're looking to hire an experienced manager for an immediate start. We'll be hosting regular events at our brand new, purpose built arena, and we require someone with experience in the wrestling industry to take on a senior management position. You'll have complete control over the hiring and firing of your roster and backroom staff, and will be required to manage this staff force on a near-daily basis. We estimate that you will have up to 30 staff working under your control when fully staffed. You'll also be working with the Board of Directors to actively promote our company, and to ensure that the business grows and becomes financially solvent within a certain timescale. If this sounds like a challenge you could undertake, we want to hear from you. Contact Matt DePolo in world for an introduction - and if we both decide to proceed - a tour of our massive base and facilities. Because of the level of responsibility this role carries, anyone applying must have an account that is at least 2 months old. Regards, Matt DePolo 
  2. PS: Apologies for the spelling in the post title - don't know what happened to me for a moment there... lol
  3. Hey :) I'm looking for a capable graphic designer to re-create my in-world company's logo so that I may put it in and around my buildings. Great rates paid for the right candidate. If you're interested, please IM me or post a private message here. I will provide PNG/PSD (state your pref) files as required. Thanks, Matt DePolo
  4. That sorted it - thanks to all responsers! There's only so much trumpets I can take in one day lol Matt
  5. Hey everyone, Here's a puzzler for you... I rezzed an Apartment Tower that I bought on the Marketplace to see if I liked it. Whilst playing around with the features in one of the apartments, I turned on a radio, and it started blasting out old Latin music. Not such a bad thing seeing as I like a bit of latin now and then, but... I have now decided against going with these particular apartments - and have taken them down. But! I couldn't find how to turn that radio off, and fighured it'll just stop playing when I delete it, right? Well, no it hasnt! So now I have constant latin music playing on my land and no apparent way of turning it off! The original radio unit is gone, and nothing remains of the tower. Is there any way to reset the sound on my land without deleting the other structures? Thanks, Matt DePolo
  6. Hey everyone :) There is a small parcel of land (1456m2) on one of my borders which is listed as being abandoned since March. It's currently owned by Govenor Linden, but it ot for sale. Is there a way to make him an offer for this land, seing as two of its four borders are with my land? This land could really free up a lot of space for my development! Is this possible or not - and if so how to go about putting the offer forward? Many thanks as always, Matt DePolo
  7. Hey everyone :matte-motes-big-grin: Just a really quick question. I currently have a parcel of land which is around 5000m2 (can't remember exact size as I have divided it up) on which I have built a relail plaza that I am about to open. Thing is, I just stumbled across a parcel which is double the size, for a really good price! Buying this parcel as well would take me into the $125/month tier, but I'd really like to stay in the $75/month tier where possible. So, would I need to clear and sell the current land before buying the new land to stay in my chosen tier - and if so is there any way to save the current build and just transfer it over once I have secured the new land? Thanks in advance, Matt DePolo
  8. Hey everyone, First off, thanks for all of your comments, suggestions and ideas. I must admit that I hadn't even thought of some of what's been discussed! I think I will be taking on board what's been said, and have set all units to free rent. I will be offering a revenue-sharing scheme, and was thinking about asking for a 20% commission on all sales in my stores - does that sound fair or is that a little high? If anyone wants to take a peek at the 99% completed development, head on over to http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Newman/74/172/99 and take a look around. All comments welcomed on buildings, scenery, layout etc etc. I am also going to be converting the large unit (No 9) into a club destination, with a few zyngo machines and a lucky chair to bring people in. We'll see how that goes! Anyway, I hope to see a few of you pacing up and down my retail plaza! If you see me working there, pop over and say hi :matte-motes-big-grin: Thanks again, Matt DePolo
  9. Hey Chelsea, Thanks for your comments! I was aiming more at the up-and-coming retailers in general, but if one of the big guys (or girls!) wanted to open a satellite store that would be most welcome. Do you think there's a market as a base for smaller/newer retailers who don't have their own sim? Matt
  10. Hey everyone, Just wondering what would encourage you to open a store in a brand new retail development? Free rent for so long, free ad boards etc? I am nearing completion of my first such development, and would love to hear your feedback so I can give everyone a really great shopping experience! I know that most of you established guys go purely on traffic, of which my new site has very little - yet. But all popular destinations are new at the start - so what could I do to entice you to bring your business to my retail plaza? Thanks for reading... Matt DePolo
  11. Hi, I'm nearing completion of my first rental development, and I am looking for an honest, dependable resident who is knowledgeable in the rental market to take up a position within my organisation to advise me on marketing, plot management, tenant relations, and to generally keep me right in the running of my portfolio. The development should be ready to make available to prospective tenants as early as tomorrow, failing a last minute glitch. I'd also love to receive your feedback on the Retail Plaza itself - buildings and layout, and point out anything that is not right, won't work or is just wrong. The development consists of 12 retail units of varying size. Units 1-8 are standard, uniform units, unit 9 has yet to be built, but is going to be the largest unit on the development. Units 10, 11 & 12 are 'prestige' units, larger and individually built by myself. The development uses the CasperLet Rentals System. If you're interested, please message me with a brief description of your working style, past rental experience and your desired weekly salary. Thanks for reading. Matt DePolo
  12. Hey everyone :) Yesterday I purchased a plot of land, and it only had on 2 'Land For Sale' signs, which were returned to their owner. As I logged out of SL, the land was completely empty, and I had removed public access and set the build permissions to myself only, whilst the land was being developed. I have logged on this morning to see that a large Citadel on a larger, adjoining parcel has two large support strutts sticking out over our border and into my land. I cannot edit or move these and they really do get in the way - it's not just a small 'intrusion'. Also, since this has happened, though I am not certain if it is the cause, I can build and delete my own objects, but not edit them? It's quite frustrating as I had planned a bigger development than I have previously attempted, but now I don't have all my own land and cannot really build on it! You can visit the land and see the problem for yourself at this location. Any help greatly appreciated! Matt
  13. Hey everyone, Still continuing on my steep learning curve, but can someone help me with this? I want to create an office / living space for my avatar on the first floor of a new build i am working on, but I want to have two retail units below it on the ground floor which will be seperately rented. Is this actually possible, or do rental parcels have to be completely independent? Cheers, Matt :)
  14. Hey everyone :) Just a quick question, and I hope that this is in the correct forum! When I am selecting land to subdivide it into smaller plots, i only ever seem to be able to grab land in increments of 4. Is there any slider or setting I can tweek to make the selection smaller so it may actually fit my building? Thanks, Matt
  15. Hey Chelsea, How do you mean 'wonky'? It looks ok to me, are you meaning the sizes are out? Matt
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