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  1. Not sure what kind of project your working on but thought I might share those with you as well. Mostly great to hang out or take pics or dance. ☞ Wondering Dew ~ Lost in Time 4 Seasons sim: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wondering Dew/144/113/21 ☞ Celestial Paradise http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/CELDWIN/157/134/23 ☞ Celestial Paradise Island http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Deep Love/179/101/22 ☞ Celestial Moons http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Celestial Moons/120/162/22 ☞ Celestial Dreamcatcher http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Celestial Dre
  2. Hello ri13, thank you for that suggestion. I did that right from the start as in the "trouble shooting card" mentioned that comes with the head. Anyways, I did contact the creator few days ago but have not heard anything back yet.
  3. Yes, agreed, the head/face is really beautiful...lets hope and cross fingers the coming update(s) will improve it and fix the issue(s). I will go ahead as you suggest and truly contact her regarding this problem. TY for all the help ♥ Very much appreciated!
  4. Hi hi Chase and ty for your helpful reply! Yes, indeed I have the newest update and tried the setting your recommended. However, the moment you go and sit on a chair or for instance you jump on a "dance ball"...your eyes are getting a mess once again. So I have to keep using the "lock" function. Has that been for you the case too or once you used the "eye lock" it was fully fine, no matter?
  5. I´ve experienced a very similar problem regarding the eyeshadow and make up function...it is often enough blurry as you described it....You can see it quite well on pics. I am a windows user so not a MAC user like you but have tried nearly everything too. The really only thing that fixed it for me is to apply the make up...then remove the head fully...and put it back on...in most cases it fixed the problem but I´m sure you might have tried that already if not perhaps give it a chance. Indeed no other mesh head is causing a similar problem also not the old fiore none bento heads. Another
  6. Interested in buying a GF HS. If you have one in the pocket to sell, pls send me a NC in world with offer and tier date! Thanks!
  7. Hello everyone, I´m currently looking to buy a FPS. I would be interested in offers with GF status and also none. Please send me best way a NC in world (with your serious offer and tier date) in case I might be offline! Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi Ima, sent you an email. Would be interested and hope you received it.
  9. if you look for nice places you can include in your blog feel free to visit my rentals and lands and take some pics and blog ;) I am always happy about that!
  10. Hello, I am looking for a new challenge job wise. I worked several years for one of the biggest mainland rentals as GM. My tasks were: - Renting out, customer support, trouble shooting, building and creating, public relation, organisation of projects, hiring new staff and teaching them. I am fully familiar with Hippo, Casperlet and RentalBeam. I am a fast learner, flexible and open minded. I speak 3 languages, German, English, French, parts of spain. Please only serious offers, best in world. Thank you in advance! ♥
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