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  1. This has happened so much that I no longer pay it any mind. Enjoy your time with them and move one hopefully you'll meet someone with longevity but until then enjoy the different characters personalities?
  2. come find me when you get a chance hun. Ill invite you to parties and such!
  3. I decided to make a outfit with every piece of clothing I got them cleaning up inventory and some of you know this can take days ,weeks! Also contemplating whether I need to take a step back from sl awhile
  4. Hey hun love 90s music and video games. You can hit me up in world if you like and yes you will get hit on right back?
  5. Happy Saturday all!!! Someone told me today I'm obsessed with SL, then he went back to his night club to DJ and I cuddled with SL. I don't know what he's talking about.....
  6. I knew it was over when she said that no it's going on for years???
  7. Very insightfull .lol no I'm not competitive there is this guy who's also a dancer Hmmmmm maybeee. loved your post!
  8. Hahahaaha I have a very good gay friend in real life . my gay friend post was half joking but I guess it wasn't funny ?
  9. I don't think Friend's are accessories I'm just incredibly blunt. If my tag was offensive to any one I apologize but I don't see anything wrong with the rest of my post if you read it with out a stick up your butt .
  10. JennyGully

    No point

    Unicorns flowers rainbows weed and love?
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