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  1. I agree there are a lot of petty and rude people in SL, there are nice ones as well like me!
  2. Hi I am looking to find someone who can make this dress and corset for me or point me in the direction of something similar
  3. Um why dont you just log in and find out for yourself. The second life community is not responsible for what you find worth or entertainment value in, its up to you.
  4. Blushes thank you. Ive had alot of work done
  5. Um lol I think we will always have to eat, bathe, and use the bathroom which requires movement. So this is a stupid question
  6. I have fun on SL doing my thing I spend time with friends when their on but im in SL mainly for avatar customization. I do think using world map and tping to green dots is good idea although sometimes they may be private homes still worth taking a chance. Your responsible for your own fun and social interactions, people arent going to log in to entertain you.
  7. Looking for landscaper, If interested you can also send me NC inworld.
  8. Im looking for someone to landscape for me I just have a modest front yard and back yard. If interested please let me know
  9. Hey I have a issue when using a skin applier for my tangos. If I zoom out they become transparent and i have to make them nude and hit bra to make them show again. Is there a way to fix this?
  10. I am having a problem with making purchases inworld, I cant buy anything anymore. I am able to right click the buy option on products which pulls the screen up that normally shows. The problem is the buy menu never loads and the buy option is always gray and the contents that your buying are not listed in the buy box option. Its the same with buying demos on marketplace. I drop the object on the floor and it never loads and i just clciked copy to my inventory and it said nothing to copy. I have never had this problem before I dont know what to do. Any sugggestions would be greatly appreaciated.
  11. I need a friend to!! Im alone in sl need shopping companions and someone to gossip with
  12. Hello Im looking to meet some nice people to hang out with. Most of my friends are not online so Im hoping to find some nice people to chat with. IM me at love567
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