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  1. Thank you for sharing with us, I greatly appreciate it. Your avi is so beautiful! I love her eyes. Also thank you for your compliment, I'm glad you can see her as mixed because that's precisely what I was going for. As for the previous conversation, I have learned and gained an understanding as to what was really wrong, so I understand the frustration. I never meant to offend anyone at all and I have grown from this experience.
  2. Thank you for contribution. I really love your avi, especially your profile pic. She's so lovely. Thank you for sharing with us.
  3. Yeah, we are friends now, lol. I would like to start this thread over. ❤️
  4. That's a relief, to be fair you said it yourself, "Well you said "asian" avatar and not half Filipino avatar in your first post " which is why I asked why did it matter? We've been on the same topic so I don't see how it's far from the title, you need not to worry about that. I'm not nor am I worried about "strikes" when all I'm doing is discussing and trying to understand your point of view. If I offended you with "gatekeeper", it wasn't my intent other than to explain to you how you were coming off as. There was no better word to describe it nor is it meant to be an insult.
  5. I'm not saying you questioned my RL, I'm saying when you say things like: "And what is asian to people like you? There is such a huge difference between japanese, chinese, korean, indian and so many more! Black hair and brown eyes is not only for asians!" it seems like you're saying I don't know what Asians are despite being half of one. You're avoiding straight questions that would literally help me understand and you're assuming you know where this discussion is going when it's literally not going to go further from here even though you want to take it to IM. I really don't think your English is a problem here because you've kept up this far perfectly fine and type a lot better than most English speaking people I know, take it as a compliment. I am only trying to understand your opinion but I'm starting to think you're avoiding the questions because you do not consider Filipinos to be Asian which explains a lot and helps me understand, thus why you're coming off as a "gatekeeping elitest".
  6. You mean since I don't agree with you that means I can't handle differing opinions and shouldn't be here? No, because like you said this is a forum, it's for discussion and that's exactly what's happening here even though my hopes was just to celebrate and share Asian avatars--not to be criticized for mine. It would be different if you simply said "You don't look asian", but you go on, not only repeating it as if it wasn't clear the first time, but acting as if I don't know what Asian people look like or as if I don't know the difference between the race and ethnicity while giving me backhanded compliments. Just because you don't see my avi as Asian doesn't change the fact that I am half Asian so why wouldn't I know these things? You're coming off like a gatekeeping elitist, which is why Alwin used the word "purist". The question still remains if you consider Filipinos as Asian because when you say things like "Well you said "Asian" avatar and not half Filipino", it looks a little bit like you don't. Why does it even matter? What's wrong with me using the word "Asian" to describe my avi which is what I intended her to be regardless of your opinion or not? I can agree to disagree but it seems like there's more than a simple "opinion" here.
  7. That's absolutely true. Everything you said. Also very nice! I'm using the Lelutka Lilly head too! I know she was free some time back but I would've chose her anyways because she looks Filipino to me. ^^
  8. Thank you. I tried to make my avi look like me because I am proud of my ethnicity, it's the same reason why I made this post. I believe our ethnicity should be celebrated and shared. ❤️ Very nice and sultry. I love how curvy your avi is. 😍
  9. Hey there and welcome back. I too am a returning player after a long break, in my 30's and looking for friends. I am also a tad awkward when it comes to chatting like my RL self, but I've been trying to be more open on here. We seem to have a good bit in common already, haha. I will send you a request in SL from the account name Yosho Sirnah. 😄
  10. This is precisely why I don't fully understand why I'm being told "you do not look Asian to me" when Asia is a huge place and not all Asians have the same characteristics. Or "Black hair and brown eyes is not only for Asians!" as if I don't know this. I'm certainly not trying to lump people together by looks, only those that are considered "Asian". Unless the issue is Filipinos aren't considered Asian or part of Asia like I've been taught my whole life I really do not understand the issue here. Thank you, I appreciate the sound advice.
  11. "Live and let live." I live by these words and fully believe in them. It just makes me sad that others refuse to do this too.
  12. Hey there. I've been wondering, besides anything sexual, what kind of jobs are there in SL? I may want to try some things out, depending on what there is.
  13. I'm sorry, I wish I knew. Perhaps browse the SL marketplace specific categories to try and find it that way?
  14. I don't really have advice other than be yourself, be kind and treat others like you would want to be treated. I can be your friend if you would like! I've been looking for friends ever since I came back to SL aswell. If you're interested feel free to send me a friend request or message on SL to Yosho Sirnah.
  15. I would love to be your friend! I too have been looking for friends ever since I came back to SL, especially those that are into the same nerdy things like anime and video games! I will be sending you a message, also feel free to send me a friend request on SL to Yosho Sirnah.❤️
  16. I apologize for not saying half Asian, I will fix it if it means that much. As for my reply, I didn't fix it "over and over", I fixed what I initially said once besides spelling errors. The only thing I'm taking personal is what feels like gate keeping here. To say "no matter what country you're trying to represent, you do not look Asian at all." whenever I'm just trying to represent myself here, which I'm half Filipino so therefore I tried to make my avatar represent myself and my looks which is that of Filipino which is also Asian. I'm not trying to be Japanese or Chinese, I'm just trying to be myself and support other Asian avatars here. Meanwhile it seems like you took that to offense? Or maybe you don't consider Filipinos to be Asian? I'm not really sure but to offend was not at all my intentions. I'm just trying to make a post to celebrate and showcase Asian avatars like myself, whether you think mine looks half Asian, or not, others seem to think it does and it does not change what I believe my avatar looks like, represents or what I'm trying to do here.
  17. Like I said, I'm half Filipino IRL so I tried to match somewhat what I look like. I know I don't look traditionally Asian like Japanese or Chinese but I am half Asian and look like my Filipino half unlike my other White half which is what my avatar mirrors. You're the first and only person to tell me this, whereas others have had no problem seeing my avatar as Asian.
  18. I recommend these two hairstyles: Delilah and Mel from Monso. I own both and they're amazing quality. Monso is also one of the best hairstyle stores, in my opinion.
  19. So I noticed I haven't seen too many Asian avatars in the SL world myself so I thought about making this post where people post a pic of their Asian avis to share with the world. Being half Filipino I've always admired Asian beauty growing up and I only wish I could see it more around me. I'll start us off:
  20. Something I've always wondered is-- do people act like their real life selves on SL or do people act completely different more times than not because they can? Personally, I mostly act like myself but sometimes I'll step outside the box.
  21. A pet peeve of mine is having to sort my new freshly bought items/clothes AGAIN after I had already organized them. e_e
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