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  1. Thanks everyone - there's a lot of good advice here which im going to give a go.
  2. We have 4 different kinds of fully furnished rental homes to offer at this full, explorable sim. The interior is decorated with quality furniture of known creators, and the houses are from known creators. But each house has the owner of the sim's own touch to it, to make it even more unique. Parcel privacy Security Orb 50 Prims Private Beach House, Forest Cabin, or other depending on your taste! Affordable Prices (starts at 250L/wk) Im Branwynn Dawner or andithasgone for more information. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bay of Llyr/235/16/3012
  3. hi everyone while i am friendly to people in this game - I've made lots of acquaintances but I find it difficult to make any friends, with whom I'd love to throw a party sometime I'm pretty shy though any tips?
  4. If you're looking for a fresh place to work come and work at Infinity We're out to create an elite group of the best of the best out there. If you're an escort and think you have what it takes we only have the best equipment TNT and expensive stuff like that. If you have customers bring them by as well as if we pool all our resources we can create a big success My Good friend is working hard on this club so I post this on her behalf
  5. Let me introduce myself: Matt Demard Been playing on and off since March 13 Big Fan of Playing the SL dice based game greedy love science fiction , I have a Mac so I love to take photos (SL only fun, I don't want to mix RL although I will voice) Love to visit interesting sims and meet new people Hope I'm SL dating material
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