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  1. I can tell you why i need a security system, it will always stop people walking into your house while you are there and just staring and saying nothing, even when i had a house on the mainland always had security. Its just a preference, you do want it or you don't want it, I had a griefer once who came in and took all my furniture, and that wasn't very nice , so yes i am for one happy about the security.
  2. Yes and i couldnt believe it three went before i got the fourth and its a corner one so i feel happy. ty everyone for your support
  3. i am watching nd i didnt also have sound on too so annoying, must be inbetween my 72 secs
  4. traditional thats what i would like so i have traditional down in my auto fresh
  5. I am UK time since 8am this morning until now its 6pm and only one has come for me and it came up as gone, and i have my auto refresh on all the time, so i dont know if there has been any as you cant auto refresh to many times, but i find 72 seconds is ideal and you dont get locked out
  6. I keep getting timed out after 100 seconds so it doesnt help hopefully i maybe lucky sometime
  7. I have auto fresh on for every five mins but i must have missed it, as i cant have it on much faster it keeps blocking me, ty for you answer
  8. is it better to put Traditional when looking for a new home, and can we still use auto fresh, any help on chrome auto fresh would be appreciated T,I,A,
  9. Even if they were abandonments never the less they are still new houses, and two of us got one and we are happy, but thank you
  10. I got one yesterday, and so did my friend, so they are releasing homes on the weekend, but they are still busy building all around the area that i am in, but i would like to thank everyone who replied to my post, you have all been very helpful, I an glad to be part of the forums )
  11. PS .........UK times i think must be different to the releases
  12. i have had my pc on auto refresh and two came up but as i clicked agree to the terms it came back all gone lol, but thanks i will try today and tomorrow and every day if that's what it takes, and thank you again
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