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  1. Yes Patch hasn't really explained it very well, I thought they were extra to our houses etc ..
  2. on a corner and lots of rocks, quite private i like it, and ty
  3. Ty so Much you have all been so great, but i will always read the forums
  4. Hooray I got a house not close to the sea, in Gangway, can everyone make friends with me as you all have been so good, thank you for all your help
  5. thank you i will keep going been going lol for the last 5 hrs and for about 2 months, I wont give up .....smiles
  6. I am beginning to think i wont get one lol, and I am paid up til 2020 lol so there's time yet
  7. look really lovely, i am really pleased for you, i have been watching and i haven't seen any, I would love something like that, good luck with it
  8. Rudeness is not called for, the forum is here for us to ask, and i didnt say i didn't like your answer
  9. The second reason you quoted, that region has been released, but ty for your reply, I can hope like most of us
  10. i wish, but i have no idea why there are so many houses and houseboats are still empty and owned by governor linden, I suppose they have their reasons
  11. I have been watching since 10am this morning UK time and i missed one house nothing since
  12. So I guess its back to my manual and eurofresh today, tried logging out and in to no avail, I have only seen Meadowbrook since last friday, maybe i might be lucky next year lol, but congrats to everyone who got a home yesterday I will just sit outside a house and someone will feel sorry for me, but i will smile because every cloud has a silver lining
  13. i am slowly losing the will to live months i have been at this lol, my RL has gone to pot I have tried manual refresh also auto and still see Meadowbrook, think the page is glued lol
  14. i didnt quite catch his name but it was one complete name with mole at the end
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