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  1. Well...seems they all cunningly snuck back in, under the radar...sorry, I meant...they walzed back in, completely unopposed and undetected, to stage a banniversay music event. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewSnmHb-MRU Rumours regarding after-show naughtiness remain unsubstantiated. I understand they visited a former neighbour/ landlord, but have no clue what actually happened...
  2. LOL@ the thought of anyone on SL looking like or attracting anyone who looks like that.
  3. Hmm! I saw him inworld earlier, funnily enough. He was kissing a female avatar. She had a different name to you though, so guess you were on your alt?
  4. Sorry to hear about the tragic loss of your father.
  5. If you go ahead and get a Zooby baby, be sure to get a tummy talker too, for some much needed realism. Tummy talkers can melt the iciest of hearts, and you'll find yourself welcomed and immensely popular at every sim you visit.
  6. Great! I can pay 150L. Ready to move in whenever. Can I bring my friends around? Lucifer Skizm and Fat Gary. I also have a rave club I'd like to rez on the roof.
  7. You actually own an "Aerobic Dancing" LP?? I'm not going back to yours. And put some trousers on.
  8. This is a must-read for all UK residents. Britain is going to the polls today and Brexit may become a reality. In the next few hours, all UK residents should seriously consider converting all GBP - all life savings - to Linden Dollars on the Lindex. If the pound sterling crashes tomorrow, at least your money will be safe and you will be able to convert it to US$. Please pass this message on to everyone you see inworld, and even ask non-SL residents to consider making an account and converting all their money into Linden Dollars. You may not get this chance tomorrow!
  9. What if bots on SL evolved, like replicants in BladeRunner...so that they created their own profiles, took inworld jobs, and acted like intelligent, human residents... Would you be comfortable interacting with, having relationships with bots? Would you buy one for 100,000L if it came pre-programmed to be your lover or best friend or loyal club host and acted just like a human?
  10. I gave up 3 years ago. Before that, I was smoking 40 a day, at least. Didn't think I could quit, but I started thinking about folk willingly dying of cancer so they could buy some tobacco company rep's son his first sports car, and that helped. They cost so much, I've saved a fortune. Also - I don't stink anymore (I can smell a smoker now as soon as they walk into a building), have less congestion/sinus problems, get fewer headaches, bounce back from colds/flu quicker, etc.
  11. It was real enough for the guy who used to have the avatar called 'The Motivator' who killed someone in RL with an axe after they had an argument over an MC on SL...
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