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  1. necroposting... because why not building with prims in 2020!
  2. i actually see much more 'expected' kind of behaviour and definition on normal maps in the examples that Beq provided... so we will see here i cropped the regular cube prim part from the Beq's screenshot, to me it looks like heaven with fixed version:
  3. i actually have no right words about the job you guys, @Beq Janus , @polysail , have done here. it's mindblowing to me, the final result. IT IS MIND-BLOW-ING. i have no idea how this wasn't seen for ages. the SL is going to change when you release this. thank you guys for your brilliant investigation and time spent and all that work.
  4. nothing is baked in the video i posted. the test asset is made by a skilled body rigger. check yourself, the asset box is here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hangars Liquides/32/224/128 upd: [4:51 AM] xxxx:its very easy to calculate vertex normals on the fly [4:51 AM] xxxx: by just averages [4:51 AM] xxxx: every 3d modeling software does it in realtime as you model [4:51 AM] xxxx: and so does the default avatar in second life
  5. did you ever notice this happens to your mesh body or head? no matter the slider position, your 'parts' shaded identical. on minimum or maximum slider position, you get the same shading of your nose or breasts or whatever other parts. this is a major flaw (or bug?) in rigged mesh shading in Second Life. if you're using Second Life NOT with a shadowless WL presets like CalWL, this affects your avatar for years. you never get your unique face or body shape shaded right, the shading always looks like the default shape. please consider spreading this information and click 'Watch' icon on a newly created JIRA on this link: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-228823 thank you.
  6. oh i see, that really happens if "alpha mode: blending" is used (which isn't a good practice).
  7. i would rather check what's going on your uploaded diffuse texture. also, i see no reason for normal map like that to have the alpha channel. alpha channel in normal map controls the glossiness variation, why do you need that for a lace, does the lace have parts with sharp reflection and parts with rough reflection?
  8. It is not just lower intensity, it works in a different way. In Pre-EEP Glossiness controls the sharpness of the specular reflection, pretty linear from 1 to 255. In EEP... I have no idea what is going on, to me it looks broken.
  9. I agree, the reflection from the sun is WAY weaker in EEP. In pre-EEP you can easily see that glowy-bright reflection from the sun when setting specular to the max values, you can't see that in EEP, on the same WL. So, we have twice more intense speculars for the local lights, and twice less intense specular reflections from the sun. ?! I can confirm that, tested with several avatars, the issue is here.
  10. Can't agree to that. Bright sun and bright lamp in a dark room should produce similiar specular reflection on an object. For diffuse lighting we have "Ambient" parameter of WL/EEP. Anyway, with the new EEP way of rendering speculars it is impossible to manage reasonable specular parameters for both indoor / outdoor use. You tweak item specular to look 'pretty' for outdoor with the sun, then you bring item indoor into the light sources scenario - it is shiny as hell. You re-tweak item's specular for indoor to look 'pretty', then you put it outside - it has no visible speculars (not 'pretty' anymore). Repeat.
  11. EEP viewer makes speculars much brighter with local light sources, while keeping around the same specular brightness with the sun. That means you will need to re-tweak your asset for indoor / outdoor use. How about tweaking your avatar speculars every time you walk outside the club, then walk back inside the club? Here is the same asset with the same specular values, lit with just sun, and lit with a single projector while being in the shadow. WL preset used is 'Midday'. You can clearly see now the huge 'gap' in specular behaviour with indoor / outdoor scenarios with EEP viewer. Pre-EEP https://i.imgur.com/foXyHgb.jpg EEP https://i.imgur.com/7AdLZly.jpg Asset & light source properties https://imgur.com/a/v8Zz6OI
  12. Lately I tried to provide additional information for Tilia account. I submitted a scan of my russian internal passport (I'm not a US citizen) and a quick photo of the internet bill for july 2019. I recieved the reply to my email, quote: My internal russian passport issued in 2001 and it is handwritten. Handwritten in russian language, obviously. And it is a common thing for older russian passports. But it includes all that information, and was accepted by PayPal when they asked me for it back in 2016. I can only have a new passport, that is NOT handwritten, in 2025 (that's Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation rules). So I have no idea what do I do. Is there a Tilia support service for cases like that?
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