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  1. I did. I've switched to using blender so that there won't be any discrepancies. The 1st frame in the image below I have the mesh in Blender. The parameters were already how you see them, but I applied the object transform anyway just to rule anything out. I exported this to a collada file. The 2nd frame is the mesh after I uploaded it to SL, saved a collada from SL, then imported it back into Blender. You can see the scale transform parameters have changed, and the shading on the mesh is different as the vertex normals are pointing in a different direction. This will cause problems w
  2. I also couldn't reproduce the issue in Blender, it seems to always calculate correct averaged normals regardless of object transformations. That being said, I exported a collada file from max and reimported it, the normals remained consistent. But if I imported the mesh into SL then saved a collada from there I ran into problems. I've provided an example below. You can see the mesh on the left that has had no interaction with SL has correct scale transforms and the normals are fine. The mesh on the right which was saved from SL has a smaller scale transform on the Y axis, so SL must
  3. Thank you Wulfie, I appreciate it. I couldn't find anything documenting the problem anywhere. It also didn't feel like a 'me' issue. So hopefully this info will be of interest to somebody.
  4. I'm have a problem wherein the vertex normals of my mesh look as if they are being squished upon import to SL. This becomes a real issue when using normal maps as the vertex normals are no longer the same as what was baked. On the top left of the image below is the mesh imported into SL with the bad normals which are having a negative impact on the normal map, below it is a screen grab from the 3DS Max viewport, (note the bounding box) On the top right of the image is the same mesh, now with correct normals, and a working normal map. In order to combat the issue I created two vertexe
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