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Found 16 results

  1. So I've got my model, and have optimizeded my LOD meshes (seen here) and now that I've managed to claw my assets and costs down to something I consider semi-reasonable I have to ask... what is considered reasonable? I know LI and associated costs aren't necessarily indicative of actual render costs, but what is the average in this instance or your experience? Currently my mesh and LOD's sit at about L$35 to upload, L$10 of that is for the model base price from what I can tell. I did a couple tests on stuff: replacing my HQ model with my LOD2, filling 1 & 0 with custom meshes and then generating the lowest. That only dropped my cost down about L$10, which to me is negligible, and I honestly want to keep my HQ model if possible (it's my first born, I don't wanna kill it if I don't have to). I'd say it's got a high tri count when compared to other meshes, but is that actually true? Having seen some walkthroughs and workflows from some creators on youtube and elsewhere, some clothing items in the wild have bigger polycounts for their hq models than all of my meshes combined! In this forum I've seen people state that they've made relatively small clothing items with counts as high as 20k, granted those same people got super aggro on their LODs, but still? 20k?! Others I've seen using full size materials with high poly meshes and normal maps for elements that can only be seen under a microscope. While I know that isn't supposed to be the norm, it kinda is anyway? Given that, I guess I'm asking, is my model within acceptable ranges? The HQ is twice the polys that the base character is, but again, when I look at all the other stuff out there that kinda leaves me scratching my head. As for my materials, they aren't going to be that complicated. 2 textures (color and spec, maybe even just color) per material x 3 materials. Thanks!
  2. I'm currently working on a fur attachment for a top I made. I've been running into an issue where every time I import the same object with the same texture set, the textures on the rigged version tends to fight. I'm not to sure if this is just how it is! Or is anyone aware of a way in which I can fix it?
  3. Hello all. I have been pulling my hair during the last 6 days trying to resolve this on my own to no avail, I'm at my wit's end. 😢😢😢 I am rigging my clothing item (an ancient roman himation, think of it like a huge shawl) in Maya 2022 where the weights appear smooth. When I move the arms and legs in Maya, the mesh stretches and bends smoothly, it looks fine. Once I upload it to Second Life, any part of the mesh that is affected by the weights of the arm (any part of the arm armature) gives jagged edges all of a sudden. I have checked the bones of my skeleton one by one for transformation accidents (scale, rotation etc) but all is exactly like the original bento skeleton from the website.I tried exporting as FBX 2011 and making it into DAE 1.4 in case that was the problem, no difference. I went to the ground level to avoid the bug I read about deformations when over the ground level, again no difference. I tried using the official SL Viewer, again nothing changed. I also noticed that when a clothing item had weights from both mBones and BONES, then the jagged edges would only disappear if I removed the mBones' influences completely, in previous clothing pieces I made, but this time removing mBones' weights doesn't fix it. What would you suggest I try next?
  5. Hello, I'm very new to rigging meshes and my understanding of the COLLADA format is limited. I do not have Avastar and use Blender exclusively. I have modeled a robe for the Solarian Avatar (later tried to rig it to the default male body from the wiki only to be met with the same issues) I have been tweaking around with the uploading options for hours and I still cannot get my mesh to upload properly. ) : All help is greatly appreciated! The joints seem fine in the mesh preview when uploading, the mesh faces the same direction as the armature in the preview when skin weights are deselected. So far I have tried : general Working with the model facing the X axis in Blender Applying all transformations Parenting the robe to the armature using automatic weights Cleaning up the unused vertex groups with a plugin Cleaning up the seemingly unused vertex groups by hand Getting rid of all vertex groups attached to bones that start with "m" (like mWristLeft), as suggested by a tutorial Entering the custom properties recommended on the Avastar website before exporting into the armature and robe alike Object>Clean Vertex Group Weights Object>Limit Total Vertex Groups exporting Exporting using the SL rigged mesh preset Storing bind info + not storing it All Global Orientation options with Z as the head + apply global orientation checked and unchecked combinations as well in-game skin weights, joint position overrides include joint positions = non-identity bind shape rot. mat is { -0.46309, 0, 0, 0; 0, -0.91281, 0, 0; 0, 0, 1.51221, 0; 0.0213797, -0.0024529, 1.00136, 1 } bind_rot { 0, 0, 1, 0 } in the Log menu "Warning: bind shape matrix is not in standard X-forward orientation." apprears no matter what I do with the model or with the exporting global orientation options. Solarian avatar specific Since the Solarian blender file that comes with it seems to have an Avastar specific rig I have tried: Rigging with automatic weights without any modifications Removing all bones that start with a capital letter, like Pelvis, then renaming all the ones that start with "a" from Avastar to their normal counterparts Removing all bone constraints If any further information is needed, I am more that happy to provide. Thank you so much in advance.
  6. Hello, I'm looking for mesh rigger that can fullfill the requirements below. Requirements: - Must know how to rig clothing. - Must be able to rig for Maitreya, Legacy, Freya & Hourglass - Must turnaround in under 2 weeks Can provide payment via Lindens or PayPal. Send a message to Klubbie Resident if interested.
  7. I have an amusement park and I want to offer free t shirt gifts. I need meshes which I have full rights over. I have searched the marketplace for FP meshes that allows creators to used their meshes for gifts. I have found absolutely none. EVERYONE wants you to sell them for a price, which I understand. But I have even contacted some creators to ask if I may purchase special rights. Nos all around. I need some decent looking meshes that fit a variety of bodies that I can use to make free t shirts. Just fyi I will not cheapen the models. I make amazing textures and even animated shirts. These will not be half assed slapped together designs. I am willing to pay a fair price for the rights to already existing meshes, or for someone to design unique ones for me.
  8. did you ever notice this happens to your mesh body or head? no matter the slider position, your 'parts' shaded identical. on minimum or maximum slider position, you get the same shading of your nose or breasts or whatever other parts. this is a major flaw (or bug?) in rigged mesh shading in Second Life. if you're using Second Life NOT with a shadowless WL presets like CalWL, this affects your avatar for years. you never get your unique face or body shape shaded right, the shading always looks like the default shape. please consider spreading this information and click 'Watch' icon on a newly created JIRA on this link: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-228823 thank you.
  9. If there is already a forum discussion for this, please let me know as I have searched and was not able to find anything. What attachment points do you use for different types of rigged mesh? Do you have strong opinions on the attachment points you use? Or do you leave everything at "right hand" (seems like most vendors leave everything on right hand) and just do an add for any new items on your outfits? For example if you have dresses, do you like to set the attachment point to chest or pecs? I try to be somewhat consistent, but sometimes I say the heck with it for new items and just "add" and have multiple items sitting on the right hand attachment point. Also do you have preferences for non-rigged items (if you don't mind moving items around to get them where you want)? mesh feet - (left hind foot) mesh body - (spine) mesh head - (neck) hmm I may want to change this one if I wear necklaces more mesh hands - (left hand) mesh eyes - (left eyeball) shoes - (left foot) if only 1 point needed, otherwise left foot+right foot dress - (left pec) glasses - (nose) not usually rigged but I will move them around to fit on nose if they aren't already there. shirt - (chest) pants - (pelvis) necklace - (neck) skirt - (left hip)
  10. I'm looking for a new mesher. Must be able to rig clothing, shoes and jewelry for these bodies : Maitreya, Slink (male and female + hourglass) and Signature (Gianni and Gerlat) Make static and decor items Willing to pay well for excellent work. (Pref around 15 an hour but there is a little wiggle room) Also, must be timely (which is the reason I need a new mesher, I don't wanna wait 3 months for a product) Items must be exclusive to me and my brand.
  11. Well, maybe not neutral. Second Life is a medium for creativity, for diversity, exploration and expression. A wonderful one, at that, where we can be ourselves or someone else entirely - explore things we wouldn't otherwise explore, meet people we wouldn't have otherwise met; it's truly a testament to how far technology has come, creating a whole new world for us to explore. But one thing the Second Life market seem to be in short supply of, is clothes that are rigged for all bodies - regardless of gender; so people with male bodies could wear traditionally feminine clothing and vice versa. I know, I know -- not everyone is trans or non-binary, or want to explore different forms of self-expression - but a lot of people do, so where's the harm in accommodating them and targeting a whole new demographic? Throw out the idea that only certain people can wear certain things, and watch more people rock your clothing! People do it for club events, for parties, for Halloween, or even daily! I wish more creators did this and I wish more tackled v-tech - people who wear it are in short supply of skins, clothes and everything else. If I had the talent, knowledge or taste, I would do it, but even then - it takes more than one person to make it a thing! So let's make this happen, hm? Let's give people the ability to wear what they want!
  12. hello , I just noticed an issue with my rigged mesh when I was testing it on high altitudes 1000 m or more . its combination of many pieces for alpha cuts here is gyazo snapshot. I wonder how can I fix that. I use maya. as far as I see there is a solution for this cause some well known mesh bodies dont have this issue (its not about LOD by the way , I checked it ) https://gyazo.com/e5d4f52c76c9bf7e5c51e59539668a29
  13. Greetings I have been creating in SL since 2009, if you are in need of a custom (rigged / unrigged including textures) mesh artist, I can make anything for you. (human & creature avatar, clothing, statue, vehicles, buildings, small items etc..) the limit is your imagination. known motto of Second Life contact me inworlds via instant message / notecard (in case ims being capped please do send a notecard too ). p.s : I make small projects / items too. For references and some of finished Works and more : check my inworld profile picks. (minthel ohare) see u inworlds
  14. Greetings I have been creating in SL since 2009, if you are in need of a custom (rigged / unrigged including textures) mesh artist, I can make anything for you. the limit is your imagination. known motto of Second Life contact me inworlds via instant message / notecard (in case ims being capped please do send a notecard too ). To have some idea about my custom creations (texture quality and mesh) I can show you some of my creations inworlds. and you can ask about me (confidence about exclusive items, no reselling etc) to my references ( known creators in SL I worked with) p.s : I make small projects / items too. see u inworlds , have a good SL.
  15. Greetings I have been creating in SL since 2009, if you are in need of a custom (rigged / unrigged including textures) mesh artist, I can make anything for you. the limit is your imagination. known motto of Second Life contact me inworlds via instant message / notecard (in case ims being capped please do send a notecard too ). To have some idea about my custom creations (texture quality and mesh) I can show you some of my created items inworlds. and you can ask about me (confidence about exclusive items, no reselling etc) to my references ( known creators in SL I worked with) p.s : I make small projects / items too. see u inworlds , have a good SL.
  16. APOLOGIZE that I make A LOT topics ... I think it should make new topic because it's not the same question.... I'm NOT try to being troll but I'm not sure too that's proper or not ;_; ..... I just afraid that people don't see it... (I would like the answer for being that it may be better if making new topic for new question?) FROM OLD TOPIC Apologize for a lot comments I would like to know that why my uv texture didn't show on mesh when uploading it just show white color t-shirt (I would like to sell it too) More information - I try doing one more file of mesh. The texture was shown on upload window, BUT it's only an object... not rigged ... (although I have rigged). So, I went back to Blender and rigged again ... (using alt+P to clear parent). It fixed about rigging , BUT the UV texturing become not showing again.. - more question .... I have heard that the fee of upload is 10$L ... but why my fee is 41$L ?
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