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  1. Trustworthy and reliable, but yet reasonable pricing … Our regions are provided to you by Anshe Chung Sims, the foremost provider of the best land ownership experience in Second Life for over 8 years. We have a variety of different parcels for sale, Residential or Commercial, from small to large and from Homesteads to Full Sims, themed or completely open for your creativity, beach parcels or greens … your choice. The parcel for sale has 4096sqm with 936 Prims. It is a really gorgeously landscaped and asian themed Island, green with an asian house on it. The objects are not included in the sale, but they can be used for the time being. You need not have a premium account to buy from us. Please contact TiannaCollice Mavendorf inworld for more information on either this parcel for sale or any other request you may have regarding our other parcels.
  2. i will check these links and read all the information they're giving ... its lots ... :-) thanks a ton. will take time for me to read all that ... :-)
  3. Hello there, i'm looking for information on how to get a music stream on my sim using a mac computer. i heard of shoutcast, but as far as i know, shoutcast runs with winamp?? what will i need to run a music stream on my sim? thanx much in advance
  4. I need a scripter, possibly for more than one project. Please IM TiannaCollice Mavendorf inworld - I am not in the forum often
  5. Thank you for all the offers. We found someone for the job :-)
  6. Your creativity is needed ! We are looking for a landscaper to help us make a paradise from the sim we have recently bought. If you think you have the capability to create a natural hideout, please contact TiannaCollice Mavendorf.
  7. Please contact TiannaCollice Mavendorf or Teena Ravikumar for further information.
  8. i understand and do the same when i see a link to the item inworld. but some seller don't add a link to their shop or they don't have a shop inworld or maybe just don't want you to visit ... who knows. but in general, i agree with you. i'm searching for indian textures for instance and i have a hard time finding good ones, so i use marketplace to search for them and then try to tp there to look at them ... its hard though, sometimes i just think it is much easier to just put them in the cart and check out later ...
  9. hmmm ... now that i'm being told i was lucky to have received all of my items, i'm getting concerned ... so far i have never had any problems with delivery so i guess i was lucky indeed ... i use the cart because it seems easier for me to buy items in a bulk instead of having to buy them all seperately. i'm not hoping to receive a rebate or anything, but please, do let me know, if you know of an easier way to shop, i would really love to know. i do buy frequently so i'm curious to know.
  10. hi, i'm wondering, why it is not possible to buy more than 10 items at a time. i find it quite annoying to have to pay for each 10 items seperately via paypal. is there a way to change that? thanx much in advance and have a great day.
  11. thanx so much for the quick responses ... hmm ... a bug would be ok ... maybe i should say, the folder was being sent by viewer 2 while it arrived at phoenix viewer as a system folder ... does that make it different as to how to go about it?? will it still help to relog??
  12. hi, a friend of mine had sent me a folder with textures. i received the folder too, but it copied itself to the system folders and also to the regular folder section :-((( of course i don't need to have two folders for the textures, but unfortunately i cannot delete the system folder either ... has anyone had this problem and knows what do to?? thanx in advance and have a great day.
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