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  1. All of the items sent to my and June Marais's inventory are rezzed to a platform here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gacha 19L/121/125/2501 We didn't want to keep them in our inventories since they were not properly obtained. But we don't want others have the items back together with the lindens stay in their accounts which is very unfair too. If anything will be sent to us we'll rez them here. After a while we'll delete whole thing. I just want to make sure no assessments are done and all the people with hacked accounts are safe. Thank you to all Lindens have been so helpful on this issue. I know I made you sick of me. I wish you login with our accounts and delete them all.
  2. Kristin what do we do with the items? (=
  3. Yes I noticed. I do the same thing. (= I can return the items if they get bored. (=
  4. I wish Lindens want to login to my account to return the items purchased from other resellers. I know these people and talk to them. Hopefully this was solved today. *sigh*
  5. Another gift is arrived from another account. https://gyazo.com/0eeeee65cea7e94e9a00f5684216df21
  6. Hello there. Griefer thief is on board. He just sent me and my friend June Marais lots of gifts from other Marketplace shops. I am sending the list of the items and from which stores now. Just letting all the people the items are safe and in my inventory. I am waiting for LL response. If they want me to return the items I'll do that. Or I am allowing them to login to my account to return the items to the sellers. https://gyazo.com/253481fd5f7572719ad619e9b79c1859 https://gyazo.com/9daa50b9aa97b4ecab865ea3323539d5 https://gyazo.com/f92fa56bea571bd383a925343eccfbcb https://gyazo.com/b823826c00db54ae713e5ab95880e5c4 https://gyazo.com/fbab18cbdf966774a1eef00135f13644 https://gyazo.com/b659a78610efa967b3e7b4fae1a3a0b3 https://gyazo.com/62169f0f5ac5d24cfd6c671b0cc497fa https://gyazo.com/cd32b202dd76c86c9e0c7a1f765fcc2f https://gyazo.com/97595c35de973e3dbf206206646acbd4 https://gyazo.com/87fe66f0086115dcd2e120c7fdb658c5 We will handle this together this time. Just stay calm. Thank you. EDIT: I just got a total of 66 pieces. https://gyazo.com/4a5763001f719c156775608cd0f83ab9
  7. I don't know what does that mean. Does anyone list their items for being stolen? We just put their items to sell. I'd rather to have my items back instead of lindens to tell the truth.
  8. You are right. Someone told me that person used a 4000 US$ balance of her credit card to buy lindens. It's ok if he was just stealing lindens in the accounts which is not still not intheir pockets. But this is stealing the money from their pockets.
  9. Wondering about the effects of removing added credit cards from the billing information by LL in meanwhile. I know some of the big business runners won't like it but this fraud is a real headache for most of the people.
  10. What a deal! He is buying the same set from me diligently. I play, put it again. He steals again. Wondering where will he stop.
  11. Thank you, I got my L$5398 back too.
  12. I have a feeling that they started again.
  13. Kristin, I have reported those names in lists many times. They don't read or don't respond or tell me to flag (I flag many daily-my flags are still there/active). Well whoever reads the ticket closes immediately even without waiting for my response. If you can, please read the old tickets opened by me, I don't see any investigation or logic there.
  14. But he is now stealing with the same named avatars. Wondering why isn't he still banned. 🙄
  15. Hello Umriel. Sometimes when an item sold out it shows itself listed on MP and also item acts like a real item until you try to rez them to the floor. But mostly in that issue, MP listing turns to inactive. Even when you drop them to your trash and try to delete everything in trash it stays there until you purge them. Is that something like this you are experiencing? Another issue: If you have dragged something from MP listing into a box listings stay fake but cannot deliver the items purchased even if there are more items in your listing, also you can't have a dime. You need to relist the items with that issue.
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