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  1. Hello Whirly, I was trying to name a group and found out I can't start with symbols and space. But I see there are groups starts with space. All should have been fixed?
  2. try it two days later.. I admire how people take it so easy. I mention about 100s of people not just me.
  3. It looks like a good plan. My group is at 1200 people so I won't be able to try it for free, but asking to creator may help. Thanks for the heds up!
  4. I'd like to see who joined last to my group because I want to give them a new tag to join chat before they ask. Is there a way to see who joined last?
  5. Good to see there is a discussion goes on at last. Only the skills you use when playing gachas are the linden dollars in your balance. I don't think gacha is gambling, but when it comes to some machines I hate to see I have one or more crap items that don't have single usage that's being harsh. I'll give an example. Imagine you play a machine which has got a cat avatar as a rare item. And there are boots, dresses, hats etc can be used only on that cat as common items. You want that cat avatar but please question what will you do the spares. You put them on MP? Who will buy those 5 spare boots you have? Probably everyone who has played the machine to have the rare cat have spare boots, too. I don't play the machines which has more than 1 add-ons for rare items. No need to put crap into machines. In this example I can truly say those creators see the players as gamblers. Yes I get something when I pay for it, but it's a useless crap to delete. Or what will I do with a bra has not rez script inside or women skins turned into no transfer? (= Same kind of thing applies on this too. You need to put 2 wall lamps near your build door. You have a pavement piece but there must be 6 more to build a road. You have a fence piece but you need 10 more to create a mini garden? I'd better buy a 250L fence even in full perms and retexture it instead of collecting them. Some points addressed like this will help people not to count gacha as gambling in my opinion.
  6. We hear this all the time here. Then you kill many threads and you better get a job. I won't feed the trolls is a better way to say that. It's so funny how the people revert the words here. Good luck to the thread owner. Good luck to all with winning prizes of gachas. I hope you get what you want. Have a nice weekend. (=
  7. If they were just to use, they would be sold only in copy versions. Good luck.
  8. Gachas are for reselling or trading purpose. This is why they are gachas and in transfer versions. And I don't think creators are against resellers. It is a win win. It doesn't work like this for resellers. As someone said here, market is a wild west. (= I am leaving this thread, lol.
  9. From a reseller's eye all looks good. I have been spending all of my lindens to gachas for a long time. I have seen most of them. Gachas I spent more than 100k each which were supposed to be retired turned back, met with very rude creators, spent my time to contact to the creator to solve the problem with the machine prizes and yeah I had to delete many skins, bags, shoes turned to no transfer after rezzing the item. I believe creators may choose to sell the set for a price in copy versions, but I think the sets previously sold as gachas mustn't be sold that way. Sounds tricky. Creator may choose to get at least 10k from each player or reseller -whatever you name- and when the reseller will make this amount from that set creator releases the set in copy versions. This is not a good deal. I gave up playing hard those machines some time ago. Gacha sets are hard to complete because of the rarity of some items. I don't think most of the people answered this topic are playing gachas. Nature of gachas don't seem like to be understood by non players. BTW after spending 8-10 hours to get in an event nobody will go out and check demos. If it is wearable, people may try the demos there. I agree with Li info must be given. If possible demo area must be in event sim.
  10. 1. If you have ever moved a gacha item directly from MP listing into a 'box' (not to inventory) this action bugs the listing totally. You don't see it's mistaken until someone tries to buy the item because it's still isted on MP. You need to relist the items. 2. If you opened the MP listings before fetching stops in inventory, that action makes many listings go inactive. If you notice you did ths mistake you HAVE TO log out as soon as possible because it continues unlisting items while you are online. With the new system fetching issue is solved but if you are tped a lot / rezzed or took too many items fetching may stuck. Try to relog before opening MP. Your problem looks like the first one.
  11. It looks like we don't know anything but others know everything. Just saying, in Second Life, gacha things doesn't work like a book dealer. Because book publishers have limited books, not unlimited copies like SL creators have. This is not the same way of economics. EDIT: Oh well, I refuse/ give up answering someone spends the words like others are stupid, do not listen, do not understand, do not have any idea and only the mentor of EVERYTHING about economics, life, oh well ANYTHING she knows. I read that back after Stone's post. I don't want to call anyone as troll, but your last post claims you are only the mentor of being a troll. From the first post of yours, I tried to understand your point by YOUR side, but it's being a bull***** against thread. Please stop that, you are not helping. As you say, it's our problem, not yours. You don't need to tire your fingers to explain economics to stupid people. This will be my last answer, then I am ignoring your messages. If there is nothing offering a SOLUTION, then there is nothing to read and spend my time. Thanks.
  12. First of all they can purchase "all items " in my MP store in ONE DAY with stolen avatars. Second, I can't have some stolen content back since they are retired. Third, I can't write a DMCA report since creator is not me, but LL can close the alt account immediately when that happens, but they wait doing this. Fourth, it's MY item, it doesn't matter if I am willing to sell or keep, it's simply MINE, not the business, item. Fifth, if we won't make some profits and not willing to keep the gacha items, why do we play? Isn't it harsh for the creators of us not to play or sell them for dumb prices on MP. There are many things I can say. We simply don't want fraudulent lindens, we want a rescue/recovery for our items. They deny. That's why we try to find other solutions. That's all.
  13. Because that means when someone says 25000L worth of value gacha lost, 25000L are taken from the balance. I may pull 100s of gacha items from a machine and can't have a single rare or just a common from the machine. That happened and will be happened again. I spent 12k for one set, I should sell that set for 5-6k and I could get only 2 of those 3 rares in the machine. I spent 8500L to a machine and I just got 1 of the rares of 3 and spent 2k to have other 2 rares and had to set the set to 8k. If YOU haven't experienced this before, you must be very lucky. This is not up to anyone else to tell what the fair price is to someone "played" that machine. Some gacha items are retiring, some are so hard to find, some never comes from those machines. And when they steal my set from my MP, sorry but those are just not fair, harsh for thoughts, keeps me thinking of what's stolen today. Thanks. Edit: It doesn't matter if I paid to machine or a reseller. I have the item and it's being lost. This must be solved.
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