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  1. Hello Over the past few weeks, I have noticed that I am not hearing any sounds nor music from my SL. I am using Firestorm viewer, and just performed a clean install. Although I an not hearing sounds nor music, my PC volume bar shows their is activity. I am stumped. I am using Windows 7 Home on a desktop computer. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks, Jennifer Rose
  2. Thanks Chase, LittleMe and Rhonda for replying. Sorry I didn't see this until now. Chase and Rhonda: I am more familiar now with the Maitreya HUD and know how to hide layers as well as body parts for Maitreya Lara clothing. LittleMe: I will definitely check sign up to that group In-World. I am still reasonably new to Maitreya and Mesh clothing and such. Have much to learn yet. Jennifer Rose
  3. Just bought a HUD on the MP that cleared the individual layers. I had no idea that appliers were nearly that permanent. Thanks for your help Alwin
  4. I am pretty new to mesh in general. When you refer to layer, you are not referring to the Maitreya HUD, correct?
  5. Forgot to add, I am using a Maitreya body and the appliers for these pants are also Maitreya
  6. Hello there I spent some time tonight organizing and sorting clothing from the Marketplace. One of the items, a pair of front laced leather pants, will not come off. I have tried everything, including rebaking textures, replacing my avatar with a premade (standard one) and clearing my cache, but nothing is working. Does anybody have any advice or suggestions working with problem textures in regard to avatar attachments? Below is a picture of me with the problem pants at a club In-World. Any advice/suggestions is appreciated. Thanks, Jennifer Rose
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