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  1. Truelove Infinity

    Looking for an advanced scripter

    Of course!
  2. Truelove Infinity

    Looking for an advanced scripter

    Hi there, I'm looking for a scripter to make an advanced script for an new idea that will create more simplicity for customers, which of course I will not share here :) Since most scripters are working by the hour and nobody can tell me how long it will take, I'm looking for a fixed price for the end product and/or a share in the profits. The script ownership must be exclusive, so no reselling afterwards. I'm used to working with designers/programmers RL and have completed the user story, so the programming will have a clear goal and set end result. Please IM me when you're able and available to take on this job. Thanks in advance, Truelove Infinity
  3. Truelove Infinity

    Marketplace listing enhancement billed 8 times for the same item

    If I search for billing I only find older post, last one is from oktober 10? I know of the issues at that time, it was resolved as far as I know. What did you search for to get results for these new issues?
  4. I'm wondering if more ppl have the same problem as I have - today they have billed me 8 times for the same listing enhancement that should be billed today. That is a total of 7192 LINDEN - of which only 1800 L should be billed! I've filed a support ticket, but does anyone else have the same problem?