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  1. These connected parcels are located in the Molineux region. Currently divided as 512sqm, 1024sqm, 2048sqm, 3584sqm, 5632sqm parcels. Thus the total area currently available is 12,800sqm. A 1024sqm parcel will be available for full perm use before the year-end. I have skybox renters on the 1024sqm parcel who haven't come online (2+ weeks) since I tried to contact them to move their units to our new private region. So the 1024sqm will be available as those rentals expire during the above mentioned time period. The minimum rate I expect is 69,500L$ for 13,824sqm (~5L$/sqm) due to the sp
  2. Suitable for residential purposes or small club http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Molineux/229/60/43
  3. If its not on a private island owned by you, you cannot actually sell it! And buying a land on a private island owned by some other company/person is more or less same as renting a piece of land. You never get to resell/sublet them unless the covenant says so.
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