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  1. Our Rates (As of 15th March 2021) 4096 sqm Edge Parcel 2194 prims (LI) 1700L$/Week (64x64m) 4080 sqm Corner Parcel 2184 prims (LI) 1845 L$/Week 4080 sqm Corner Parcel 1867 prims (LI) 1800L$/Week 4080 sqm Edge Parcel 2184 prims (LI) 1699L$/Week 4080 sqm Edge Parcel 1867 prims (LI) 1680L$/Week 2048 sqm Edge Parcel 1096 prims (LI) 975L$/Week (64mx32m) 1024 sqm Edge Parcel 548 prims (LI) 548L$/Week (32x32m) 1024 sqm Edge Parcel 468 prims (LI) 499L$/Week 1024 sqm Water view Parcel 548 prims (LI) 499L$/Week 1024 sqm Water view Parcel 468 prims 468L$/
  2. If you are looking for lag free land at affordable rates, visit our rentals at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/JMT Estates/152/128/24. You can also view the list of lands available at https://www.casperpanel.com/rentals/v2n0nJoVhbLWGqB4/available Our standard sizes of sand and greenery theme are 1024 SQM, 2048 SQM , 4080 and 4096 SQM; you can join land to get a bigger lot. We offer at least one protected view and minimum one side with a mountain (half of which you can terraform and remove if you want more area) for all our parcels which gives you the feel of edge parcel
  3. Hello Tox, Not sure fi you have found, but if you are still looking for house or apartment at a lag free rental place, feel free to check out http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/JMT Estates/152/128/24. We might have something that suits your need at an affordable rate, even if not in a busy city neighborhood.
  4. If you are still interested, feel free to check out our rentals : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/JMT Estates/152/128/24 . We have townhouses as well as apartments available for rent at affordable rates.
  5. To an extend, yes. I have tried to make it look as much as like me in RL, but I do not think it was a 100% success. I have same hair colour, eye colour and almost similar skin colour (I tints it as its hard to get an exact skin colour). I was even crazy enough to measure myself and use that for my avatar (those sliders/measurements are not that good for that, so you need to make things proportional sometimes by visual comparison) but due to the restrictions of mesh bodies and heads there is a limit. I tried many heads and finally bought one which could be shaped more like my real head, b
  6. These connected parcels are located in the Molineux region. Currently divided as 512sqm, 1024sqm, 2048sqm, 3584sqm, 5632sqm parcels. Thus the total area currently available is 12,800sqm. A 1024sqm parcel will be available for full perm use before the year-end. I have skybox renters on the 1024sqm parcel who haven't come online (2+ weeks) since I tried to contact them to move their units to our new private region. So the 1024sqm will be available as those rentals expire during the above mentioned time period. The minimum rate I expect is 69,500L$ for 13,824sqm (~5L$/sqm) due to the sp
  7. Suitable for residential purposes or small club http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Molineux/229/60/43
  8. If its not on a private island owned by you, you cannot actually sell it! And buying a land on a private island owned by some other company/person is more or less same as renting a piece of land. You never get to resell/sublet them unless the covenant says so.
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