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Found 17 results

  1. Charming furnished house boat, with breathtaking water views from all windows. Positioned so that you will see sunset/sunrise views, providing your environment is set to allow these. House boat is docked next to its own mini island of sand, which is yours no need to share! each comes with an animated dock & row boat. Adult Animations TV 89+ Movies Keep Furniture/Decor or Remove Once you rent, you will be able to right click objects & move them to your desired location. ***Acess to boat slip for Blake Sea ***Waterfront Bar with rezz zone to sail around bellaseria approx 80 oceans Tier Bonus/ Friend Referral Program *Fantastic Customer Service* https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Seaclusion-For-Rent-houseboat-on-private-region/23981574 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/21471
  2. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Bikini-Bottom-House-Boat-For-Rent-on-private-region/23817943 Corner Plot... Bikini Bottom, This Beauty has been designed as a Girly Pad!! that being said, the furniture can be removed & you can place your own This Houseboat has a more cosy feel inside, with more outdoor space than the other 2 styles that we have. Breath taking views from all windows, watch as the sun glistens over the rippling sea. Comes with boat slip access direct to blake sea & also ability to rez a boat at our waterfront bar, where you can sail linden waters right through to blake too, for those of you who love sailing as well. Positioned so that you will see sunset/sunrise views, providing your environment is set to allow these. House boat is docked next to its own mini island of sand, which is yours no need to share! This comes with it's own full sized decking to enjoy & a raft which gently rocks in the water. Out Door Shower Adult Animations Keep Furniture/Decor or Remove Once you rent, you will be able to right click objects & move them to your desired location. Tier Bonus/ Friend Referral Program *Fantastic Customer Service* *********Tier Box is on the roof************** How to Rent: Buy Land, Pay Tier & contact Me or Spidey so we can add you to the group. Any questions message: Amnesia Babii Spiderwinner
  3. New! One unfurnished static houseboat for rent with slip, 100L for 100 prims, you can have your boat there too within the prim count. Or rent the houseboat only for 50L for 50 prims! Also slips available at 50 L for 50 prims, 100L for 100 prims and 150L for 150 prims. Mermaid Marina is only 6 sims north of the Blake Sea! Pay rent box then im ClydeFarris for group invite to rez . LCC Rezz Area. GTFO Hub. Sailing freebies. Helipad, free helicopters. Underwater Mermaid area. Sorry NO refunds. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Poolside/198/177/21
  4. We have just 2 left!! beautifully furnished houseboats, with both sunset & sunrise views. Please check below for availability... Sale until 24th July 2022 Lot's of options including Land Rights. Check for availability: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/21471 Contact Amnesia Babii for more info. Because you're worth it!!
  5. Relax in your Second Life aboard a tranquil houseboat with 1450 additional prims to decorate or use as you wish! Region: Blue Moon Area: 4096sqm (1/16 region - 64x64) Location: Northwest. You may use the ground and/or the sky (200m or above for skyboxes etc.). Residential and retail neighbors. Fnordian Magic & Gadgets store is on a platform at 652m on a parcel in the Southeast corner of the sim. Prims: 1875 total with about 1450 remaining after houseboat and other decor. Undesired items or prims will be removed on request. Rating: Moderate Rent: L$1250/week (or L$5000/month). Pay for 3+ months and get a 5% discount. Terraforming: Allowed. Use: Residential or Light Commercial (e.g., retail store). No Clubs or Adult Content please. Breedables okay within reasonable limits. Inventory option "Restore to Last Position" is available for all renters. Additional Perks: Use of free play gaming area (table and other games) on Southeast parcel, complimentary Fnordian Security System on request. Available: Immediately http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blue Moon/97/149/21 Contact Fnordian Link if interested or if you have any questions (an IM or notecard in world is best).
  6. I lucked up on a really nice area and houseboat. I want more color options than what we are given but I'm not sure how to go about doing that. I know on the MP there are wall/paint options but I was wondering if anyone has tried other color options for the interior & exterior of their houseboat?
  7. Mermaid Marina is situated only 6 sims north of the Blake Sea! NEW- One static unfurnished house boat, room in the slip too for a small boat. Only 100L for 100prims! Boat Slip rentals: 50L for 50 prims. 100L for 100prims. Pay the rent box then im ClydeFarris for a group invite to rez your boat. Need more prims ? Ask me to discuss options. LCC public boat rez area. NEW- Helipad with free helicopters'. Use of underwater Mer area. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Poolside/198/177/21
  8. Usually, I would be a little shy at posting on Community forums, but I have to say that this week, a few of you has either messaged me or pinged me inworld, offering their help to end my search of playing Game of Houseboats by offering their Houseboats for me! Would like to thank @karynmaria, @Marisa Starbrook and @Sienna Rossini for their kind offers, a few that I was too slow to grab (shakes fist at his Internet), I've finally made my home with Sienna's help! Thank you! One very happy boater and soon to be one very sad wallet at shopping for boats...
  9. I am a new premium member and to my disappointment there are no houseboats offered. How do I get a houseboat?
  10. Sorry, I forget who, or what thread, it was about mermaids wanting deeper water for houseboats, and I said I'd post my pics when done with mine. Dealing with a depth of only 2m below sea level, you might need to adjust your camera angle or rendering of water to see what lies below the murky depths. My pictures are in two other threads: And the slurl is: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ebbe Tide/191/232/23 I hope this reaches all interested parties; Sorry I forget who you are and what thread we were talking in.
  11. How does it take before an option to get one of the Houseboats or Newer Homes becomes available? I see empty ones.
  12. FOR SALE! 2000 LINDEN! QUICK SALE! YOU OWN THE WATER IN FRONT OF YOUR HOME, AND THE LAND! 2048M2 AND 703 PRIMS!!! GREAT DEAL! SAIL TO THE SEA! Just need to downsize. Thanks for looking! This is really a once in a great while find! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jindalrae/61/238/26 Any questions, message amorphisly
  13. I finally got a housboat today, when I got there I found that it is the Wallower model, the ones around it are the Barnacle which looks much nicer, anyone know if its possible to change?
  14. Nice water plot 1568m2 with 538 prims. Beautiful protected sunset! A must see. 2,000 linden OBO. Thanks for looking! Contact Amorphisly with any questions. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Seonhan/153/112/21
  15. Well here at The Lakes, you can do just that. There is 8,192 square meters, available to design your own neighborhood. Each person will have full ownership of their land and the group will have the ownership on all the roadways. Your own private group. Private ownership on the land of your home parcel. Let's design these parcels just how you want them in this low lag private sim. We can customize this to any payment type you want. Multiple rent boxes or one main one. You decide. So bring all your friends and let's design your neighborhood. Boat houses, house boats, tree houses, lake houses, farm house, trailers, underground bunkers or whatever! Contact Lexia Metaller inworld. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The Lakes/52/228/21 secondlife:///app/agent/9b9c3165-967c-45a5-a6e3-2a7a012c1a5a/about https://gyazo.com/3f7e59ee58e2389e8e336ea9dedeae62
  16. Is there a name to the newly created premium linden home 2nd continent? Bellisseria Community would be the 1st premium home continent community. Hi5! and !
  17. Beautiful themed sim, no ugly buildings, access to the entire sim (except private homes) use of tiki bar, dance area and docks, 7Seas fishing, access to 8 protected Second Life Waterways for boating, sailing, swimming, fishing and water sports, you may rez prims above your paid allowance for playing as long as you clean them up before leaving. Different style rentals and prim counts for your needs. Additional prims available. Houses and sky platforms. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rekall/179/234/21 Take a note card from the pop up greeting with land marks and pricing. Welcome to the community!
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