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  1. Which viewer do you use? The voice file in the latest version of Firestorm has caused some trouble lately a few files in the recent version seem to activate Norton. Have you tried a complete reboot of your computer? Sometimes it's just that files did not load correctly. Or even a download of the viewer again. If you still have trouble try another viewer and see if the problem persists. The one I think is closest to the SL viewer and fastest is Catznip. Give it a shot if the things suggested here don't work http://catznip.com/downloads/ If you still have trouble, contact support and open a
  2. The only time I've seen the message you mention is after the viewer has already crashed and the screen scene is greyed out a little. Maybe try a restart of your computer, then, if SL still won't start reload the viewer. You could always try a download of a Third Party viewer in the meantime...maybe try Catznip...it looks very similar to the regular second life viewer so there's no learning curve http://catznip.com/
  3. There are numerous stop animation devices, check the Marketplace for some free ones. I have a stopall animation rose that I give to people all the time. Send me an IM in world to let me know you want it and I'll send it, it's free. It's an elegant solution and copy and transfer so you can help others. You can be stuck in animations when you log without stop a chimera or sometimes while sitting in a chair or as you found out after a kiss. Genzza's solution is now included in the viewer (or maybe always was) and works too.
  4. Phoenix still has a viewer based on 1.23, they do not really want to support it, but, they keep getting dragged along anyway. /me smiles You want the Phoenix viewer for your platform from this page, not Firestorm... http://www.phoenixviewer.com/
  5. What you are describing is possibly serious...file a support ticket. I don't know if Live Support is still up, but, a ticket is your best choice. https://support.secondlife.com/contact-support/
  6. ditto, what Rolig said...I think the Lindens stopped counting alternate accounts long, long ago.
  7. As everyone will tell you, get the latest files for your card. /me hunkers down and covers her head awaiting the deluge of letters...Have you considered another viewer? I find Firestorm is so packed with stuff (not necessarily a bad thing) that it is solower than most of the viewers I use. My current darling is Catznip...seems incredibly fast. The knock from Phoenix/Firestorm users is that it uses the v.3 UI
  8. As for Firestorm, it is a very hungry app compared tomany of the other viewers...feature packed for sure...but, in my opinion most of what it has is useful to only a few and it seems to slow it down. I had all kinds of problems with the most recent version because my virus software wanted to indentify a few of their files as threats...specifically the search and voice files. There are fixes recommended by them and their support is pretty good on the Firestorm site. You might have to become a registered user to access some of the stuff. But, the community of users is almost rabid in their supp
  9. Cloud avatars we know about...here's alink to a recent explanation about it. Clouds avatars have been around forever...the current thinking on it is that once you get your avatar to rez (not much help to you right now, but good for the future save a copy of it as your backup avatar in your outifts folder) If you have a saved outfit, you might be al=ble to use it to force a rezz. Another issue that seems to crop up more and more and cause this problem is the use of more than one tattoo, it does not happen every time and there is a jira open on it. If you are wearing tattoos the fix is to take
  10. Mmmm, come to think of it when I last used Marine's it did not have the option to create a desktop shortcut and many people would install it, then go to the Second Life shortcut icon and try to launch from there. Because the viewers look quite similar they would not notice except that some things RLV in particular would not work. Marine has a link to my install video on her page http://realrestraint.blogspot.ca/?zx=3fab19e4ae81ee99
  11. More details would be helpful. Are you using Marine's Restrained Love or one of the other RLV capable viewers?Is it that it will not log you in?
  12. Hope this has not ruined Second Life for you. We are all adults here and many don't find these images that intrusive. As others have suggested, clear your cache and uncheck Adult in your viewer. That should stop you from seeing adult items in Marketplace, however, you can be doubly sure by choosing General & Moderate on the drop down box in Market place, it will block Adult items from being shown I
  13. There is much to see that is adult, games, role play cities, clubs with great music and then all the other things... You don't want to miss out just because someone says don't bother. Here's a link to my blog showing you how to get age verified, it is incredibly simple. You need to do it through your account then reset the preferences in the viewer. Here's the post, hope it helps http://trixbraveheart.blogspot.ca/2011/07/age-verification-changes-in-second-life.html
  14. I know that we can use symbols to force folders to appear near the top of the inventory, for instance the exclamation point ! to make things appear at the beginning and the tilde ~ to have them appear at the end of the list. Does anyone know the priority of the other symbols? And, can they be used to prioritize layers in something like the outfits or #RLV folder? Thanks for your help Trix
  15. There are apparantly some log in issues again today; it has not made it to the grid status reports yet, but, I've heard from a couple of people.
  16. Bake Fail and Avatar Issues BAKE FAIL The very first thing you should try is a rebake; use the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+R to initiate it. The rebake often clears the problem. If not, read on... Sometimes when we log into Second Life we remain a cloud either when seen on our own screens or when others look at us, and no amount of rebaking (CTRL-ALT-R / CMD-OPT-R) will fix. Bake fail is a server-derived issue involving a communications failure, such as between the server and your computer, or the server and someone else’s computer / a group of computers. Typical examples of each are: Everyone else
  17. http://status.secondlifegrid.net/2012/01/28/post1553/ Above is a grid status message from linden It has been an issue for a few days off and on. You need to submit a support request to Linden to get your avatar unstuck. I suggest that if you are a premium member you try the chat support. There was a jira open on it as well https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-7632
  18. A kudo to LoveAngel for hopping on these ghosting issue questions. It's a login problem that is solve just as she says...use live chat if it is available to you, it's faster and while support is pretty good, it's nice to know that your account has been reset...then just follow the rep's suggestions
  19. I agree with LoveAngel defintiely better to use live chat...I am in the middle of one of those lovely ghosting sessions and the Linden rep has reset my avatar. You will need to wait then log into a different region. Choose one of the ones in the destinations on the log in screen if you don't have a specific place
  20. Is there a reason why the rubberbanding issue seems worse with newbies? Something in the outfits? I'm watching two of them walking on the spot, running in place and rbberbanding when they do get going. It' s like a constant stutter. Everyone else on the sim is fine, moving perfectly, just the people under 4 days...at least that's the oldest of them. Hoping there is something we can tell them that helps, must be incredibly frustrating...oh right, we used to all do it
  21. I had this problem for a couple of days. But for me, attachments showed up and clothing did not. The "wearing" tab showed that I was wearing a complete outfit, yet I was (except for attachments) naked. I tried replacing the outfit from the outfits folder which usually works, even detaching and taking off everything, however, the clothing and attachments still showed as worn. I tried relogging numerous times. It seemed better after I finally cleared my cache. Maybe try that p.s. it might also have been related to an attempt to wear a tattoo and add another...not sure about this So I recomm
  22. In Gimp use the overlay setting on the layers panel
  23. The Phoenix team has an excellent wiki and support page, you might find the specific kind of knowledge you need more easily there http://www.phoenixviewer.com/
  24. Ditto I have a strong wireless signal from my router 30 feet away to a very good machine. It works like a charm, but, the same machine hooked up with a cable has one-third more bandwidth. Try it yourself, hover your mouse over the connection icon and see what it reads (at least that's how this admittedly non-techie does it). Try it for both connection, I think you'll find that's why.
  25. You can preview the seams using the AV Painter. You'll find it on Marketplace here https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/AvPainter-SL-Clothes-Design-and-Preview-Tool-Full-Version/166800 scroll down in the description and download the preview version, it's FREE...the save function is disabled in it. I hope you are using Robin Woods or Chip Midnights templates to get the seams nearly matched up first http://www.robinwood.com/Catalog/Technical/SL-Tuts/SLPages/AVUVTemplates.html Good luck p.s. I've been tempted on occasion to download the paid version, but, I just just fiddle with the previe
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